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Less than one week until our Primal Warrior Competition! March 30th, 12.30-17.00. The Devil's Staircase. Not just a terrifying name, the latest addition to Primal's obstacles is both a physical and mental challenge that will no doubt play a major role in this weekend's competition. There's still time! Sign up for Primal Warrior now by hitting the link in our bio.

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Nunca use a falta de motivação como desculpa. Na vida, muitas coisas têm que ser realizadas através do compromisso, e não da motivação! 👊🏻🕷♥️♥️ Never use lack of motivation as an excuse. In life, many things have to be accomplished through commitment, not motivation! 👊🏻🕷♥️♥️ 📸 by: tati.sena ; popfotosbr 🕸 🕷 🕸 . spiderteam.indaiatuba ctnato bravus_race desafiobraves iron_race spartanendure spartanrace spartanracebrasil blacktrunkrace mudrunguide thestrongspe tough_mudder morrodaspedrasrace ecomanrun dunamusx spiderteam colanospider ctnato spartantraining spartanrace spartanracebrasil spartanendure aroo bravusrace soubravus somosbravus desafiobraves ironrace blacktrunkrace mudrunguide toughmudder ocr eusouspartan braves corridadeobstaculos strong morrodaspedras ctnato ecomanrun dunamusx

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Always looking to improve and always push to go further! Got to gym tonight and saw black_lightninja had made a new unstable Chuck lache for the ninja rig crankindoorclimbinggym super tough obstacle but I managed to complete! You have to catch the chucks at the same time or one side just drops! If you want to train to be a ninja warrior! Come into crank Monday or Wednesday nights and train with thesouthsideninjas crew! Keep pushing the limit and always set new goals! ninjawarriorau ninjawarriorau crankindoorclimbing ninja brisbane qldfit brisbanehealthandfitness fitspo fitnessmotivation fitness fit fitnessgoals ninjawarrior spartantraining calisthenics parkour gymnastics climibing qld southsideninjas

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MARCH MADNESS FITNESS CHALLENGE: We have reached our Final Four. How perfect that the bracket shakes out Rob S vs Matt G and Kelly L vs Kai L. The top two guys and the top two girls will go head-to-head. There can only be one male and female representative in the final next week. There will be calories burned and big workouts from this foursome! As always - Train Hard. Eat Clean. Send Pics.

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Two weeks out from spartanrace on the sunny coast. Used today to test my Spartan Legs. By that I mean testing my speed on legs that are tired from the hills and obstacles of a spartanrace . Workout is: 10 km run for time! 1. 5km run with a tyre drag = 31:02 mins 2. 5km run for time no tyre = 19:15 mins🏃‍♂️ Safe to say I'm feeling pretty good and excited for race two of the australian national series💪💪💪 Also tearing up the botanic gardens with the vjsportaus XTRM spartanpro spartan spartanrace spartansunshinecoast spartantraining fitness getoutandexplore

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We got a new playground in the Parker Family And it’s like our ultimate outdoor dream in many way. Having a pretty low dose snow season at our primary home it was amazing to wake up on our first morning in the new house to a beautiful snowy scene that the got to trounce in all day- sledding and snowshoeing and snowball fights! And yesterday I got to explore my new traininggrounds - I’m gonna get lost at macedoniabrookstatepark a lot 😂 With trails literally abutting to our property, access to the AT and plenty of hills I can’t wait to have time to play! bestlife thankstothehubs liveoutdoors mommysplayground appalachiantrail cttrails cttrailmixers ctmountains sharon kent ocr ocrtraining endurancetraining worldstoughestmudder ocrathlete enduranceathlete spartantraining spartanwomen

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Team photo from yesterdays activewarrioruk 😀💪🏻 Had a fab time getting stuck into some different challanges and even came first in my wave on the Barbell event 💪🏻 - Yesterday definitely highlighted some hugeeeee flaws in my training! Ive been on a strength programme and a bulk phase for a good 6 months, alot of my training isnt particularly functional and its ALL gymbased. Not only that but im currently 5kg heavier than 6 months ago so pulling myself over anything is way harder! - The OCR type challenges are way more than just strength, theres endurance, power, speed, agility and just pure grit there too. Im excited to switch my training up to prepare for the Spartan Races 💪🏻

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realtalk ❓ Instagram = Real life❓ . Ihr glaubt ja gar nicht, was mir gerade für ein riesen Stein vom Herzen gefallen ist Nur weil auf Instagram immer alles schön ist und super läuft, heißt das ja nicht, dass das echte Leben genauso stressfrei verläuft Das soll nicht heißen, dass das, was ihr in meinem Feed seht, nicht der Wahrheit entspricht, denn ich dieser Ausschnitt aus meinem Leben passiert genau so (z.B. dieser schöne Morningrun heute Früh). Aber es ist eben nur ein Ausschnitt. Und zwar derjenige, der mein Training, meine Leidenschaft für Bewegung und einen gesunden Lebensstil und meine Reise in Richtung meiner sportlichen Ziele dokumentiert Und so wie ich ganz viel Motivation und Inspiration aus euren Beiträgen ziehe, möchte ich auch genau das mit meinen erreichen. Mut, Power, Freude und Motivation weitergeben Aber wir alle haben auch noch ein privates, echtes Leben in den unzähligen Stunden, die nicht auf Instagram zu sehen sind. Und da kann es auch manchmal sehr stressig sein. Es gibt Dinge, die einen belasten und wenn man dann auf einmal eine Lösung dafür gefunden hat, dann ist das unfassbar erleichternd Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: Instagram ist toll und motivierend und der Austausch mit euch allen macht super viel Spaß. Aber man darf nicht vergessen, dass man hier eben nur AUSGEWÄHLTE AUSSCHNITTE zu sehen bekommt Ob das nun gut ist oder schlecht, ob es ein Vor- oder ein Nachteil ist, das muss dann jeder selbst entscheiden ❓ Was ist denn eure Meinung zu dem Thema❓ ❓ Warum nutzt ihr Instagram❓ run runner running läuferin training trilife triathlon wewhorun laufenmachtglücklich wewhorun  morningmotivation garmin forerunner735xt trailrunning canicross intervaltraining ocr laufen picoftheday spartanelite ocrgirl ocrtraining spartantraining laufenmithund spartanrace

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Česká reprezentace OCR absolvovala o víkendu své první soustředění v Harrachově a o víkendu už se zase představí na závodech. Část jede do Maďarska a část do Itálie. ceskarepreOCR

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Morning morning squats and the volume is going up.

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Stay on the grind. Take on the challenges other people avoid. Do what is difficult, not just what stylish. Active recovery day: 5 mile ruck (20kg pack) Suitcase and farmer’s carries (25kg plates) Flutter kicks, leg levers, pull-ups, weighted push-ups haveyoukickedasstoday? . Teams FNX, HKP, links and discount code in bio. RiseTogether HKP obstacletraining obstaclecourseracing fitnessmotivation traininsane rucking hiking spartanrace fitness intensity workout ocr savagerace toughmudder training spartantraining crossfit bettereveryday spartan functionalfitness ivepaid ryourogue have_you_paid spartan spartanrace hardworkpaysoff HWPO

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I call it "The Devil's Slackline", combining the nice new addition to primalgymuk with a classic piece, that has become a favourite in Balance class. • So many people are intimidated by these obstacles, myself included but since getting it, I'm addicted. I always say, why not give something a go before you decide you can't do it. You might just surprise yourself. • What have you always wanted to do but never tried?

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🏅London Landmarks Bling🏅 I love what londonlandmarkshalf do with their medals and the extra touch of being able to open them up (👉🏽 swipe to see inside). Still one of my favourite half marathons along with a personal best! What more could you ask for? • Were you at the London Landmarks Half Marathon this weekend? How did you get on? Let me know in the comments 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 • Check out for more on London races and all things OCR! llmh medalmonday

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Anche questa Sabato 23 pomeriggio alla Tana dei Lupi 🐺 ci siamo divertiti con una nuova Simulazione gara. Seguite la pagina Original Gram per le info delle prossime aperture tanadeilupi originalgram ultrabeahero ocrheroes beheroes beahero fitfam instafitness beastmode gym instafit motivation gymtime gainz workout running instarun toughmudder fit spartantraining spartan spartanitaly spartanrace aroo spartanraceitaly toughspartans wearespartans aroospartans obstaclerace spartanup

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Domenica alternativa per il nostro Luca in compagnia di instructor.freeman 🔥CHALLENGE YOURSELF🔥 👕 rgrteamwear 🤸🏻‍♂️ co4ch_r4h1m 📱 Instagram: chaos_primordiale 📱FB 📱Cerca il nostro gruppo “SPARTANS ON THE ROAD🚘” 📧 asdchaosprimordiale 💻 chaosprimordiale challengeyourself spartansystem spartanrace spartanraceitalia spartanteam spartantraining ocr ocrlife obstacle training healthlife spartanraceeurope running fitness bemorehuman borntobattle unstoppable unbreakable sgx italianspartans ninjawarrior trail mudrun outdoor workout nevergiveup iamchaos

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Awesome medalmonday I’ve wanted to do the brimbanktrailrun for a while now so was good to finally be able to. Made sure to use nuunhydrationau in my hydration pack which got me through. And I found a great new use for my crampfix downing a sachet to see if it would help my tired legs at all when I was completely flagging in the second half. It seemed to flush them thankfully taking the dead tired ache away. medal spartanwomen spartanstrong fitness healthylifestyle plantbased progress weightloss transformation medalwhore crampfix staycrampfree mondaymotivation aroo MakeYourWaterCount nuunhydrationau nuunlife trailrunning trailrunning hike spartantraining spartanchick getbacktonature getoutside brimbanktrailrun ihavearunnersbody roadtoenduro fitfam trailsplus halfmarathon 21km

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21 days of focus, preparation, execution, and no excuses! some people don't know that they can complete it until they put it to the test Others just need the test to add more adventure to their journey! Shout out to Rick Diesel for grinding and staying fully engaged throughout our March Defined March Muscle Challenge ! You see the WORK! Stop making "reasons" and make Progress Possible! SPRING 21 Day Challenge REGISTRATION OPEN begins April 8th HIIT Core PrepSeason ocr gymmotivation cardio sweetsweat latenight losingweight snatched mensphysique bellyfat losinginches dadsofinstagram backworkout fitness workout spartantraining melaninrich boxing snapback Myblackisbeautiful fatburner sayyestothedress TeamMASSIVE weddingdresses personaltrainer igfit marriage

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An amazing thing happened on the weekend.⁣ .⁣ I talked my father Craig into running his very first OCR race with me.⁣ .⁣ This is something I never ever expected to happen, dad has been so opposed to the idea for years that I had nearly given up.⁣ .⁣ Not only did he get out there and give everything a go, but I think he actually loved it too!⁣ .⁣ If my dad can take this huge leap, get outside of his comfort zone and run a race then I believe anyone can!⁣ .⁣ If you are sitting on the fence, contact me, just send me a message and I'll be happy to tell you all about how I can get you ready so you not only enjoy your first event, but you love it.⁣ medalmonday⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ motivate ocrwc truegrit obstacleracer running onemoorerep lunatic toughmudder rawchallenge change consistency ORA spartan spartanrace spartantrifecta obstaclerace ocr ufcgymaustralia ocrrunner ocrracingobstacles obstacleracersaustralia endureeverything personaltrainer spartantraining runner obstacleracers aroo omrteam

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| BACK TO TRAINING | 💪🏼😎☀️ Hier, c’était la reprise des entraînements Spartan avec la Spartan family! Après quelques semaines d’arrêt, la reprise fut un peu intense mais malgré les petits bobos, un petit moral et une fatigue accumulée, on a rien lâché! Prête à attaquer cette nouvelle semaine en pleine forme👍🏼 Prochain entraînement, ce soir au Bootcamp. 💪🏼 picoftheday photooftheday instapic happy workout sport training trainhard fit fitgirl fitmom fitmotivation fitspo instafit fitness fitnessgirl nevergiveup teamfox followme follow spartan spartanrace spartantraining instagood fitlife fitfam

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Just found this pic in the infinite picture mess on my Computer I think this picture was taken 2015just 4 years ago😂😂😂 terrifying as I have aged the past few years, hahahahaha Have a great day my friends👍👍👍👌🔆💪😁 nevergiveup progress workoutroutine beatyesterday traininsaneorstaythesame positivenergy lifetimefitness lifegoal successmotivation successfulday stayfocused💯 stayreal spartantraining spartanup enduranceathlete endurancetraining thinkpositivebepositive nevernevernevergiveup phantomathletics virtusfamily virtusoutdoors earniteveryday zeusproteinsoda aesirnutrition activizeoxyplus

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Mit speed in die neue Woche. Wird wieder geil werden. 💪🏼 Ich liebe das Gelände rund um das schlossambras.innsbruck Coole trails, guten wechsel zwischen Anstiege und flachen Abschnitten. Ideal um einen cooles Training zu laufen. 🤙🏻 Am ende der Woche gehts nach Maggiora zum Spartan Race.Desshalb wird diese Woche etwas ruhiger mit den Trainings. Schönen Wochenstart 😎 . Supported by . 🔋 powerinsole powerinsole ❗️20% auf deine Powerinsole —>Verwende diesen Link:—>CODE: ch18sp 🕶 gloryfy gloryfy trailrunninglife trailruntraining innsbruck spartanathlete ocrathlete compressport garminvivoactive3 inov8 spartan spartanrace spartantraining spartangermanyaustria spartanraceeurope obstacle obstaclecourse obstaclecourseracing obstaclecoursetraining medaladdict spartanraceeurope spartanrace spartan spartangermanyaustria obstacleracemagazine obstacleathletics compressportaustria compressport tomasellisport garmin garminfitness inov_8 inov8training spartanracees innsbrucktourism innsbruck_informiert

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Repost laceang • • • • • The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our minds create This is a lot easier than it looks. I’ve just always been afraid of smashing myself against the wall, considering what a big klutz I am.😂 . Swipe ⏪ for 📹 ocryogis ocryogis yogisofocr yogiocr ocryogi prettyhugeobstacles playground slipwall obstaclecourse obstaclesports posf ocr obstaclecourseracing ocrtraining pinoyocr spartan spartanwomen spartan40 fitness spartanrace spartantraining yogi yogastrong igyogis yogisofinstagram fitat40 fitover40 namaslay

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Obstacle? Opportunity? Both? For many of us, we live in this wonderfully weird human experience where the answer can come from what is going on in our external or internal environment, giving us different answers on different days. The challenge becomes focusing on what is going on internally and living our truth, regardless of our fear. These stairs used to be an obstacle, as I was making my way back to being me, but they aren’t anymore. The essence of who I am and what I do is truly entwined in the ability to move, in nature. It feeds my heart and soul and lungs and brain and legs and makes the world seem just right for a moment. What is that for you? What perception, perhaps external or fear based is keeping you from returning to what you want and who you need to be? I encourage you to try, to take the first step, to move your body for the sake of your lungs and heart and brain and any other way it makes you feel better, mentally, physically or emotionally. There’s hard evidence that exercise can positively impact all three. Imagine taking that step and no longer living with the wonder or regret of not trying. Today, as I trained for my next spartanrace in the mountains, I seized the opportunity. My schedule doesn’t always allow me to get to actual mountains, so I took on the local trails, hills and these stairs, multiple times, as I visualized running the course and let the regret and wonder go. movementislife natureisamazing exerciseyourbodyandmind spartanrace spartantraining trailrunning aroo mountains opportunitiesareeverywhere live move takethestep movementisgoodforthesoul health fitness stairtraining goodforthebodyandmind

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Finally, sunshine in beautiful Central Oregon!

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I took multiple pics that other day at the beach, but I couldn’t think of what else to write so I didn’t post anything But I thought of something now And that is, don’t stress out when you don’t know what to post, or what to do, or what to say. We get so caught up with being perfect sometimes that we forget the true essence of who are and are not fully present in life because we’re thinking about what we did or what we need to do I’ve been reading “A New Earth” by eckharttolle and it has shone a big light on my current life. It talks about various concepts relating to being present and detaching from our egos, thoughts, and emotions which only keep us stuck in the past or worries about the future. My favorite part of the book was that there is only ever one moment, and that is NOW. It says that a lot of times we view the present moment as a means to an end, as an obstacle, or as an enemy. Our current circumstances are preventing us from that future moment we want and so we resent our present for it. We need to learn to make peace with the present and accept that it’s happening for a reason and if we want things to be different then we need to take action. Not in a “future” moment but NOW! enlightenedAF vstrong