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Trying different upload format ^^". It's interesting how Instagram's format and framing can force conscious changes in design. Fun to think about how the channel is never neutral but an active shaper of the content. Anyway, lol, this must be my first merman? No idea what time of day that is meant to be. speedpaint conceptart digitalart visdev illustration  water clouds  sunlight quiet

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It’s been a hot second since I’ve posted! I haven’t stopped drawing, but it’s been for my intro level drawing class , and I’m not really super proud of any of the prompted drawings I’ve done, so I haven’t been posting. I caught strep and pink eye this weekend which gave me an excuse to ignore my schoolwork and just zone out and paint 😷 🎨 😃 also, this paintings not complete yet so stay tuned! • • • artoninsta colorful mecha comic speedpaint illustration kawaii anime arttutorial fanart fashion digitalart photoshop painting artistoninsta witch animeart originalart photoshop drawingtutorial drawthisinyourstyle galaxy watercolorpainting art nature painting artchallenge beach animeart portrait bride

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I drew this yesterday but I'm The laziest when it comes to posting ;w; A smol loli bean I won from asaiyumii *credits to her for designing this bug* Help her get to her new follower goal 150- My tablet is cancelled, I'm getting a better one with an actual screen- QwQ (Maybe an XP artist?) ⛧ ⛧ ⛧ ⛧ ☻❤🖤🔥🖤❤☻ Art artist artistic asthetic Anime Animes mangaart manga mangadrawing speedpaint digital digitalart pastel goth Colourful Creative Gacha Animeboy Animegirl Colour Rainbow Artstyle Awesome LDstudArt meme drawing draw draws drawings

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This is like the outfit that i wore today but the skirt is different Xd/ pus lo que use hoy, y la camisa está diferente xdxx • • • speedpaint art artstyle

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В процессе рисования в моей голове начинают шептать голоски учителей. Обычно они говорят что-то типа: «И где композиция?»/ «Эти цвета не „вкусные“»/ «Очень ярко. Ты что из банки цвета брала?»/ «Главное в искусстве - впечатлить зрителя, вызвать эмоции. Ты думаешь это впечатляюще?» и много другое, что мне говорили за эти года)) Я буквально стесняюсь рисовать не контролируя каждое своё движение. Ещё больше я стесняюсь выкладывать эти картинки, хотя некоторые из них ничего. Вот вчера задолбалась на учебе (был допуск к диплому), и так взгрустнула чет. Нарисовала вечерком картиночку и мне стало легче, но было стыдно)) Сначала я хотела закинуть ее «в стол», но решила - хватит это терпеть 😅 Нужно уже как-то выпутываться из сетей мнений других людей illustration digitalart procreate speedpaint art butterfly eye даш_рисовач

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Interesting . Credit to: siki_door (from twitter) . DISCLAIMER I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE ART I POST. This account is just an alter account I use for personal art references. Copyright issues? Dm me for removal or business please Follow arttoolbook for more . drawingreferences artreference drawingtutorials reference traditionalart lighting arttips drawingbook howtodraw illustration drawinghelp help arthelp watercolors digitalpainting anime manga sketchdrawing drawingtutorial speedpaint digitalillustration photoshop pencildrawing anatomy イラスト オリジナル 일러스트 그림 illust illustration

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I often get asked about how I do scales so here’s a quick timelaps showing the general process I’ll probably do a more explanatory post on it later but I thought this would be interesting to watch for some folks c: ((The scales on the nose ended up getting changed but I wasn’t recording c’:)) [Edit: reupload bc Insta wont let me put music lol ] :{🚫🚫🚫}: My art and characters are not free to use in any fashion. Please do not repost, copy, trace or heavy reference my work. :{Tools Used: - Wacom Cintiq Companion Tablet - Clip Studio Paint ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :{Tags}: art digitalart drawing draws oc lineart timelapse speedpaint speeddrawing dragon nightfury nightfuryoc httyd howtotrainyourdragon httyd3 howtotrainyourdragon3 howtotrainyourdragonthehiddenworld

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I made this for last year’s inktober and think it is appropriate for earth day as a reminder to treat our planet earth 🌏 better. It surely deserves it. hobbiebear earthday