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Song writing frustration at a standstill. 🙄 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• songwriting songwriter frustration guitar

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new single out everywhere august 23rd 🤘🏻🔥

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ARIA award winner andrewdesilvamusic joined the amazing theprlaydee on her podcast a few weeks ago. This was an absolutely amazing episode, here he discusses writing about 'the darkness' and what it takes to go against the grain of expectation 🙏♥️ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ andydesilva musicpodcast videopodcast ariawinner agtwinner songwriting muso musictalk musicthought darkness creative melbournemusic melbourneicon melbpodcast melbmusic bepositive goodmusic goodvibes artist melbartist musicindustry realtalk getreal inspiration marshallstreetstudios

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dia 25 30diascompondo compondo quero abrir um espaço pra falar sobre meu projeto chamado kirbyjam_banda em que compus umas canções e estou gravando a guitarra, vocais, baixo e sintetizadores. No video são as gravações da bateria e baixo. mais uma vez quero agradecer a todos que fazem essa zuada de dentro da minha cabeça virar realidade dentre eles: jadie.tavares que está tocando bateria maravilhosamente e a adrianoduprat que está produzindo. E a higorvarejao que me emprestou esse contrabaixo fender poderoso  e lindo que vocês vêem e escutam no video day 25 30daysofsongwriting I want to talk about my project called kirbyjam_banda I wrote some songs and I am recording the guitar, vocals, bass guitar and synthesizers. in the video are the record sessions of the drumms and bass. Special thanks to  jadie.tavares , he is the drummer, adrianoduprat on production and higorvarejao who lent me that fender bass that you see and hear in the video compondo producaomusical musicaindependente vivaonordeste musicadepernambuco rock synthwave bassguitar bassfuzz guitarlick songwriter songwriting guitarlick guitarriff guitarristas guitardayli indiepop psychedelic psicodelia fuzz classicrock pinkfloyd indierock .

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sunjunemusic is something that comes in snatches, wisps that captivate and escape the ear with all the airy weight of dust rising from an Austin floorboard on every beat of a muffled drum.” - nprmusic . Laura Colwell and Stephen Salisbury formed Sun June while working long hours in director Terrence Malick’s Austin-based edit rooms, practicing in the office whenever Malick was out of town They worked with Dan Duszynski (Cross Record; Loma) and fellow Malick alum Will Patterson (Sleep Good) on their first set of demos before solidifying the current line up of Michael Bain on guitar, Sarah Schultz on drums, and Justin Harris on bass. Their debut album, Years, was released by keeledscales In 2018, followed by the 2019 ep Younger.

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안녕하세요! Giovanni입니다. 오늘 오후 12:00시(점심) 모든 음원사이트에 저의 첫 싱글앨범 [여름 밤]이 발매가 됩니다. 저는 전혀 발매할 생각이 없었던 곡이였는데 저에게 아주 감사하고 좋은기회가 찾아와서 이렇게 이 곡을 정식음원으로 발매까지 하게됐습니다! 노래가 좋다고는 말 못하지만, 저의 행복했고 소중했던 추억들을 담은 특별한 노래니까 잘 들어주세요🤩 이 곡은 모든 음원사이트에 발매됩니다! 어디서든 들어 보실 수 있으니 다들 꼭 한번 들어주셨으면 합니다!👏 그리고 좋으셨다면 지인들에게도 꼭꼭 알려주세요!😶

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Kylie Jenner and Travis looking cozy.

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Cooking up a wicked set for my next show. Catch me at deeslounge615 this Saturday for the soothing sounds of country music followed by the cosmic pickin of thedanieldonato himself. Come on down folks and have a beer at the local watering hole. Join us at 7:30 pm and forget about your 9-5. 📸 kriscastilon country music USA blackandwhitephotography oldtimey nashvillefashion nashvillemusic recordingartist countrymusic vocalist cooking blackandwhite homestead love peace songwriting

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Its songwriting Sunday and this is a new one is called “Room to Run.” Sometimes you need space. To grow, to learn, to breathe, to jump off into something new. And that requires some distance from what you know, and sometimes those you love. And sometimes it hurts! But at those times I think giving that space is how we can show our love most. Have a great Sunday friends.

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One of the hardest things to do as a creative is being comfortable saying something is complete. There will always be something that can be tweaked to make it closer to “perfect.” We’re painfully aware that no one else notices the minutiae but that offers no solace to a perfectionist. This verse is from a beautiful song I co-wrote with the supremely talented elizsabethmusic now years ago. I’ve been trying to perfect it and it’s held up the release of a great piece of work. So today I re-recorded it. It’s still imperfect but you know what it’ll have to do. “Only Cause You’re Beautiful” By elizsabethmusic And segnontv coming soon.

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Singing lessons running Monday’s, Tuesday’s & Friday’s with Kelly World • who else can say Miss World is their singing teacher? onlyatmode yeahmode

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rainbowweek19 is here 🌈🎉 I’ve got the sweetest testimonies coming all week long, all leading up to the release of my brand new song, Rainbow, on July 28th (which is also my birthday 🎉💖) Y’all, this song is 🙌🏻😭❤️ and I can’t WAIT for you to hear it Let’s get this party started July 22: Testimony with Matt Giles July 23: LIVE with Libby Able July 24: LIVE with lindsayadams33 July 25: Be a Rainbow July 26: Share your Rainbow 🌈 July 27: Testimony from photogwinch July 28: Rainbow release 8 PM EST *All of the videos will be posted to my Facebook page. Link in bio

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The always wonderful amandapalmer is doing a one week contest where you have to read a NY Times article about the recent Time Square blackout and then write a song about it. The song is due today, so I started on it today.⁣ ⁣ I woke up at 5am to pour apejay77 into a cab. We were both nursing hangovers provided by lovesick_bombs. I went back to sleep til 9am. I got up, ordered some food and worked on this thing for lots of hours until it resembled a complete song. Here's part of it. There's a link to the whole song in the bio.

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Do you guys think I should fully produce this? Here’s a song I’ve been sitting on the fence about for quite some timeIt’s pretty different from something I’d normally do. Leave a comment and let me know what you think! newmusic voice songwriting song acoustic independentartist

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catch me jamming out to one of my new all time favs✨ i look like i’ve been hit with a ton of bricks but you know, it reflected how i felt inside after not having a proper sleeping schedule for an entire week. pls enjoy 💕 performers performance artist singer stage singing sing songwriting songwriter song singersongwriter voice vocals art newmusic ottawa ottawaartist ottawamusic duet music musician musicians artists love friends cover ukulele guitar ukulelecover iwillfollowyouintothedark

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klarecords 💃🏃😍😘🙌🏼😺🙏🏽🌟💫✨ PLAYVOLUMELOUD 🔈🔉🔊🎶 Industry: digital distribution, music publisher, online music store Headquartered: Sherman Oaks, California 91403 U. S. Founded: 1992 K'LA RECORDS ONLINE STORE NOW OPEN NOW OPEN NOW OPENSTORE LINK IN PROFILE ABOVE☝🏽☝💳 Checkout 👉 klarecords 🏪 klarecords indielabel multigenre jazz rnb vocals boutiquelabel dance house deep deephouse urbanmusic sales onlineshopping alldigitalstores allsites digitaldownloads beats promotionservices songwriting worldbeats klaindieartistservices klarecordsonlinestore klaproduction vocalhouse jousze © 2019 K'la Records, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 U. S. A. CIRCA © 1992

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Here’s a new one I’ve been working on with a friend. It’s called “My Savior.” All singers love these big echoing stair cases and this one sounded crazy cool here in Kingston, so I couldn’t resist. Sorry for the tired voice, but you’ll get the idea. The lyrics are simple, check it out: You’re my Savior No one else is like You You’re my Savior No one else besides You You lift me up, lift me up Lord Your Love, it never gives up You’re my Savior The One My heart belongs to

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•ENJOY👅FEEL♪DREAM💋 • D E S P A C I T O • B Y : JustinBieber ╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌ • T H E W O R D S : ♡ • Comin Over in My Direction • So Thankful For That, it's Such a Blessin Yeah • Turn Every Situation into Heaven yeah • Oh You are My Sunrise On The Darkest Day • Got me Feelin Some kind Of Way • Make Me Wanna Savor Every Moment Slowly Slowly ♡ • You Fit me Tailor made Love, How You Put it On ♡ • Got The Only key know How To Turn it On • The Way You Nibble On My Ear The Only words I Wanna Hear Baby Take it Slow So We Can Last Long • Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee♡ • Oh tU tU Eres El Imán Y yo Soy El Metal • Me Voy Acercando y voy Armando El Plan • Sólo Con Pensarlo Se Acelera El Pulso  Oh Yeah • Ya Ya Me Está Gustando Más De Lo normal  Todos mis Sentidos van Pidiendo más  Esto Hay Que Tomarlo Sin Ningún Apuro • Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee & Justin Bieber ♡ • Despacito • Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito • Deja que te diga cosas al oído •Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo  Despacito • Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito • Firmo en las paredes de tu laberinto • Y hacer de tu cuerpo todo un manuscrito (sube) • Quiero ver bailar tu pelo • Quiero ser tu ritmo • Que le enseñes a mi boca • Tus lugares favoritos • (Favorito, favorito, baby) • Déjame sobrepasar tus zonas de peligro • Hasta provocar tus gritos • Y que olvides tu apellido • Daddy Yankee ♡ • Si te pido un beso ven dámelo • Yo sé que estás pensándolo • Llevo tiempo intentándolo • Mami esto es dando y dándolo • Sabes que tu corazón conmigo te hace bang-bang •Sabes que esa beba está buscando de mi bang bang♡ • Ven, prueba de mi boca para ver cómo te sabe • Quiero, quiero, quiero ver cuánto amor a ti te cabe♡ • Yo no tengo prisa yo me quiero dar el viaje  Empecemos lento después salvaje • Daddy Yankee ♡ •Pasito a Pasito Suave Suavecito Nos vamos ╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌ •✪ Songjihyo Song CoverSong LoveThisSong Songketmurah BollywoodSongs BestSong LoveSongs SongOfTheday SongWriter SongWriters LoveSong NewSong Songket SingerSongWriter FavoriteSong Prilaga SongOku SongJoongki SongSongCouple TreySongz SongLyrics SongHyekyo Songkran Songs Songwriting • I ❤ Y O U 이나스

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DONT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT _KOREAN_SONG♪♪ •✦ BIMIL_JIEUN ╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌ •✦♪ kaymira ╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌ • • • • • 한국송지은사랑해koreaLoveSongCoverSongLoveThisSongSongketmurahBollywoodSongsBestSongLoveSongsSongOfThedaySongWriterSongWritersLoveSongNewSongSongketSingerSongWriterFavoriteSongPrilagaSongOkuSongJoongkiSongSongCoupleTreySongzSongHyekyoSongkranSongsSongWriting • I ❤ Y O U "이나스"

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♪(송지은 Of Secret)_Going Crazy (미친거니) • BIMIL_JIEUN ╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌ • HYORIN_MIN ╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌ • BANGYUNGGUK ╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌╌ • 한국송지은사랑해koreaLoveSongjihyoSongCoverSongLoveThisSongSongketmurahBollywoodSongsBestSongLoveSongsSongOfThedaySongWriterSongWritersLoveSongNewSongSongketSingerSongWriterFavoriteSongPrilagaSongOkuSongJoongkiSongSongCoupleTreySongzSongHyekyoSongkranSongsSongWriting • I ❤ Y O U "이나스"