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To call the world of floorstanding speakers competitive would be a massive understatement. We could do this job for decades and only hear a fraction of the models available. We always get excited, however, when q_acoustics drops a new product. The British company is known for exacting design and punchy sound, and we were stoked when a pair of their new 3050i speakers thumped onto our doorstep. Pictured here with the onkyo_usa A-9010 amp. Full review of both in the link in our bio!

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Check out this Bluetooth speaker stand made with original drive in movie speakers.

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If your Mom and Dad is Alive, go up to then and give them the Biggest HUG and adorable KISS, and say this words "I LOVE YOU and I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING and EVERYTIME YOU SPEND WITH ME and MOST OF ALL YOU UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and SUPPORT YOU GIVE TO ME. I KNOW I HAVEN'T BEEN A GOOD DAUGHTER or A GOOD SON, I APOLOGIZE." I LOVE YOU DAD,(rest in peace 😭😭😭😭) Tag someone who needs to see this. lovequotes peaceofmind motivationalspeaker explorepage bestoftheday goodmorning learning mother speakyourselftour inspirationalquote video peaceofmind purposefulliving success speakers quotesdaily motivationvideo education give process pray humility growth learning father monther childmodel Follow me tommysergio_official, for more

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A caixa de som Kaidi KD-805 trás inúmeras funções em uma só. Possui certificação IPX4 para resistência a água, PODE MOLHAR, NÃO MERGULHAR, leitor de cartão de memória e pendrive, Bluetooth, função power bank de 4000mAh, 16W RMS de potencia, 12 horas a autonomia com volume no máximo e podendo chegar a 16 horas com volume em 70%, além de radio FM, dando a ela uma configuração não encontrada em nenhuma das caixas de som da concorrência. Por apenas R$229,90 som kaidi caixadesom musica tecnologia speakers bluetooth

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Feliz Día del padre para el ser humano para el que no existen imposibles, el papá más soñador y echao’ pa’ lante que conozco, el que me enseño a creer en mi sin importar las circunstancias. - - - - Feliz día al papá que en vez de jugar con muñecas, me enseñó a montar moto, caballo, manejar bulldozers, hacer tiro al blanco, construir carreteras, sembrar , regar, invertir en oro y sobretodo “jugar” a ser la mejor empresaria. - - - - Feliz día al papá que no se cansa de esperar en el salón de belleza, y que ama acompañarnos al centro comercial, el que se adicta viendo Gossip Girl y que se mete en el papel de crítico de moda (aunque aveces no estemos de acuerdo ). Feliz día al papá que me enseñó que “la luz de adelante es la que más alumbra” y que “el toro se coge por los cachos”, el que se me enseñó que la única que puede enfrentar y superar mis miedos soy yo. - - - - Feliz día al que me enseñó que no nací para ser “promedio”, que nací para dejar una huella y qué hay que darla toda. Feliz día al que me enseñó a dar , a aportarle a la sociedad , el que hizo que me creyera que realmente con mis acciones puedo crear un impacto real en el mundo. ¡Feliz día Luis Manuel Carvajalino!

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❤️🎬🎥 Sooo then THIS happened yesterday ! My first time co-producing and co-directing a commercial. It was so much fun and I gotta admit, I am quite good at it Largely in part because I had a great business partner teaching me 🙂 A solid team LosAngeles BeverlyHills Cannes cannesfilmfestival Glendale Pasadena Hollywood SanDiego MoxieGirl Movie NewportBeach Irvine SanDiego France HuntingtonBeach Film Producer Director AppleTv NetflixSeries AmazonSeries speakers authors writers actors womeninfilmmaking

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مع UNCOVER'19 هتتعلم ازاى تتعامل مع موهبتك وتطورها لحد ما توصل لحلمك وكمان هتشتغل بايدك فى ورش عمل الملتقى مع المدربين المحترفين فى مجالهم وهيكون عندك فرصة تعرض موهبتك امام العلامات التجارية والممولين والمعلنين وكمان تحدد مواعيد للمقابلات الشخصية معاهم وهنستمتع باجمل اغانى الفنان محمود الليثى فى حفلتة وده مجانا ضمن فعاليات الملتقى حضورك الملتقى يتيح لك فرصة : - حضور جميع المحادثات و المناقشات على المسرح الرئيسي لمجموعة كبيرة من خبراء الصناعة . - المشاركة فى ورش العمل الاحترافية فى اكتر من موضوع . - امكانية تحديد مقابلات شخصية مع العلامات التجارية , الممولين , المتحدثين , المدربين , شركائنا من وسائل الاعلام , المواهب و مشاهير وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي من خلال لوحة تحكم الخاصة بالملتقى . - حضور اول معرض للمواهب في افريقيا و الشرق الاوسط . -حضور حفلة محمود الليثي مجانا ضمن فعاليات الملتقى -مشاهدة مبارة افتتاح كاس الامم الافريقية على اكبر شاشة فى مصر مجانا ضمن فعاليات الملتقى احجز دعوتك الان الاماكن محدودة http:www.uncoversummit.com/summit/ UNCOVER19 20hashtag AI_Earning workshop talent brands influencers descover speakers life inspiration new digital marketing socialmedia الليثى افتتاح_كاس_الامم_الافريقية tpay tpaymobile

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What is an entreprecation ??? The RTS Weekend is an Entreprecation 👙🧘🏽‍♀️📚📋🍷🍻 We have combined Networking, Relaxation, Motivation & Growth into 1 Weekend to feel like a Vacation but you will leave feeling inspired to start or take your business to the next level Get your tickets Now rtsweekend redtieandstilettos rtsconferenceweekend entrepreneurs growthconference zedojrtsweekend boss bossbabe bossman speakers panelist ceo caribbeanentrepreneur moonpalace jamaicanconference motivators vacationweekend vivicafox jamaicanconferencegetaway weekendvibes squadgoals entreprecation hotel resort allinclusiveweekend squadgetaway rtsbeachparty rtscoffeeandceo follow us zedoj_red_tie_and_stilettos zedoj_red_tie_and_stilettos

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Serious listening session. A fine blend of digital plugins and analogue notes

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I am not the me I used to be and tomorrow I will not be the same me I was today. I am always becoming a new me. Yesterday, was a sobering moment.… And it continues today. I was disappointed in the me that I saw. I experienced some places genuinely not healed from a long long time ago. I’m so very thankful to see it and to grow from it. I’m always becoming. I am always becoming more authentic, more my true self… Receiving Inheritance… Discovering who I really am by discovering Whose I am. I am ever evolving because I am always engaged in hearing from the One who lives inside me. How about you? I won’t live in the disappointment. I am determined to live from love. Not from my motions. It’s a daily choice. Sometimes moment by moment. But it’s worth it. lifecoach lifecoachforwomen girlbosses entrepreneurquotes fitmom leadership speakers authorsofinstagram entrepreneurlife positivevibes personaldevelopment isc19 authors ambitiouswomen fit publishedauthor bookshelf books coaching entrepreneur faithblogger faithbloggers blogger businesswoman IG faith