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And the beat goes on! CEP presents Hidden Truths : Episode 2. The early bird tickets are only $15. And listen, If you missed Episode 1 don’t Fret because I have DVDs and movie streaming links on Deck for only $10. You can’t beat that pricing JUST $25 for and experience of a lifetime I promise you are in for a theatre experience like none other. Hit me up ASAP to get your dvds and tickets to make sure you in that number! IPlayJackie HiddenTruths1DVDs HiddenTruths2EarlyBirdTickets CEP RLCinc Theatre GrandOperaHouse TheaterLife PerformingArts StagePlay TicketsOnSaleNow GraphicDesign executiveProducer ProductionManager SlayedByLadyK Actress Singer SongWriter Performer Writer Director Editor PlayWright Performer GraphicDesigner Advertising StageManager SlayedByLadyK

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It’s so rare to have an audience in silence and so attentive, I’m grateful to you, this is the intro to my shows- it’s never the same, always improvised and always different- it’s whatever I feel whatever I choose to express before I start my set- it calms me, it cleanses the space so excited to be playing the melbjazzfestival on June 7th at the melbournemuseum supporting jazzparty_band hornsofleroy • • • • 📷 hello_popo 💋 🤘 🧘‍♀️ 💁‍♀️ 🧞‍♀️ 👏 love vocals beat live melbourne music musician busking busker harmony instagood happy sing singer amazing fun dj producer like follow instadaily loop style songwriter positivity lgbt looping roland voice

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Can't grow up 💛💜♥️ Pekny vikend vsetkym podobnym, nestresujte, este je skoro polka pred nami ✌️🌈

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🎙 • Check this out from echoesliverpool. Their first Single, recorded by us - Quality 👍🏻 ———————————————————————- Posted withrepostechoesliverpool June 14th. Our first EP “Out of Her Mind” will be available on Spotify. • Talent Recording Liverpool Music Band Musicscene Liverpoolmusicscene Producer Mixing Mastering Recordingstudio Guitar Drums Drummer Original Songwriter Manchester London Northwest bbcintroducing songs singing photo photography collaboration musicproduction follow independentbusiness album localtalent

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Continuano i preparativi per il concertone di fine anno 🎶 . 🔊 "la musica dell'anima" ♥️ . Vi aspettiamo il ➡️➡️➡️ 27 Giugno Teatro Lucio Dalla | Manfredonia 🎭 livemusic music horns singer live musician guitar band newmusic jazz rock concertphotography photography love followforfollowback songwriter rockmusic nyc livemusicphotography likeforlikes likeforfollow musicphotography rockandroll singersongwriter instamusic musicians concertphoto guitarist blues followers

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🌍=☮️*💙⬆️2 Einstein NYC 😊

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dylangeick If ur trying to call him week, then the correct term would be ballsack. When you actually think about it, the pussy is the strongest anatomy in the world (I mean women push babies out of that thing) whereas the ballsack is weak AF (I mean one little pinch and ur on the ground) so ur technically only calling him strong by calling him a pussy. facts truth lifeofanentertainer influencer youtuber livinmybestlife model singer songwriter dancer actor internet youtube singing coversongs coversong singing singingvideo music entertainer acting modeling performer performance questionandanswer vlogs vlogger storytimes youtubershit entertainmentindustry etc

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💘ફોટો લવર💘 👉ઉપર નેમ લખીયુ વાચી લેજો👈 👉મોજીલી છોરી👈 💑તમારા માટે રોજે post આવશે 👩‍❤️‍👨 👉આવીયા છો તો ફોલો કરતા જાવ👈 patlani_of_gujju gujju_girls_5 👉ખોડલ ની દિવાની👈 recording music studio hiphop rap recordingstudio producer musician studiolife singer mixing dj musicproducer musicproduction newmusic beats artist songwriter musicstudio beatmaker guitar protools love soundcloud song rapper flstudio producerlife art bhfyp

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Are you going to vote today? I am. ⚔️⚔️⚔️

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My album is available for pre-sale! Link is officially in my BIO. I am so fucking excited! Seeing my music on a music platform like amazon for sale is mind blowing. I'm so proud of myself and over the moon that all you get to listen to it! Yay Thank you area51random & flourishprosper best fucking producer and business manager you could ever ask for ladybirdmusic . Thank you in advance to everyone who supports me! I appreciate every single one of you and send you so so so so much LOVE album record albumcover hiphop soul funk amazon linkinbio singer rap musician song producer instamusic musica band beats studio newmusic songs rnb bass rapper songwriter flourish prosperity blessed news musicproduction . Partner REPOST Original ladybird_music Check Out amazon area51random flourishprosper for updates!

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Swipe for music ➡️

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Tune in to LightFM tonight at 11pm EST(if you’re still awake). I’ll be interviewed by Cam Want to talk about my musical journey, my faith & will sing “This Moment” with my brother Lachy Perry! For my friends overseas -

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Заглянул в Люмидент - весёлые ребята здесь работают, может что-то и распыляют в воздухе, ибо уходить не хочется!) MusicStudio Recordlabel IndieMusic Voice RecordingArtist OriginalMusic Song SongWriter Music Audio Pianist NewSongs Youtube SingerSongWriter Vocalist Songs BestSong IndieRock OriginalSongs Soundcloud Vocals FavoriteSong IndiePop Sound Spotify MusicProducer Composer Director Producer

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🔊DAILY DROP 5/13 Track 5: ‘London Town’ Sorry for the quality: my IMovie decided to mess up my audio quality for reasons I can not fathom. ‘London Town’ is one of the first tracks I wrote on the album. It prevails the culture of London living, the expectations vs realty concept and with it being my hometown ‘nothing compares to my hometown’ 🎤 *Happy Saturday* 🔊 Ya dig? 🤙 Composition and arrangement: Han Bloom Mixing: Han Bloom Mastering: Han Bloom

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S P I R A L 🕸 in a Dream The rain feeds the skin The sun shines in And the moon remembers the stars. Sky cry for me Sky cry On Down down down it goes And sirocco blows And I see you over there You’re dancing body bare And she is watching you With flowers in her hair While you dance ~ The Deia Song, Circa 2000 📷: marcuswheeldon

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🔊DAILY DROP 4/13 Track 4: ‘The Little Man Song’ Sorry for the quality: my IMovie decided to mess up my audio quality for reasons I can not fathom. This song is an intimate one- about ‘The Man’ in the bad sense. One that supports addiction and supplies the addiction. I’ll leave the rest to the imagination *Listen to it now! I promise the masters are AAA quality* 🔊 What you think guys? Can you tell what my posts are spelling out? Seeing as this is how an artist gotta do it these days 🤪 Composition and arrangement: Han Bloom Mixing: Han Bloom Mastering: Han Bloom