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The soundtrack from the 1980s romantic fantasy somewhereintime is one of those filmscores that people who don't usually notice moviemusic will have a copy of . Composed by the late, legendary johnbarry , the music is a lush , gorgeous work with a beautifully sad and sweeping main theme. 🎼 The original album is shown here, along with an expanded recording of the complete score, conducted by johndebney , released by varesesarabande , and highly recommended. The movie itself ( based on a richardmatheson novel ) is an unashamedly manipulative tearjerker , corny and sincere and I admit i love it. 😄 janeseymour is radiant and christopherreeve really drives the film with his wonderful portrayal of a man obsessed with his true lost love. 💔 Who else loves this? 🌌🎬🎼🎵 lovestories lovestory starcrossedlovers timetravel favoritemovie 80smovies bidtimereturn imnotcryingyourecrying chickflick varesesarabande soundtrackoftheday soundtrackcollection cdcollection romanticmovie

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Willow sings to my soul 🌿 Lots of self-love messages weaved between beautiful melodies. Magic magic magic. I'm in love! I typically need a few days to digest new music, but I'm satisfied at first bite with this one. Check out WILLOW by willowsmith !

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Penat setelah seharian beraktifitas bukan alasan buat waktu santai jadi terbatas. Sambil request lagu-lagu favorit, disini juga bakal mengupas kabar terkini seputar penyanyi kesayanganmu. Simak juga SoundtrackOfTheDay yang bakal muterin lagu paling terhits setiap harinya dan NewEntry yang bakal muterin lagu terbaru dalam program : THE SOUNDTRACK, Senin - Jum'at jam 4 sore, dan THE SOUNDTRACK MEMORY, setiap Sabtu jam 4 sore.

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🍃another simple dinner: brown rice + red lentils. Homemade sweet and sour sauce with pineapple and peppers. Pan fried tofu, seasoned with teriyaki sauce. Served with green onions and sesame seeds. 🍃 whatveganseat vegan veganfood vegangirl vegangermany plantbased vegansofig vegansofinstragram healthyfood eatyourgreens veganinspiration eatyourveggies food foodporn dairyfree instafood vegetarian ditchdairy noneedformeat homemade tofu sweetandsour crueltyfree soundtrackoftheday dungeonsynth

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Sunday soundtrack 🎶 After listening the new khruangbin album, Hasta el cielo, on repeat. I went for some oldies and came across this beautiful video for 'Cómo te quiero.' Animated and directed by studiocossa Produced by pompandclout Written by sanampetri & lauraleezy

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Okay, here's some good stuff. It's a taste of the wonderful soundtrack from the netflix movie rimoftheworld , composed and conducted by the super-cool bearmccreary . He described the score as his salute to the Jerry Goldsmith/ John Williams/ Alan Silvestri soundtracks of his youth. Of course his youth was my late 20s/ early 30s. ( that darn whippersnapper )😕 The music perfectly captures the feel of the great music from all those 1980s adventure movies we love. You can buy it from itunes , amazon and i believe you can stream it as well, but dig this sample and prepare to have your socks knocked off. Like, for real. You'll be walking across the room to fetch your socks afterwards. 🙄 Plus, just check out the hair he's rocking. That was my hair when i was 20 years younger and 30lbs lighter. 🙄 Anyway, Bear's having a big year, including his awesome soundtrack to godzillakingofthemonsters , but this is my favorite score so far this year. 👍 And don't forget about the socks thing. 🎵🎼🎹 filmcomposer moviemusic soundtrackoftheday soundtrack soundtrackcollection sciencefictionmovies orchestral jerrygoldsmith johnwilliams alansilvestri bearmccreary playthisloud turnitup thisgoesto11 musiclover mp3

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🍃Yesterday’s feast: börek stuffed with mashed potatoes + vegan minced meat + roasted onions and pickled peppers. Quinoa salad with nectarines + peanuts + green onions + kidney beans. Zucchini + leeks + tomatoes + dill + olive oil. Homemade vegan sour cream whatveganseat vegan veganfood vegangirl vegangermany plantbased vegansofig vegansofinstragram healthyfood eatyourgreens börek veganmom veganinspiration eatyourveggies food foodporn dairyfree instafood vegetarian ditchdairy noneedformeat homemade crueltyfree soundtrackoftheday darkthrone oldstar

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Night sounds w/ Spectrum Synthesizer, app based upon the open source designs of Mutable Instruments Eurorack modules. Very cool. Supported by, Sector and Rozeta Particles.

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Summer reminiscing ☁️ The House by porches_hiii This was my non-stop album of summer 2018. I was getting ready to leave the Bay area and at the end of a long-term relationship. This album spoke to my heart Now feeling in a very different emotional and geographic place the synth-pop is still making me feel tender. Aaron's voice feels like being grazed with a feather; so light and soft, but insanely evoking of emotion. This whole album is magical and nostalgic. Check it out

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Of course I'm going to play this one today. One of the best "epic" film scores of the last few decades, independenceday from british filmcomposer David Arnold . The movie has a big rousing theme that just shouts patriotism, not just for America but for all the nations around the globe who joined us in defeating the alien menace 😜👽 The link in my bio will take you to the fantastic 9 minute end titles cue, you'll be pumping your fist by the end. Or maybe channel surfing, depending on how much swashbuckling, flag waving, heavenly choir you can take. 🎹🎼🎶🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇳🇮🇹🇯🇵🇰🇷 davidarnold id4 soundtrackoftheday happyfourthofjuly happyindepenceday scifimovies sciencefiction soundtrackcollection cdcollection cd lalalandrecords alieninvasion welcometoearth sciencefictionmovies epic instamovie willsmith davidgarnold

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Think this could be an album cover? 😂😂😂 Funny enough, my t-shirt actually IS one. *NSYNC circa 2001. I digress. ⁣ ⁣ Me + the mipmunks (my youngest nieces, for those who haven't caught them in my stories yet), we love music. Car karaoke with Disney sing-a-longs, jazzhop that helps us focus during work + schoolwork time, 90s just for funsies, or jammin' to praise + worship while we're doing choresthe right music can set a tone that gets you through a day, or even a season. ⁣ ⁣ So here's a question for yahave you ever thought about what songs would be on the soundtrack of your life? I can't be the only one, lol. Like, there are songs we hear and we're immediately in, "oh yeah, that's my theme song" mode 😂 So if you were putting yours together, what 3 songs would be on the soundtrack of your life?

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🍃 Pasta dinner with a delicious sauce: 1 chopped onion, sautéed with 1 chopped eggplant and 2-3 tbsp tomato paste. Just add a little water, a little salt and simmer for about 15-20 minutes on low heat. Seasoned with 1 tbsp almond butter. Served with green onions and nutritional yeast. 🍃 whatveganseat vegan veganfood vegangirl vegangermany plantbased vegansofig vegansofinstragram healthyfood govegan veganrecipes veganinspiration food foodporn dairyfree instafood vegetarian ditchdairy noneedformeat homemade pasta veganpasta veganmom crueltyfree soundtrackoftheday ghostsinvited