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If you wish to improve the quality of your life, you must first identify what causes imbalances in your life Check in. Self access. Soul search. Ask yourself Does this make me happy? Is this fulfilling me? Does this serve me? Will this help get me to where I want to be? Then, you have to slowly remove the obstacles. It took time to get you where you are, and it will take time to get you to where you want to be. No matter what, the one thing you have to realize is CHANGE STARTS WITHIN If you love our vibe 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼invite your tribe.🙏🏼❤️ womanempoweringwomen iamhumanhearmeroar womenempoweringmen soulsearching balanced changestartswithin

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Selfies from 2016. That was a tough year. I had just moved back to London, was struggling to find a good job and I was pretty lonely. I remember going on a lot of dates, all of them shit as well. I’ve never struggled with anyone not finding me attractive. I’ve always struggled with finding someone who truly understands me and accepts and appreciates what I’m about. I hated going on dates and trying to encapsulate who I am to strangers. They just mostly made me feel like I was a weirdo. Just looking at my immense creative outpouring from these looks I had during this year tells you I hear that I’m “too much” a lot. And that’s probably very true, for a lot of people I’m too much. I get along with almost anyone and everyone, but I truly connect with a very fair few. And having someone take me on board, as I am with all of my creative ideas and looks, that means so much to me. But it all started with me truly accepting who I am and not needing anyone else’s approval first. That was and continues to be very hard. But I am perfect, just as I am. A very special and wonderful lady. You just have to remind yourself of that, every damn day. selfworth selfies selfie tbt memories soulsearching dating beingdifferent notfittingin outsider weirdo freak strange misfits outcast

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“We are creating something happy” • • The saying, “we are creating something happy” repeatedly came across my mind during my Nonverbal Communication class a few weeks ago. This saying is true, or at least it should be. • • Studies show that even as babies, we focus longer on happy faces than sad or neutral faces. As humans, we crave happiness and are created to search for joy, smiles, and the purest forms of happiness in our everyday lives. • • Many times I have heard "we create our own happiness" or "you are responsible for your own happiness.” • • For a long time I was not creating happiness for myself. I created self doubt, anxiety, sadness, and fear all from within me. The scariest part was more of this was a choice and I chose all those awful things over happiness. • • So my question for youare you creating happiness? If your answer is no, what will create happiness in your life? What will bring you the purest of joys? • • As we get older we have to remind ourselves to “create something happy” because it is our responsibility. The responsibility to yourself to enjoy this life and every second you are given. So today choose to create something happy! • • Comment below how you create your own happiness!

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⭐Just for fun⭐ _ I asked my tarot deck to tell a story and for those who come across this post, to feel moved to translate it. ▶So please feel free to leave your interpretation of the spread! You may read them any way you like and they can pertain to any area of life you wish as well. Also, you don't need to be a psychic tarot reader to read the actions in images. So, I welcome everyone to give it a try! ❤

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Hey babes! 🌈💚 I've gotten together with some wonderful shops to show our appreciation for you by having a 🌜48 Hour Giveaway🌛 We wanted to show how much you mean to us! We’re so grateful and love everyone’s Comments, Likes, Messages, Purchases and Shares! You are all fantastic! THANK YOU! 😍🙏🏼💖🍻🤗🌺🌻💚 . 👉I will be giving away one of my New rings made with Cruelty Free Butterfly Wings ♡ .  HOW TO WIN: . 🍀Follow me little_miss_gypsyshop and tap photo to find next page! Make sure you follow all shops in the loop 🍀COMMENT below on ALL pages with how would you catch a leprechaun?!🌈 . 🍀For extra entries tag friends . Ends on 3/20 at 8:30pm est! 💓Each account will announce their individual winner within 24hrs DISCLAIMER: This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or sponsored by Instagram crystalshop crystaladdiction happyvibesonly happiness strangerthings vintagesoul soulsearching positiveliving positivemindset spreadlove staylifted stayhumble givingback sharingiscaring Artislife arttribe makersmovement handmadelife handmadeliving butterflyart butterfly springlooks freshstyles gratitudeattitude

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I think I'm gonna roll with this look. Not because I think it's cool or attractive, but because when I travel I feel most at home. And when I travel I dress to be comfortable. And when I'm comfortablethis is how I dress. • I'm in the middle of some soul searching that's really been effecting my mental health - mainly in regards to releasing my music and my day to day job. I have come to realize that I am very anxious and scared to release my music, which is tough to deal with because I pride myself on being confident. But maybe if I embrace the comfort the same way I do when I travel If I embrace just being myself 100% of the time, maybe it'll help the music. • anxiety mentalhealth smilingdoesntmeanimhappy debutalbum indieartist worried travel adventure soulsearching depression thestruggleisreal smile hurt smilewithpain newmusic newhiphop risk feartheunknown hustle costarica buffcanada buff believe comfortable uncomfortable confidence beyourself embraceyourself

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⭐ ~Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes But it's the only thing that I know When it gets hard You know it can get hard sometimes It is the only thing makes us feel alive ~ . 📍 Dhaka, Bangladesh 🇧🇩 🎼Photograph by Ed Sheeran dhaka bangladesh home mycity bluesky memories happiness nature naturephotography naturelovers travellingthroughtheworld traveldeeper travel soulsearching vacation holiday wanderlust passionpassport nature_brilliance beautifuldestinations bestvacations tlpicks picoftheday photooftheday landscape lovemylife life explore exploretocreate park

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Reading books like this expands the head muscles and can make your blood pump faster 👁️

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“Im worried what other people might think of me.” • This has killed more dreams than anythingand why?! • What the hell for?! • We choose not to chase a dream because Susan from middle school may judge me again Or better yet, my high school crush Billy may see me and laugh or not clap for me?!?! • Oh no 🙀 • Y’all when you say your fears like this out loud, they sound ridiculous and petty. And something you should give no F***’* about • So don’t let your small thoughts get in the way of you chasing your dreams! • Coolest part is you will most likely find that you have way more people in your corner cheering you on than you would’ve ever imagined. • Believe it or not there are more lovers than haters out there at least in my world. I don’t keep anything but 💙 around anymore !🤟🏽 Also it looks like I may be missing like half my spray tan 🤣😂

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Posted withrepostdrlisejanelle Today’s MotivationalMonday is all about gratitude ❤️ Gratitude is not a passive response to something we have been given. Gratitude arises from paying attention and from being awake in the presence of everything that lives within and without us. Gratitude is not necessarily something that is shown after the event, it is the deep, a-priori state of attention that shows we understand and are equal to the gifted nature of life.

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It was the last day of our makeup class today and we learned drag makeup last week so naturally we did a drag show! This was a fun experience where we really got to express ourselves through makeup. My story was the fact that my whole life it was hard for me to trust others because past friends used me for their own gain quite often, and yes recent events stirred this on. I'm tired of people wanting to hang out with me just to get something out of it or myself, I'm tired of people disregarding my feelings and how they never stop to think what would happen to me emotionally if they did something. I'm tired of being a pawn or someones ride someplace, I'm tired of being everyone's puppet. And I'm glad I came up with the drag name Queen Marionette because I'm in control from now on. This was fun and a real boost of confidence. Everyone did amazing in the class so please appreciate all the selfies I took with everyone, they deserve it. And if you see yourself, please let me know so I can tag you! 💖💖💖💖 - - - makeup makeupclass makeupfinal theatermakeup makeuplooks makeuplook dragqueen dragqueenmakeup dragmakeup soulsearching funmakeup friends college theatermajor costumedesigner makeupartist nohate puppet marionette puppetmakeup marionettemakeup queenmarionette

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the most important person you’ll ever find in this life

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Only you know the way I break.

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Thank you Creative Armenia for today's feature. ‼🎧🎶 creativearmenia • • • Patricia Torres combines autobiographical songwriting with electronic landscapes with an ear to helping others in trouble. Listen to "Prototype" – a call to create and follow your own dreams. serjtankian bandcamp soundcloud 7noteschallenge 7notesexperiment serjtankian top100 singersongwriter composer producer lyricist soloartist electronic synth lightworker soulsearching sadcore triphop audio electronica production independent manifest thesecret dreamer musician diy thealchemist mentalhealthawareness stigmafighter survivor recordingartist newmusic

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I MADE TOP 100! 🙌🙌🙌‼️‼️‼️‼️ I am honored and thankful to serjtankian and his team at creativearmenia for this wonderful opportunity. You can find my composition titled "Prototype" featured in their Electronic playlist! (link below) audiodiary producer singersongwriter selfproduced composer top100 serjtankian soad soloartist musictherapy lightworker soulsearching independentartist diy electronicmusic international synchronicity dreamer manifest thesecret independentartist bandcamp thealchemist lawofattraction survivor recordingartist selfmade mentalhealthawareness stigmafighter electronica