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OneDayAtATime ATTACK the PROCESS. To be a CHAMPION, YOU have to see the big picture. It's about every day hard work and about thriving on a challenge. It's about embracing the pain that you'll experience and driving thru it to YOUR GREATNESS every damn day.Prepare and EXECUTE. Everything YOU need is already in YOU. WIN the DAY. DisciplineWins leaveyourlegacy speakingtruth entrepreneurquotes entrepreneurmotivation entrepreneurstyle entrepreneurmind mindsetiseverything mindsetcoach mindsetshift growthmindset personalgrowth businesslife business sports forbes alabamafootball bennewman speakercourse speakers bennewman findyourgrit lifemotivation Continuedfight businessmotivation MentalTraining WinTheDay

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FOMO (fear of missing out) se refiere a ese miedo por perderse una actualización o por saber si alguien ha publicado algo nuevo en redes sociales sin importar el tema. ¿Qué locura no?Queremos vivir intensamente y sublimamos lo que hacen los otros o lo que nos hacen creer que hacen y esto muchas veces provocará que vivamos eternamente insatisfechos y nos alejará cada vez más de la felicidad. Desde mi punto de vista, creo que el ritmo de vida que llevamos es demasiado acelerado, tanto a nivel laboral como personal y entonces el sentimiento de que la vida pasa y quizá no la estamos aprovechando como deberíamos, muchas veces nos aterra y nos provoca pensar que nos estamos perdiendo algo, pero… ¿de qué? ¿De esa fiesta que vemos en Insta Stories, el coche que se compró tu amigo y que publicó en FB, del superviaje como el que hace nuestro primo o la perfecta vida en pareja que tiene tu compañera del trabajo? Lo que realmente estamos haciendo es desperdiciar nuestra sinapsis en idealizar la vida de los demás, en sentirnos frustrados por no vivir tan intensamente como supuestamente viven los otros… entonces ¿Crees que el FOMO se basa en el temor de: qué voy a extrañar si no tengo el tiempo, el dinero necesario u otra barrera de algún tipo? Aunque todos hemos sufrido de este fenomeno lo que te recomiendo hacer es analizar que tan feliz estás contigo mismo y a aprender a disfrutar de lo que tenemos y de lo que  la vida nos da. motivation like Repost followme Like4like speakers speaker speaktation FOMO frearofmissingout

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A limited number of discounted tickets to TEDxHRCollege2019 will be up for sale in the H.R. College Canteen between 10 am and 3 pm on the 25th and 26th of March! Come join us at our stall to know more and to buy your pass before we sell out ted tedx tedxhrcollege march2019 india mumbai ideasworthspreading tedtalks hrcollege tickets limitedseats mcghia kalaghoda buy purchase whynot speakers conference talks motivational inspirational nextweek culture technology education design sale discount

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I always saw art in everything around menow that I'm a new mommy my passion for all things beautiful and unique has increased. Perhaps I will start painting and creating again. Will you attend my art show if I host one? Photo by me of le_huffenator at pizzahut lol 😄

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To learn we must listen. Listen to God/the Universe, nature, and others. Silence allows to tune in and become aware of our thinking, our needs, the needs of othersand lessons we must learn in every situation. It is a skill that requires you to be open, teachable & humble. How much do you listen to yourself? Are you to occupied to take time to be still? How much space do you take up in conversations?? Do you listen with the intent to respond, self glorify, be the "me too" guy or do you dare to get to know what people are about. You cannot maintain success if you lack the ability to listen to yourself, the universe /God or others! 👉 How can you become a better listener? 🗝🗝🗝🗝🗝🗝🗝🗝🗝🗝 motivationalspeakers speakers interpersonal instacoach womenentrepreneurs bosschick womansupportingwomen empoweringwomen lifeskills influencer realtalk bosslady selfless successmindset selfawareness empathy therapy mindfulness communication

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We make plans and God laughs at themyou never know what, where, when and howjust live life to the fullest and God will bless you at the right time with the right person!

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Repost tedxwabashcollege • • • • • Body language inside restaurants How we treat the servers of restaurants made our audience members reflect every time they have went out. ⠀ ⠀ Didn't get a chance to see Taylor Misiak’s talk? No worries, you'll have the chance to see it with our recap video that will be posted soon!⠀ ⠀ ted tedx tedxwabashcollege tedtalks tedxtalks ideasworthspreading speaking speakers communities buildingcommunities AmericanVandal ithacacollege actress

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Don't make me call my auntie! She said lol

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Get ready YYC! One woman Fearless is back! This is an opportunity for all woman to come and be inspired by one another! Listen to certified fearless speakers and take away something that’s going to fill your heart, mind and soul to get out of your head and into the world and go do BIG amazing things with your life 🎉🎉🎉 May 25th, Calgary AB Canada Get your tickets today! 👇🏼 https:onewoman.ca/fearless-womens-summit/

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This is the best stage monitors I ever had, good old horn speakers. Every drummer should have that 🥁🤘 drummerlife speakers Bremen

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Podstawki już w miejscu docelowym a was zapraszam na mój kanał Youtube gdzie znajdziecie film z procesu ich powstawania. Link do kanału znajdziecie w moim bio. 🤘💥🛠😎 The stands are already at the destination and I invite you to my Youtube channel where you will find a video from the mking process speakers custom speakersstands maker design handmade wood woodwork welding spawanie meble furniture furnituremaker projektant stolarz drewno oak loveit baddesignworkshop tools wnetrze audio stereo vinyl plyty glosnik insta youtuber instayoutube me

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Следующим спикером на нашем проекте является Зафарбек Сулайманов! 🥳 Зафарбек является основателем отечественного бренда “Enesay”, а также генеральным директором компании “Good Solutions”. 🤩 Он поделится с нами дельными советами в ведении бизнеса, расскажет нам о своих принципах, которые помогают ему достигать своих целей, никогда не сдаваться и идти только вперед! 🔝 ————————— Спикеры из десятков разных профессиональных сфер ждут вас на нашей программе themoon.project! ✨ Только с 24 по 30 марта вы сможете получить ценную информацию лично от самых успешных и креативных людей Кыргызстана 🤩 ————————— speakers bishkek teenagers themoonproject

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NEW VIDEO IS OUT! Link in bio

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Here's appreciating all the great brands who trusted me with the microphone and the stage at their events up to December 2018 smwlagos pwc Nigeria kpmg_nigeria indomie_nigeria youngeducators Rennaissance Group iamsteveharris ltprestige.toastmasters lighthousetm_club toastmastersinternational thepushnation THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. You didn't have to but you did anyway, and I am so glad we were all the better for it I had so much fun working with you. Let's do even more in 2019 and onwards 🙏 P.S: This is appreciation for clients up until last year. It is overdue by two months but better in March than never, huh? 😁 All my 2019 partners already, we'll be doing ours with a bigger BANG 😁 THANK YOU 🙏 🎙CHISOM OJUKWU🎙

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In the spirit of celebrating every step Every red, black and white step Every Igbo step Every BBC step😉 Bigger things are coming Happy Fateful Weekend 🇳🇬 📸 & 🙏 chiomankemdilim . 🎙CHISOM OJUKWU🎙

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Feedback like this reassures us of the value we add to your event. It keeps the engine roaring and starts the week off on a high! 🎶🎵🎤🕺🏿 Thank you, Fatima and f.u.n_lagos for trusting us. It was fun working with you. The challenges made the event even more fun, let's do this again 😎😉 You're nextyes, you. That corporate dinner you're planning, that company send-off party or product launch, that surprise anniversary party for your family's matriarch, that wedding, let us help Get into this DM, call or email me and let's get talking about how to make it the event you dream it to be 🎙CHISOM OJUKWU🎙

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2 10" subwoofers Ported enclosure Calculated 35hz •For more post https:youtu.be/r599GmQA504 https:youtu.be/vQoOTUnIMzc https:youtu.be/tpfsy9Cdj6E https:youtu.be/t3OJPkC05NE https:youtu.be/7PZiCdIiRNg https:youtu.be7MrpMJSKoQ •Follow Facebook - YAsh Ash •Follow Instagram - Yash13ash main & All post •Follow youtube - Yashmade PLEASE - LIKE + SUBSCRIBE + SHARE (for more videos and knowledge) pioneer pioneer_india pioneerlove caraudio caraudiosystem pioneerd4 superb subwoofer sundownaudio bassteamseventa bass_team bass_team_seventa basshead low 20hzsoundsystem i10 jbl prideaudio punkaudio jvc loud carshaker 👌👌 kickeraudio speakers amplifier