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live that life.the one that gives you breath. and. takes your breath away- nayyirah waheed. Inspirational quotes channeling my creativity & chasing the courage to live a creative life. chasing the courage to live my best life. chasing the courage to take risks, fail and continue forward- because, why not? what’s this all about anyway? • • • • • • inspirationalquote nayyirahwaheed calligraphy doodle latenight feelingthemagic chasingthemagic soulsearching creativelife

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And so it is ✨✨✨

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Bali has stolen my heart 💙💚

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Literally had the best time with this one in merry hill yesterday 🥰 I was only supposed to be getting my perfume but ended up spending HOURS buying holiday clothes and ridiculous amounts of makeup 🤦🏻‍♀️ sometimes you just need a bit of girly time to put everything into perspective and clear your head and I couldn’t think of anyone better to spend time with to cheer me up. The biggest pain in the arse to ever exist but also my absolute bestie 👯 girlythings girltime momanddaughtergoals momanddaughterdate shoppingtrip migraine migrainessuck thankyouinstagram migrainerelief prettylittlething familytime mumanddaughtertime mumlife soulsearching familylife momblog bloggermom fridayquotes fridayvibes

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• when you do things from the soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy — rumi • lifebylou

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Has someone shut you down recently? Dampened your dreams and shadowed your soul, taken a moment of bliss and turned it into a moment you’d rather miss. That cloud has passed and the light you crave is there, so be brave. Please 🧡 and share with those for whom you care 🙏🏼 mindfulness innerpeace gratitude purpose dreams communication connection selflove motivation quotes motivationalquotes wellbeing forgiveness selfcare selfawareness thankful bekind kindness mindful mindfullife acceptance values lifecoaching lifecoach mind soul soulsearching wisdom mindfulliving 🥰

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💭Baby girl, it wasn’t that you weren’t enough. ⚡️It’s your energy. 🌿It asks others to rise up, and not everyone is willing to go where they will grow. 💕 dontinterruptme soulsearching numberonepriority fearless bedhairdontcare blondie friday worthyoflove bewhoyouaremeanttobe nooneisyouandthatisyourpower youradiamonddeartheycantbreakyou shinebabyshine shinebrightlikeadiamond healing journey life lessons happiness livingmybestlife learntthatthehardway thankyounext

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Snowy paradise ☃️

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After that I just survive and that too because You want me to. I have nothing to do with anyone else and have nothing to prove to them either. All of my dealings are truly just with You. In each soul, I search for the presence of You and then I move on inevitably. You cannot be limited to a physical vesselno photo by Harshveer Singh Veerji, thank you. waheguru gurbani dhangurunanak spiritual spirituality divinity sufi definition wisdom vedas quotes seeking awakening god enlightenment consciousness mindfulnessmeditation  meditation universe soul soulsearching oneness higherconsciousness higherlearning higherawakening compassion poetry poems spiritualgrowth selfrealization

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Your speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward. • • Everyone has a different path to walk on and a different speed (which can even vary from time to time). For example at this moment it's important to me to travel, to have new experiences, see new places, meet new personalities and perspectives, This helps me to become a better human, to be more humble, to question my beliefs and don't go with everything my society and culture is prescribing me. It helps me as well to face my fears, and be more aware of (inner) patterns. As a future psychotherapist it's, in my opinion, important for me that I work with them as much as possible before stepping into that working field. But, if you have , want to buy a own house/apartment, are fully inspired and committed to your current job, or heaps of other things, I can imagine that at this moment, a travelling life or a life away from your home country is not the best support for your goals. And while life over here is beautiful and looks maybe amazing, be sure that it has it downsides as well. And the goals mentioned before, are goals (most of them) I can not really work on now. So who's life is 'better'? We can absolutely not compare our lives with others. We have a different past, different context- and environmental factors, different recourses, different coping mechanisms and personalities, and still, is a lot of our society build on comparing ourselves with and judging others. • • • • somethoughts moving movingforward goinginward internaljourneys growing differentpath lifepath soulsearching journey nature nz newzealand maruia travel travelingmakesyouricher travelinghelpsmegrow psychotherapist psychology fears facingfear almostgraduated clinicalpsychology

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These eyes have never seen a piece of art so beautiful. Completely hand written and illustrated. annietarasova you are PURE magic 🌙 Don't mind me, I'm just going to be manifesting the heck out of my life. supportsmallartists • • •wearing kirstinash solid gold rose quartz ring. dreamymoons mindfulliving manifestation lawofattraction spirituality soulsearching madeinaus localartist positivevibes ecowarrior instagrammer ecoinfluencer kirstinashjewellery journaling supportlocal bookstagram fotd innerpeace childoftheearth moonchild persongrowth instablog gyspysoul harmony innerchild meditation

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The desert sky for some reason reminded me of the ocean tonight 🤔😊🌊 Is the ocean calling my name? Should I road trip to California beaches and everyday sunshine or Utah? Ughh decisions decisions Lol 🏜🏖🚗 roadtrippin roadtrip landscapephotography outdoors adventure explore destination desert mountains nevada lasvegaslife lasvegaslocal spontaneous travel travelblogger instagram traveling photooftheday travelphotography blessed writer soulsearching beautiful westbysouthwest nofilter nofilterneeded

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1 year and 1 day on T I feel so many feelings about this but mostly just feel blessed to be received, revived and anew I’ve struggled with how I felt about myself my whole life. I was told terrible things and treated so bad many times that I internalized it, and would act out on people I shouldn’t have, said things I shouldn’t have. I can say I’ve grown sooo much with this experience, though it doesn’t just wash away issues with my mental health, for me to say that and realize that shows the path of accountability I am choosing to take Though many say this is a choice and I agree to an extent, I feel that this was a do or die situation. There’s many times I told myself that I’m better off dead, and still struggling with those malnourishing internal thoughts, but am simply down to do better, to be better Without stabbing myself every two weeks or top surgery I don’t know where the hell I’d be! Truly Changes I’ve experienced besides mental growth is definitely my adam’s apple, facial hair, thicker eyebrows, ass hair 😹, just hair EVERYWHERE in overabundance. I notice my head is huge as shit, some bottom growth, my lips are bigger, my arms and body have gotten thicker skin, and my shoulders are more wide n masculine. For some reason I am a bit more muscular even though I don’t work out, probably some leftover muscle from my CrossFit days. Overall I’m happy with everything I’ve experienced and can’t wait to see what left could be in store Respect 🧘🏾‍♂️🌙🥀 - transgender black trans happy transition ftm pride spiritualawakening poweredbythesun spirithealing soulsearching blackandtrans transmen transandnotgoinganywhere transmale queer endgendernorms fuckthebinary blacktransman blacktransmanslivesmatter transmenofig ftmtransgender mentalhealthawareness loveyourselfenough

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Well tonight was the night. WOW. So grateful to see this community of strong minded, open-hearted women in Sacramento. I’m so proud of the way we all showed up and were vulnerable with each other about our fears, and celebrated each other’s successes. THANK YOU for being part of this community. I see you, I value you, and I support you. 🙌🏼✨🌞 thewholetori mindfulmeetup mindfulnesscommunity behumble highvibe highvibetribe highvibelife goodvibes consciousthoughts loveandlight freethinker gratitude inspiration fearlessauthenticity mentalhealth trustthejourney innerpeace moveforward soulsearching

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Reposted from infinita.carolina - 《Português abaixo》What do you want to be when you grow up? Everybody got asked this question as . Now that you are a grown up, are you living your DREAM? Can you remember why you're even here on this Earth? I invite you to take a few moments and to just let your heart and imagination take you there. Where would you be if money, time, external circumstances were not an issue? What would you be doing? Who would be there with you? What kind of person would you be? Don't let your mind bring out all the "buts" and "hows". Just ENJOY this sensation. Tell yourself that this is possible and that you BELONG there. Feel it warming up your body and waking up your spirit. And remember, you don't need to buy a ticket, you can visit this place anytime you like for FREE! • O que você quer ser quando crescer? Todo mundo já ouviu essa pergunta quando criança. Agora que você cresceu, está vivendo seu SONHO? Consegue se lembrar do porquê de estar aqui na Terra? Eu te convido a parar por alguns momentos e simplesmente deixar seu coração e sua imaginação te levarem pra lá. Onde você estaria se dinheiro, tempo e circunstâncias externas não fossem um impedimento? O que estaria fazendo? Quem estaria lá com você? Que tipo de pessoa você seria? Não deixe sua mente te levar para os "mas" e "comos". Apenas DESFRUTE da sensação. Diga a você mesma que isso é possível e que ali é SEU LUGAR. Sinta seu corpo se aquecendo e seu espírito acordando. E lembre-se, você não precisa comprar uma passagem, voce pode visitar este lugar a qualquer momento de GRAÇA ♡ consciousentrepreneur empreendedorismoconsciente dreaming sonhar sonho dream lifepurpose propositodevida proposito poderpessoal higherself soulsearching visualization vision visualizacao empreendedorismomaterno empreendedorismo empreendedora entrepreneur maternativa maeempreendedora - regrann

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Friday's are beautiful 😁

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Growth can be scary AF! ⁣ ⁣ And our pesky self-saboteurs LOVE to come out when we’re making leaps forward,⁣ ⁣ Babes, remember doubt is just a symptom of fear and created by our saboteurs to keep us small.⁣ ⁣ Feel the doubt and the fear. Have conversations with it. Where is it coming from? What’s arising that needs to be healed? Take your time with it. ⁣ ⁣ And when you’re ready continue to make those leaps forward! ⁣ ⁣ You’ve got this! 😉⁣ ⁣ Words: yung.pueblo⁣ ⁣ 👊🏼🔥🙌🏼⁣ ⁣ therevolutionarywoman spiritualjourney raiseyourvibration selfdiscovery findyourself wildwoman spiritualgangster risesisterrise liveyourtruth womensempowerment soulsearching womensupportingwomen trustyourjourney truthbomb radicalselflove vibratehigher dontletthemtameyou selfgrowth higherawakening shepower eatpraylove mindsetiseverything inspiringquotes mindbodyspirit vibration womenwhorunwiththewolves wildandfree oldsoul inspireothers wordsoftheday

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(I didn't write the above letter- Author Unknown). There's a treasure trove of soulmate letters at a certain local teahouse. 🍵 Upon reading- it's easy to critique another's affection- it's what we do more so instinctively than perhaps anything else. We are even our own worst critics- till we fall in love then our critique often pales in comparison to that a loved on. With a heavy heart even in agreement it's often difficult to accept without resentment even likeminded opinions. Sadly the next person or invariably any one else other than a lover has an easier task than the present. Daring to agree with self critique even in a constructive sense has doomed many a romance. The ability to grow together in honesty rather than just blind acceptance, or mutual agreement to be apathetic towards each others aspirations or desire to quiet the inner dialogue many of us have with ourselves is difficult. Discontent is a catalyst for change- but how does one deal honestly with a loved one? How do we deal honestly with ourselves- and in exchange with those who have a vested interest in our self reflection and personal growth without taking a toll on our relationships? This is an area I indeed struggle with. Needing and wanting to help without the measure hurt that often can accompany the vulnerability of asking or being in need one's self. The language of love is bittersweet- often an acquired taste. Variety is the spice of life- but humility- and patience are rare commodities, worth savoringFood for thought.

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Ooh, the endless search for oneself. Does it ever really end? And when it comes to pens. It seems as though they are always lost.