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This is the charity I’m currently volunteering at in Moshi, Tanzania! So happy to be here helping out, such a great and worthwhile cause. 😍🤩 Please check out their website, and if you can spare anything at all to help them continue their good work it would be very much appreciated ❤️❤️❤️ Moshi Tanzania Africa feminine femininehealth solofemaletravel solofemaletraveler Posted withrepostfemmeinternational We are so excited and proud that our Twende Initiative was selected by the World Health Organisation as one of the top 30 innovations in Africa, as part of the Innovation Challenge! This week, our Research Manager, Jennifer Rubli, is representing Femme International at the WHO Africa Health Forum in Cape Verde. We're excited to talk about the importance of affordable access to menstrual health products for all women. MenstruationMatters innovation period health TwendeInitiative Top30 Femme AfricaHealthForum WHOAHF2019 impact InnovationChallenge shrh mhm access lastmile

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A ride in the classic ’Americanos’ cars along Malecón is one of the most popular attractions in Havana. I also spotted a few vintage ‘Polacos’ cars - Fiat 126 ‘Maluch’. 😊 March 2018 cuba havana cubatravel havanacuba classiccars fiat maluch cars voiture travel backpacking wanderingcouchpotato globetrotter voyage podróże workaway backpacking worldtraveler travelblogger voyage podróże adventeure pickoftheday travelholic travelgram solofemaletraveler aroundtheworld blogpodrozniczy femmetravel kobietawpodróży

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Railay, Rai-bae 😍 Heck, such a b e a u t i f u l get away from Krabi Town on Railay Beach, which is only accessible by long-tail boat from the mainland. Worth the trip for these stunning views - swimming, reading and sunbathing was made all the better for them. GET ME BACK Got so waylaid by a quest for food with Sukey and then subsequent chilling that we ran out of time to track down Princess Cave, where fisherman leave decorations of phalluses and other offerings in the name of acquiring a successful catch at sea , as well as boosting fertility. Lovely. ANOTHER TIME adventures backpacking thailand solotraveler solofemaletraveler solotravel solofemaletravel holiday railaybeach krabi seasia southeastasia travel coastline ocean beach sea

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What a cool place to be with your friends !👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤️Mykonos 🎥 by thiago.lopez If you liked this please follow travelbywilliams. Thank U!

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Could I be having even Moher fun? I don’t think so. Just cheesin’, especially over the fact that I got massively lost and still wasn’t the last person back to the bus. (I was on time even) solofemaletraveler ireland cliffsofmoher getlost

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Is there a type of clothing you tell yourself you can’t wear? I’ve always loved the light, fresh look of white denim but for years I was convinced that it made my legs look stumpy and I couldn’t “pull it off.” I watched girls everywhere wear white denim and wished I could wear it too. How sad is that? ☹️ . The beautiful thing about time is the more it passes, the less critical I am of myself and the less I care what others think. Turns out, I CAN wear white denim, I no longer care if I can pull it off, and here I am now making up for lost time living my best white-denim life. ✌🏻 . P.S. these are everlane The 90s Cheeky Straight if you’re looking to live your best white-denim life too solofemaletraveler shewhowanders girlswhotravelsolo charlestonlife bodypositivemovement postcardplaces

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Looking for korean lifestyle bloggers to collab with Hua Chang Heritage Hotel. You can DM me or even send your inquiry and what you will provide us in exchange to marcommanager See yeah! 💋

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Bonjour Cannes 🤗

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My last day in India in order from most badass—>most tender. I was blessed to be strong and healthy for this last adventure of the trip, and only got in one motorbike accident for my first time driving one 😂 india solofemaletraveler rishikesh

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Not to brag, but Denmark is filled with beautiful spots on its coastline, where you can pretty much have the place to yourself 🐚 this was taken a few weeks ago on a sunny Saturday and literally no people were around 🤷🏼‍♀️ it looks like the west coast but is actually a spot located by the Limfjord in north western Denmark, called Kaas Hoved 🇩🇰 where is your favorite place in Denmark?

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In Seoul, Hongdae was hands down my favorite places to explore. It's like a labyrinth, winding streets and unique murals. This quickly became my favorite place in the city with it's college town vibes. The area has dozens of unique cafes and clothing stores ranging from trendy to thrift. Discover the Gyeongui Line Book Street or maybe the Trick Eye Museum. The nightlife is equally enchanting as this college town morphs from quiet coffee shops to exciting bars and clubs (and a playground converted into a place to drink jello syringes). No matter what you do you'll have a fun time!

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Life is good but iced coffee is better

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The sun shining while I lie on a beach underneath a palm tree hearing the sound of waves is all I desire in this life🏝

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What is it about a sign like this that just makes me want to climb something I might not have thought to climb in the first place? - Or really, I guess the more accurate question is what is it about me that a sign like this makes me want to

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Part 1. Omkareshwar is well off the radar for many traveller's to India. It is in Madhya Pradesh, literally in the middle of nowhere, so to say, if you look at the map of India. It is a place of pilgrimage for many Hindus and Sikhs - one of the twelve Jyotir lingas is there. This is not what attracted me there though. Omkareshwar has an island in the middle of Narmada River, and before the dam was constructed, the shape of the island reminded of the holy symbol OM. Plus I heard that this island was known as mini Varanasi, and I liked Varanasi. So that's how I ended up there. To my mind, the place is a fusion of Varanasi and Rishikesh yet missing the overpowering energy of those places. It has got a much softer vibe; the island itself feels very peaceful. Many sadhus live there and there are countless shrines including fairly well-preserved remnants of the 13th century temple and one Shiva temple of the same time period in very good condition. I did the parikrama, i.e. circumbabulation of holy places to imbibe their special energy, around the island. It was a really pleasant walk that I started at 7.30 a.m. - it was simply the only time to do it because during the day the temperature rose to +39*C Obviously, the end of March is not the right time to visit the place: I'd say during the monsoon or right afterwards when everything should be blooming with greenery. During my visit the island and nearby places were very dry. I did also pay a visit to a shrine that is the main site of pilgrimage. Woah, it was kind of intense: waiting in line only to be literally elbowed out by the devotees who were praying in front of the Jyotirlinga. People are quite poor in this town and especially so on the island itself. They don't get many foreign visitors there, so I had to turn down endless "One selfie, please". I faced the looks full of sincere curiosity and sparkle in the eyes similar to those when explore something new. With given boiling temperatures, I survived there for 2 days and gladly left the place. I love India because it is raw. Well, Omkareshwar is as raw as it gets. Apparently, these days I prefer it a bit less intense.

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🇮🇹 Cinque Terre, Italy 🇮🇹 Heading to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Why not add Cinque Terri onto your itinerary for the day?. Honestly, the Leaning Tower is awesome but after you take your cool tourist pic there, there’s not a whole lot to do. You could spend half an hour there and then catch a train to Cinque Terri. It’s on the same line and you can spend the day soaking up the sun and swimming in the Mediterranean in the 5 beautiful towns. You can do a full day trip from Florence for super cheap by taking the train or doing what I did the first time and hopping on an italyonabudgettours tour. It’s so worth the long day as it’s such a beautiful place and if you don’t have much time in Italy it’s a great way to squeeze it in Tell me your favourite place in Italy 🇮🇹 cinqueterre fivetowns italy ig_italia topitalyphoto florence italydaytrips italianadventure solofemaletraveler dametraveler travelanddestinations girlsdreamtravel blondesandcookies wanderlust mustseeplaces beautifuldestinations placestosee contiki eurotrip bucketlistplaces topeuropephoto europe europeantravels travelphotography travelinspo traveltips worldadventures passionpassport

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Quase sempre quem vai a Foz do Iguaçu dá um pulo tb em Cidade del Leste no Paraguai, resolvi estender um pouco mais e dar um pulo na capital, Assunção, mais informações e fotos no stories. asunción assunção paraguay paraguai southamerica southamericatrip americadosul americadosultrip americalatina mochileiros mochilao melhoresdestinos mulheresqueviajamsozinhas womantrip womenwhoexplore solotraveler euestouporai brasileirasporai elasjaforam mochilando minasqueviajam travelaroundtheworld vueltadelmundo solofemaletraveler mulheresnatrilha

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you can’t ask the sun to not rise, and the birds to not fly 💭

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Walking around the old city, on the northern part, I came across this wat (temple) where monks were working outside and locals had come to pray, so decided to to wonder in

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Just one moment during one of the many days in Bali: It’s pouring rain. We got cool umbrellas. My umbrella matched my shorts. The employees just sang happy birthday to me. It’s not my birthday. I blew out a candle. The adrenaline was going because I just went on a giant swing. Had a coffee and tea tasting. So much caffeine. There’s a giant monkey cave. Floor is slippery so I’ll just walk barefoot. I’m so happy indonesia bali monkey solotravel backpacking backpackingsoutheastasia happiness solofemaletraveler female travel traveler nature outdoors adventure hike dji ricefields travelphotography photo photography sacred temples coffee tea balilivin baligasm swing rain gopro smile

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So cute but deadlyhope you guys don’t mind all these throwbacks but going through all my photos and realize I had tons I never postedthis one is from my time spent in kulalumpur at the bantucaves

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What do you think? 🎉🎉 📷: landofinspos 💪💜

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I haven’t seen this person A.K.A wifey ❤️ in months and spoke to her for the first time in 2 months today because she’s busy trying to be a doctor 👩🏻‍⚕️ and I being a good friend try to leave her alone 🙃 . One thing I can say about everyone who is/(has been) my friend is that they are all ambitious and hard working people That’s the kind of energy I like to keep around me southafricanabroad passionpassport solotravel travel blackandabroad passportgang blackgirlswhotravel solofemaletravel travelblogger photooftheday blacktravel travelling blackgirlmagic travelphoto southafrican femalesolotraveler blackgirlswhoblog travelgram travels korea expatlife expat solofemaletraveler passport goabroad blackgirlsrock girlslovetravel nomad eurotrip

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Leave you comments 🌇👑 📷: bodizapha 😸💗

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We love this impressive post by _lucyinthesky ⛱ Ever changing seasons that keep us in bloom 🌸 last week was full of so many celebrations around the full moon and equinox, and truly felt like the start of a new beginning ✨✨ Captured wearing rowiethelabel by honey kirstycane 💕 ⁣⁣⁣ .⁣⁣⁣ .⁣⁣⁣ .⁣⁣⁣ .⁣⁣⁣ . ⁣⁣ instafashionist fashionphotographyeditorial editorialphotography stylish instastyle fashionstyle ootdfashion editorialportrait fashionphotographystudio fashiondesigner outfitoftoday outfitideas style fashionlove girltravel girlwhotravels womenwhotravel thetravellerwomen thetravelwomen travelgirldiary womentravelers solofemaletraveler girltraveler travellinggirl travelinggirl girltravels femalesolotraveler travelergirl femaletraveller

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I’m doing this for me; for my present and future happiness, for everything I have been through and everything I will experience. I am doing this for my family, to show them that the world is within their reach. I am doing this for the world, to know all she has to offer. • • • jardinmajorelle majorelle majorelleblue majorellegarden morocco moroccotravel marrakech visitmorocco visitmarrakech redheadsofinstagram redhead redhair sheisnotlost solotravel tripod solofemaletraveler losttribemag mylostandfoundlife borntotravel travelcommunity lifeofadventure shewhowanders wanderoften justtravel welivetoexplore shetravels femmetravel journeyofgirls travelgirls shetravels

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Last day in Melbs. It was nice calling this city home for 3 weeks! These 2 behind me are sad to see me go, obvi. ☹️😝 ~ People asked why I spent so long here (you can basically see all the highlights of Melbs in about a week), and honestly I just needed some time to decompress after New Zealand. 💆🏻‍♀️ Traveling slowly is a blessing that I’m taking full advantage of! 👏🏼 I also wasn’t connecting with people at my hostels here like I did in NZ, so I decided to just take some alone time at an Airbnb for my last week. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It was much needed, and I feel more ready now to take on the great Australian east coast road trip all the way up to Cairns (where the Great Barrier Reef is)—that’s like a ~45 hour drive y’all WAT! 😱 pray for me. ~ See you soon, Sydney! ✈️

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These are the saddest tags in the world. I wrote about the eight steps to check off when your carry on gets unexpectedly checked so you don’t wind up needing things on your ten hour flight like I did! Link in the bio travel travels traveler traveling solotravel solotraveler solofemaletravels solofemaletraveler womenwhotravel girlsthattravel ladytravel wanderlust europe internationaltravel international dametravel girlsttravelingsolo backpacking backpacker traveltheworld seetheworld travelblogger worldwidetraveler girlgoneglobal carryon carryonluggage packingtips

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Repost iclickridetravel ( get_repost) ・・・ I still remember the day when I decided to take up that one incredible roadtrip I've always dreamt of. Travelling to mountains with my Vespa was a huge tick off from my bucket list. Everyone said going on such a long distance ride on a scooter is nothing but a fool's imagination. But I never wanted to do it on a motorcycle, neither I wanted to be someone else's pillion. I knew I could do it, all I needed was to gather all of my courage and step out of my fear zone I finally stepped out, revved up and rode all the way from Kolkata to Bhutan and back, becoming the first Indian woman to do so on a scooter Life is on the other side of your fear. Never stop chasing your dreams Here I'm posting the very first photo from my Bhutan road trip with beautiful Punakha dzong in the background travel travelphotography roadtrip ride rider vespa vespaindia vespalove scootering scooterist solofemaletraveler femaletravelbloggers femaleblogger travelblogger indiantravelblogger indiantraveller india teamgearless

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This summer have been to see and hike many of the most beautiful hiking trails of the Dolomites, Cinque Torri was definitely my favorite, there was something sacred about this place. Definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world. cinquetorri cortinadampezzo dolomites dolomiti veneto italia italy hiking mountains beautifulplaces solofemaletraveler traveladdict travel travelphotography travelgram traveltheworld macedoniangirl landscapephotography beautiful greenlandscape