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مستند و واقعی است لايک کن وگرنه خود دانی:)هر حرفی بر علیه خودتون استفاده میشود مراقب سخن دلنشینتان باشید.بعدش به من بگید نخواهی توانست بر اندازی .خیلی ساده است ولی پیچیده مگه نه:) khamenei_ir تو میبینی لامصب خونخوار نمایشنامه سناریو نمایش پانتومیم درام تئاتر بازیگر نورپرداز کمدی گریم طراح صحنه لباس theater actor actress lighting comic designer author sound sence clothes Makeup portray drama senario

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There is a precise mathematical science that can be applied to music that can cause it to be therapeutic for both the brain and body. The Healing Beyond Medicine Music series composed by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry possesses many of the qualities used by some of history’s greatest and most influential classical composers. music healing musictherapy mantra rhythm beats sacred sound science

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Repost horegchannel • • • SALIPAN DI JALAN. Nyek-nyek an iyo, saling nyopo iyo Pancet seduluran yokan 😂 selow ae, melbu kuping tengen metu kuping kiwo HOREG CHANNEL ~ GAK HOREG BAH, SENG PENTING MUNI. SENENG SOUND? MASUK LUR 🙏 SEDULURAN NOMER SIJI. KOMENTAR SELOW & SANTUN. BANTU UP LUR, KESUWUN 🙏 USE EARPHONE RECOMENDED 🎧 REPOST FOTO / VIDEO : DM TAG horegchannel + gunakan tagar horegchannel soundsystem soundsystembanyuwangi soundbanyuwangi takbiransumbersewu adusound soundbattle soundman soundindonesia soundjawatimur sound horeg pictoftheday music banyuwangi banyuwangibeautiful event soundengineer

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お久しぶりな2S💗 ラジオも楽しみ! 舞台も楽しみ! tsuyoshikusanagi_official repost manami.official via PhotoAroundApp 明日のラジオは なんと❗️ 19年ぶりに舞台をご一緒させていただく 草彅剛さんがゲストで登場ですっ(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) お会いして話し出したらもう、 あっという間に19年前の稽古の日々に タイムトリップ(≧∀≦) 変わらず優しく明るい草彅さんと、 ワチャワチャしながらのトークタイムになりました(笑) そして番組最後には 大事なお知らせもあるので、 明日の 朝8:30 80.💓 TOKYO FM SOUND IN MY PREMIUM LIFE 良かったら聴いてみてください(´∀`*) 草彅剛 さん 小西真奈美

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We need your help! We are making some coasters to give away to our fans at axpona 2019. Which is your favorite? Answer on the comments belowthank you!

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Flashback to that one festival 💥

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⚡️SOUND OF THE SHOWROOM⚡️ HOY! / MÚSICA + PRENDA + BEBIDAS + ACCESORIOS + COMUNIDAD Café + Vinilo + Comunidad ☕️🎶 Los esperamos de Lunes a Sábado de 3:00pm a 11:00pm. Francisco I Madero 506 Esq. Gral. Barragan Lunes a Sábado 3:00pm-11:00pm Aguascalientes, Ags. MusicFreeYourMind Coffee4TheSoul music lp vinyl vinyladdict coffee cappuccino coffeerecords queen cookies chocolate coffeetime coffeeholic music musical musiclovers blueberry blues blues psychedelicrock funk dance latin sound mango chili tizana mx ags photography