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Don't know the specifics on when the episode will be up, but tomorrow night I'll be getting interviewed on the 6thboroughpodcast looking forward to being featured

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Or don’t 🤪😬 Following spartanalabama race weekend, today was active recovery. Plus I took a pretty hard fall when my foot rolled over a branch Saturday. 🥴 Thankfully I’ve been really focused on stability training and I ran away from the fall with a few bruises and no ankle issues. 🙌🏻 Good thing it’s not swimsuit weather yet though. 🤣 I ate pretty junky yesterday, so I rebooted with intermittent fasting and 100% clean eats today, took our dog for a long walk, did some yoga and isolated banded exercises, and took a long Epsom bath. 💃🏻✨ Early to bed tonight and back at it tomorrow. Gotta work on grip strength and improved cadence between now and Charlotte! 💪🏼🏃🏻‍♀️ toneitup spartan spartantraining spartanwomen spartanrace spartansprint spartansuper spartanmom spartanup pushharder tiucheckin tiuteam tiucommunity tiumom tiumealprep tiunutritionplan tiuover40 ocrtraining trainsmart ocrlife ocraddict spartanstrong

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Una buena regla para saber si un producto o servicio funciona: si es fácil, no sirve Fajas = fácil = no sirve Comer bien todos los días = difícil = sirve Masajes reductivos = fácil = no sirve Entrenar 5 días a la semana = difícil = sirve Quemadores de grasa = fácil = no sirve No hay atajos Es simple: come bien, entrena duro y descansa bien Es simple, no sencillo, ni fácil; pero sí sirve.

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Attack hard and fast but properly. Reverse lunges

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Registration for our Easter Youth Athlete Conditioning Camp is now open! This camp will improve your ’s conditioning, resiliency, and mental toughness. By pushing your just outside their comfort zone, they will see what they’re truly capable of. Athletes will sprint up hills, carry heavy objects, pull weighted sleds, and prepare themselves physically and mentally for their spring and summer sports. Workouts will take place on April 24th, 25th, and 26th, Wednesday – Friday, from 1:00 – 2:30 pm. Link in bio!

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Sending a shoutout to this awesome group of Orange Athletes. They completed the spartan race yesterday! That is an AMAZING ACCOMPLISHMENT! Congratulations Orange Fam, we know the hard work and dedication needed to compete a Spartan Race! AROO SpartanRace Beastmode fitnessmotivation 👊🍊

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Huge thank you to Armand and mgrieco23 at performaxptw every Monday and Wednesday at 2 these guys have working on my keeping me injury free and ready for the next event.

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Had a great and exhausting weekend that completely demolished my legs, but maintained to finish strong and keep my bands, with 100% completion. Along with my medalmonday i would like to mostly say how greatful i am for having a support team like my lady and MIT OCR who welcomed me with open arms, and the same group who won best team back to back at savage race. Which brings me to my second topic, and this is why savage race might have some of the best staff on top of being an all around great event. After running sunday, when we were about to leave, i accidently locked my keys in the trunk, and nobody else was around other than the savage race workers putting everything away. We were literally stranded so far away from home. Bo, the coordinator from the race passed by and after explaining what happened, he went out of his way and called his AAA and we were on our way home 45 minutes after. Shout out to that man, who with a busy schedule, stayed to help us, not wanting anything in return. My lady and i are extremely greatful for him and savage race in general. savagerace toughspartans toughmudder warriordash ocr ocrfreaks obstaclecourseracing ocrbeast warrior beast beastmode savageasfuck fitlincmedia spartan medaladdict savage MITOCR whoarewe beetelite spartanbeast weekendwarriorplanet elite brocr spartanglory spartanrace limitless insideocr

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1st Spartan of the year! AROO Despite my huge set back durning the race. I still had a good time out there. Volunteer shift on Saturday. Then AG race Sunday pulled in 20th place after falling from 6th when I rushed the rings and came up short from the bell Live and Learn and get Better! Happy that the rest of the race was clean so I know I just need to work on that technique! Can't wait to get back to training for Spartan Seattle and Ninja Championship at Urban Warrior! medalmonday

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🙌Save Time🙌 We now sell our memberships online! Visit to 🏋️‍♂️ JOIN 🏋️‍♂️ Memberships must be finalized in gym by each new member during staff hours to pick up member keys🔑 for 24/7 access

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Listen in as bengreenfieldfitness, self-experimenter and biohacker, Spartan racer, Ironman triathlete, and New York Times best-selling author, shares his experience with Qualia Ready to upgrade your brain and body? . SAVE UP TO $50 on your first subscription order of QUALIA by shopping at ⏺⏺ and using code ⏺NEUROPOWER⏺ . bengreenfield neurohacker neurohacking brainhealth nutrition optimalwellness wellness wellnesswarrior holistic holisticliving primal consciousliving collectiveconsciousness consciousculture mindfulnessmoment mindfulness nootropics biohacking supplements triathlete ironmantraining cognition cognitive cognitivefunction spartanrace

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Shoutout to this birthday beautiful badass cathgarvsim for joining me in our first super spartanrace. If this is what 40 looks like, then bring it on baby! But seriously, couldn’t be more blessed to be surrounded by inspiring women on a daily basis. 40isfab spartanrace fitnessisfun

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💥Find your lace up hoodie WWW.WARFIT.NET💥

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Double patch weekend: first up was Anaconda Light to honor our fallen troops and then a great time with the team doing the st pats Scavenger! Ruck up!

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100x Burpees Before Breakfast! Sunrise 🌅 exercise to warm up the day 😄. Freeletics Double Demeter consists of 100x Burpees, 50x Plank Switches, 200x Lunges and 300x Mountain Climbers. Bonus: 15x Pikes which I tried using treadmill to get an elevated base 😄. Have a nice day my friends! Workout Track: Shortest Straw - Metallica! 😄💪🔥 freeletics freeathlete workout exercise training gym gymlife gymmotivation oldschoolcalisthenics calisthenics calisthenicsworkout calisthenic metallica spartanrace spartan spartantraining sports runnersofinstagram runner running runningman spartanracesg spartansg spartans spartansprint spartanstrong

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Time to start warming up - 1st race of the season April 13th Spartan Sprint ATL Age Group. Not quite ready for Elite yetTime to see where we stand coming out of off season. Who’s coming with?!? 📸: galado_co

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Folks, one thing I have learned today is that I am stubborn af and despite having a finger injury I just can’t help myself with this monkey life the money life chose me, it wasn’t the other way around. Videos don’t look pretty YET, but once I am fully healed, ZERO BURPEES ALL DAY EVERYDAY (except maybe spear throw 🤔) I’m coming back stronger than ever, friends. Be sure of that Video courtesy of mike_eighty7

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Monday Madness 🥰 with my fav workout partner angiehedlund 💜 Try something new with someone that makes you laugh so hard you forget you are working out 🙌💪🏽😍 Video ☝🏽 Jacob ladder 🥵 Video ✌🏽 mr_barfreakz jatkins_barfreakz challenge (I think he called it a dead 💀 dog 🐶 sit up 😂) try it they are both a lot of fun 🔥🔥🔥 Hope Everyone Had a Great Workout Today HAPPY MONDAY ALL 😘 Got something for me to try tag me 💁🏽‍♀️ Wearing victoriasport dmcfitwear 💕 diva_ninja strongisbeautiful beastmode cardio workoutmotivation fitspo fitnessaddict fitness fitchick fitmom beastmode spartanrace calisthenics ocr anw partnerworkout fitnessmotivation trainlikeagirl athlete spartantraining girlswholift girlswithmuscle yoga chicago calisthenicsworkout strongnotskinny absworkout mondaymotivation

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It was one of my favorite Spartan runs ever! SanJoseSpartan was picturesque with its rolling green hills and perfect weather. It made climbing all those hills worth it to see the views at the top. All and all it just felt so great scaling those towering walls and inverted ones unassisted and on my own! I think my greatest success was FINALLY mastering the spear throw, back to back days It felt so great being able to tackle another obstacle. My burpee count was far less than any Spartans I’ve ever done. Still working on all those hanging obstacles. I fell short with Olympus though, where I was inches away from the bell. Bleed a little for it and did burpees but I know I’ll get it at the next oneI find myself getting stronger with every Spartan run. I can’t wait to tackle on Big Bear in May. I’m coming for you Beast sanjosespartan diablogrande spartan spartanrace spartansuper spartansprint ocr obstaclecourse chasingtrifectas digdeep nevergiveup medalmonday

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PR • 🤩 5k > 18:38min /6:01 pace . Had a good vibe today; sipped some atomicoffeeroasters diesel dark roast coffee , threw my white compression shorts on with my spaceman bright silver shirt & some Hawaiian flowery hat and headed off to the track to do a 5k time trial as I watched the sun set, didn’t feel like death at all after it! A mile warm up and mile cool down after it. Today was a good day. altraredteam altrarunning altrarunning

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Could’ve made excuses as to why I couldn’t be here, but I sucked it up and didn’t bitch and showed up! Glad I did! My body will thank me later for sticking with it and not making excuses 💪🏽💪🏽😂

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Empowered women empower us all. 💪🏽 It is still Women’s History Month, so I want to take some time to dedicate this post to all the amazing women in the obstacle course racing community. As individuals, you are always inspiring your loved ones to attain their personal goals by tackling whatever obstacle lies ahead of them, persevere through all sorts of internal and external adversities, and be confident in themselves and their abilities. Altogether, whether you know it or not, you are making history as you continuously influence women from around the world to participate in an exponentially growing sport where they can prove that they are just as good as (and, in most cases, even better than) the men. I really do not know how many of you made it this far into reading this post, lol. But, I want you to know that I truly respect the work ethic, drive, and dedication of each and every one of you, and watching you reach (as well as exceed) your goals motivates me to do the same for myself. Thank you all for being one of my reasons why I race. 😊 P.S. Sorry for the lack of pictures; I really had no reason to use my phone when there was no cellular service at Diablo Grande. Also, I enjoyed the person-to-person conversations with everyone I met, lol AppreciationPost WomensHistoryMonth GirlPower RunLikeAGirl WhoRunTheWorld SpartanWomen MedalMonday Spartan SpartanRace SpartanSanJose SpartanStrong WestCoastSpartans SpartanOK Unstoppable Unbreakable Aroo TrifectaTribe Fitness OCR Running TrailRunning MightySmol BeMoreHuman NorCal California USA

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Happy medalmonday from snowy Lake Tahoe Quite the difference between Tahoe and San Jose weather wise! We had a perfect race weekend coming out with 4 🥇Competitive Medals, 4 new Trifectas Medals (No’s. 3 & 4), 8 2-Mile Finisher Medals, and 4 1-Mile Finisher Medals. Can’t wait to race in our hometown of Charlotte next. spartankidsrace spartanrace spartan medalmondaymagazine spartankidsrace spartankids spartansanjose spartan spartanrace medaladdict spartanracer spartantraining spartanracetraining spartangirlsdoitbetter spartan_proteam spartanglory spartanlife spartantrifecta spartanup ocr trifecta aroo trifectatribe ocrwc ocrworldchampionships ocrlife ocraddict ocrathlete

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So for about the last month I have been almost non existant on social media. Well last month i had the absolute terrible job and telling the love of my life that her best friend had died. Dan was a fantastic friend to Morgan and wished nothing but the best for her. I met him in Colorado and had the pleasure of him telling me how happy he was that Morgan and I woild be getting married. Being in EMS has unfortunately taught me how to talk someone through the death of a loved on but nothing in the world prepared me for that, and it affected me. I've been less social, less driven, and all around exhausted. This last weekend in vegas I was to fly Daniel out to surprise morganbryant38 for her 25th. Instead Morgan and I ran in his honor. This weekend we fly out to pay our respects. Life wont be the same without him but he wouldn't want us depressed and would want us to enjoy our life together. For you Dan, thank you for all you've done for Morgan. I'll take it from here. spartanrace rakuten neverforgotten inhonorof daniel.hagy wife engaged dilloncolorado rip noexcuses getbetter spartan spartansuper trainingforareason fitnessmotivation spartanlasvegas ocr_medic

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E hoje teve treino de Intervalados na rampaforam 12 tiros de 200m subindo forte e descendo trote Foram 12' de aquecimento até chegar na subida que tem perto de casa, e então iniciei os tiros, no 1° já senti que seria difícil, mas foi indo um após o outro, subia com Pace médio de 3'20 a 3'25 e descia quase se arrastando, corpo pedindo pra parar no 3° tiro kkkkkkk mas fui um após o outro até completar o treino E pra voltar seriam mais 12' de desaquecimento, e eu morrendo, mas tá pago, fechei a segunda com chave de ouro, sem mímimi, sem dar migué Agradeço a parceria de hoje do marcio_amorim12 que topou o convite pra morte kkkkkkkValeu piá👊🏻👊🏻 . Já disse isso uma vez, vai dar vontade de não ir, mas só você pode decidir qual resultado quer obterBOA NOITEEEE . crrunnersbrasil trainup helefitnessbr chacaratalivo soubraves soubravus desafiobravus desafiobraves ocr corridadeobstaculos corridacrosscountry corridademontanha corridaderua vamopracima treinofuncional spartan spartanrace somosdosul curitiba corredorescwb trailrunning bravestrailrun no2 suplementosno2

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🇺🇸 second stage Spartan USA National Series: 2 place! This year the Spear gives me a hard time! The race was very fast and I had no way to waking up the lost time doing burpees on the first girl in the standings, but the gap is minimal and I am very happy about my race pace on the technical terrain until the last meter. I underestimated myself because on these flat terrains l’ve been able to manage it pretty well and despite my sore throat, my performance was almost optimal 😍 Next stop? Seattle spartanusns2019 rig alabama ocrwc enjoytheprocess fitfam colorado lifethoughts ocrheroes celebration beahero ocrfamily ocrwc ocr ocritaly ocrlife ocrathlete run allenamentispartan running allenamentospartan spartantraining spartan spartanrace spartanraceitaly spartanitaly toughspartans italianspartan mudrun mudrace aroo ocr_heroes

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Recovery Taking some ☯️ Yin time in my new cold soak tub. It's a cool 45° in here, and a comfortable 38° in the air. I can smell Spring peeking around the corner. ☀️ You can stay away a bit longer if you'd like 🥶🙃 ❄️ acceptthecold cold wimhofmethod snow icebeard coldexposure breathing mindset therapy commitment innerfire happiness strength health meditation motivation healthy lifestyle exercise strong photooftheday active muscle inspiration fitfam spartanrace spartantrifecta spartantraining alphacoach lifetimetrainer

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Threw down the first spartan race of the year this last weekend. It was my first time running both races in a weekend, but needless to say my body is certainly feeling it I plan on running a lot more this year. Always gotta live life to the fullest and go all out in everything you do. So for this medal Monday, I’m showin off my valuable metal from the St. Patrick’s day weekend! spartan spartanrace ocr spartanalabama

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These abs aren’t gonna make themselves. In fact, they probably won’t get made at all 🙈😜 RollOut • • • • Side note: 🖕🏻 you, instagram for removing my previous video that had the properly credited copyrighted song. I wonder if they’ll kill this video because of the song playing in the background 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔🤯

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2019 It’s time for some punishment. 4 events in the next 9 weeks. No doubt it will be tough and fingers crossed I survive in one piece. For most of these events the results are purely time based. I havnt run these kind of distances for some time so no doubt I’m about to get beaten up 1. Neverest Challenge 100km Teamevent (April 13) 2. Sydney ANZAC DAY Challenge 25km (April 26th) 3. Sydney Spartan Beast 21km (May 4th) 4. UTA 22 (22Kms) (May 16th) You can follow some of my training and events days via my stories. TeamAussieAthletes🇦🇺

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🇮🇹 Seconda tappa Spartan Usa National Series: 2 posto ! Quest’anno lo Spear mi dà filo da torcere! La gara è stata molto veloce e nn ho avuto modo di recuperare il tempo perso a fare i burpees sulla prima in classifica ma , il distacco è minimo e sono contentissima della mia rimonta e del mio ritmo di corsa sul percorso tecnico e fino all’ultimo metro di gara! Ho sottovalutato me stessa perché su questi terreni piatti sono riuscita a cavarmela molto bene! Nonostante il malessere e il mal di gola , la mia performance è stata quasi ottimale 😍 Prossima tappa ? Seattle spartanusns2019 alabama dream ocrwc enjoytheprocess fitfam colorado lifethoughts ocrheroes celebration beahero ocrfamily ocrwc ocr ocritaly ocrlife ocrathlete run allenamentispartan running allenamentospartan spartantraining spartan spartanrace spartanraceitaly spartanitaly toughspartans italianspartan mudrun mudrace aroo ocr_heroes

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Medal Monday! Back to back spartan super and hurricane heat on the same day COMPLETED. My recommendation, do not do this combo unless you are well trained. One person DNF due to this combo in my group due to dehydration. Overall, it was a very hard fought battle to complete the hurricane heat. Be prepared, bring all the requested items, and bring the I can do it mindset. The Krypteia will challenge you for 4-5 hours and will try to break you down. Keep fighting and prove them wrong! • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • spartanrace ocr crossfit fitness fitspo fitfam vsco vscocam trailrun nikerun inspiration spartanup ocrwc gopro medalmonday instagood fitnessaddict fitnessmotivation hurricaneheat athlete medaladdict motivation photooftheday adventure optoutside instafit followme f4f

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Final Attempt of The Heaviest Zercher Squat - 637lb/288.9kg guinnessworldrecords . This is the moment we all been waiting for. It was a long day, but I was not leaving without a win. 3 failed attempts of 642lb/291.2kg took a lot out of me. I had to regroup and claim what was mine. zercher zerchersquats Thanks to tony_machalany and for being my Qualified Witnesses. asilly_o ashi_harambae strengthandhonorfitness1 dieselgymnj marcbmann nickbonacci1776 r_81_boss kaylatrainsandshoots hunterdelfa1 and the whole Diesel Gym Family for making sure I stayed safe, loading, cheering and spotting. They made sure all weight was accounted for. Yes we weighed everything The next step is sending all of my documentation to Guinness. Shoutouts to westsidebarbellofficial appliedsc texaspowerbars zonesmellingsalts wisechoice007 nutrabio Now it is time to get my victory burger🍔, rest and gameplan for more 💪🏾