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What a night Full moon and watching hyenas on a kill in front of our lodge. It took only two hyenas to take that buffalo down. 😱 As soon as it died other members of the clan came in (as you can hear) and elephants tried to chase them away Enjoy the sounds of a busy night at Lango Bai 🤩 spottedhyena hyenakill natureatitsbest odzalanationalpark congo rainforest newadventure westernlowlandgorillas forestelephants forestbuffalos chimpanzees bushwalks happyplace thebushisthebush trailsguide fieldguide bestoffice chaseyourpassionnotyourpension  natureteachesyoueverydaysomethingnew conservation wilderness wildlifeplanet wildlifeaddicts wildlife fieldguidelife savetheanimals animallovers wildlife

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***WARNING READ BEFORE SWIPE***⁣ ⁣***EXPLICIT IMAGES MAY OFFEND***⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Spotted Hyena gather at a communal den site but have an unusual social structure. This den was home to a clan of almost 60 Hyenas, including 17 cubs. After torrential rain overnight the adults set to work to clean up whilst the cubs amused themselves unsupervised. These two cuties were about two to three months old, as evidenced by the lightening of their coats. The books say that Hyenas only reach sexual maturity at three years old, so I was more than a little surprised at the activity on the next images. So too was an adult that came into the frame.⁣ ⁣.⁣ ⁣.⁣ ⁣.⁣ ⁣ hyena spottedhyena hyenacubs masaimara maasaimara ilovekenya wildphotossafaris onlyafrica photosafari animalportrait iamnikonsa ON1looks capturethewild wildlifephotography africanwildlife nature naturelovers naturephotography wildlifeart animalart animalbeauty animalelite animaladdict wildlifeaddict africanamazing wildlifephoto animalsofinstagram photooftheday

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Spotted hyena Masai Mara. Ett av de mest baktalade djuren på savannen.

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🦴🦴 HYÈNE TACHETÉE : hurlement, rugissement & ricanement Les hyènes ne se nourrissent pas exclusivement que de charognes, ce sont aussi de redoutables chasseurs. La nuit, elles s'attaquent en groupe à tous types de mammifères qu'elles ont préalablement traqué. Souvent, elles n'hésitent pas à voler la proie d'un lion ou d'un léopard, n'étant pas impressionnées de devoir affronter les félins pour apporter de la nourrir a leurs progénitures. Leurs mâchoires sont tellement puissantes qu’elles peuvent broyer tous les os 🦴🦴 SPOTTED HYENA : howling, roaring & laughing sound Hyena are not only feeding on carcasses, they also are pretty good hunters. At night, they usually track and hunt in packs, any kind of animals. They often steal lion’s or leopard’s preys, not impressed by those big cats, when they need to bring food to their youngsters. Hyenas are famed for their bone-cracking jaws and ability to eat everything. southafrica africa hyena spottedhyena wild sauvage animals nature hyène prédateur survive roadtrip ranger safari lodge savane afrique tourisme ecotourism guide photoftheday photography love lumix laughing howl instagram_sa latestkruger

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So, apparently, I have never seen a lion in my life. Just atrocious. I was out with my dog yesterday and thought I’d grab a sketchbook and actually get back into the swing of things and this garbage lion happened. I’m not too thrilled with the hyena and you’d think I’d have a better grasp of what they look like after owning them for most of my life, but that’s just not true. So, I got sick in February and that cold knocked me out for a week. Awful stuff. Just a head cold, but it was a doozy. That was all it took for me to fall out of the habit of drawing every morning. I need to figure out a new schedule because I wasn’t enjoying that one. Sometimes it felt like a chore I had to get done before breakfast and that made me crabby, but sometimes I don’t want to eat breakfast as soon as I get up, so some mornings were okay. But I can’t just do it later because I’ll put it off. I’m an adult. I’ll figure it out sooner or later. art draw drawing sketch ballpointpen hyena spottedhyena crocutacrocuta lion lioness pantheraleo horse equusferus

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Local spotted hyena clan member, intently listening out in the direction of the African wild dog pack on a magical misty morningwishing you and yours a happy easter and fantastic long weekend from Ivory Wilderness.

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HyenaOfTheDay: The Lemala clan is our most well-habituated study clan, and Ligeia is the most well-habituated of them all. She’s a high-ranking female who is always quick to approach our car to chew on the door handles and brake lines. Sure, it gets annoying, but with her colorful personality and gorgeous spots, we can’t ever be mad at her! She’s popular with the males and has raised several cubs in her time. Hopefully she’ll keep being successful and restore the Lemala clan to its former glory.

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Stumbled across my favorite animal and the rest of her clan on a rainy morning in Mababe, Botswana. Spotted hyenas live in a matriarchal society where the lowest ranking female outranks the highest ranking male okavangodelta roundriver mababe spottedhyena hyena

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レア度☆☆★★★ ライオンキングのおかげで、あまり良いイメージのないハイエナですが、ちゃんと狩りもしますし、時速は60キロも出るんです!持久力はチーターやライオンよりあるんです!死肉も食べれるくらい胃も強い!骨も砕く強靭な顎もあります! ブチハイエナ spottedhyena スカベンジャー scavenger イトジオ 動物惑星

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Art trade with dwyanovan - - - My side of the art trade I enjoyed drawing your character interacting with one of my ocs lol was pretty neat since I’ve never drawn an alien oc before. Anyway lol hope you enjoy the piece :) - - - - - {Tags} art artist artwork artpiece arty artsy traditionalart artistsoninstagram artoninstagram artoftheday anthropomorphic anthro alien hyena hyenaart yeen spottedhyena oc originalcharacter arttrade drawing illustration illustrator sketch sketchbook doodle doodlesketch artistic artdaily fursona

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Spotted hyena pup. Hyenas are too often mischaracterized as cowardly, ugly, unintelligent scavengers. They are one of my favorite animals. While hyenas do scavenge, they are primarily hunters. Hyenas are matriarchal. The females are larger, dominating the males, and they have a pseudo-penis. Hyenas are highly intelligent and in some studies have out performed chimpanzees in learned tasks. * * * hyena hyenas hyenasofinstagram spottedhyena spottedhyenas matriarchal wildlife wildlifesafari wildlifephotography safari travelphotography travel africa southafrica

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Harar is the fortified Historic town found in Eastern Ethiopia.It has a beautiful wall built in 16 C.The ancient walled city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia is a hard place to forget: the Hyena man of Harar is incredible over there,The spottedhyena of Harar start taming at least 500 years ago.they start feeding to sanitize the city.the first practice is the farmer who start feeding the hyena in order to protect attacking his livestock.Some hyena men gives each hyena a can feed a hyena. The silent maze-like alleys, the scents of the markets, the handsome women carrying intricately woven baskets atop heads, the muezzins calling the Muslim faithful to prayer.The wall city of Harar recorded by UNESCO as a worldheritage site. Ethiopian ethiopiantourtravel mysteryethiopiatours mysteryethiopiatour travellingtoethiopia touradventures ethiopiantourtravel ethiopiantourtravel worldtour europetourism francetourisme germanytourism spaintourism polandtourism luxurytravel tourist tourism hyenamanofharar

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When you think of Hyenas, you think scavengers. Sneaky and vicious opportunists that run around in packs stealing food from other predators. Although it is true that Hyenas will scavenge from; and even challenge other larger predators for their prey, Hyenas are remarkably good hunters. In fact, they are some of the most successful hunters out there, hunting around 95% of what they eat. Hyenas resemble dogs, but surprisingly they have more in common with cats than dogs. The four species of Hyena have a common ancestor which was a catlike treedwellinganimal. However, Hyenas are classified as neither cat nor dog. A female spottedhyena will - once she is about to give birth - seclude herself from the clan and once the cubs (not pups) have been born and can recognize her scent move the cubs in with the clan. Surprising too is that they are born with their eyes open and their teeth erupted. Once they grow into adults, these teeth will become those of an animal which can deliver a whopping 1300 pound per inch bite and crush bones like crisps. There dens usually have a cave like construction, and most likely will be an aardvark burrow which will now house some new home owners. When the cubs are small they are a solid black colour and as they grow older spots and stripes will appear. This happens at around 16 weeks. Another astonishingfact is that the mothers will let the cubs suckle until they are as old as 1 and a half years. This milk is some of the most protein rich and nutritious of all land mammals. Cubs start eating solid food at 9 months and are dependent on their mothers for supplying this. Spotted Hyenas have an enlarged forebrain (The area of the brain that is responsible for complex decision-making skills) This may explain why they have such a complex social structure. The clan is ruled by a Matriarch and all males in the clan rank lower than the lowest ranking female including female cubs. If a male happens to hunt his own food, he needs to wolf it down before the females come across the carcass and push him away from it. learnaboutwildlife saasavisit thegardenroute southafrica jukaniwildlifesanctuary funfacts Plett Jukani

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It's a tough world for hyena cubs • When we arrived at the spotted hyena den on Scotts Plain in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, this little one was being bullied by its older and larger siblings. They were biting its ears and legs, and chasing it around the den. 60% of hyena cubs die from suffocation at birth, and those that do survive have to face hardships of their own. Female hyenas only have two teats, so litters of more than two have to fight to survive, leaving the weakest cubs to die of starvation. Hopefully this little one was strong enough to fight off its older siblings! • kenya hyena spottedhyena wildlifephotography wildlife nature naturephotography safari canonphotography goingplacesafrica africageo africageophoto travelpics travel natgeoyourshot africanamazing earthpix wanderlust animal_elite magicalkenya canon animalfacts olpejeta

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SpottedHyena Hyena LaughingHyena The largest member of the Hyaenidae family is a very interesting carnivore. Their popullation is threatened by human activities and therefore popullation decreasing. Whilst on an AfricanSafari it's one mammal to be on your backetlist. Did you know: *They are the most social carnivores *Only mammalian to lack an external vaginal opening ie; females have a pseudo penis. *They can hunt and also scavenge with ability to eat everything on an animal. MurchisonFallsNationalPark

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Hyenas often seem to get a bad rep - in the lion king they come across as the villains: mean, stupid and lazy. In reality, the story is quite different. Spotted hyenas (like the one pictured here) are actually quite clever, very sociable and do a lot of their own hunting. All the species differ, and sadly the brown and striped hyenas are listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List mostly because of habitat destruction ( Personally, I find them fascinating - especially their 'laughing' vocalisation. You have to wonder what they're saying 🤔 nature naturephotography naturelovers nature_good nature_brilliance nature_perfection nature_photo nature_shooters naturelover_gr nature_lovers nature_seekers nature_of_our_world naturelover wild wildlife wildlifephotography wildlifeconservation southafrica hyena hyenas spottedhyena hyenasofinstagram

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There are so many different elements at the rehabilitation centre. From integrating primates to health checks on hyena This is Usiku. He is a beautiful spotted hyena (Crocuta crocuta). Usiku is Swahili for 'night' He had just had his health check and a fly collar put on to repel biting flies that like to harass him during the wet season We were just waiting for him to wake up. 😴 Did you know that there is four different extant species of hyena? Can anyone guess what they are? 😊 spottedhyena hyena healthcheck beauty wildlife rehabilitation rehab love wildlifephotography wildlifetrust nature naturephotography photography travel travelblog sleepy dreaming carnivore facts questionoftheday instagood instadaily picoftheday research wildlifestudent carnivoresofinstagram canon spotted loveanimals rescue

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Here is the first reference sheet for Peaches, my "fursona" I guess . She is incredibly sassy and works at a coffee shop somewhere someplace She procrastinates a lot and things like any normal person would . (EDIT: In the second picture her tail is off color, just pretend it's the same as the mane because I'd rather not repost) . Art and character belong to me Don't repost trace or reference thanks . (Tags) peaches oc ocart originalcharacter digitalart art ref referencesheet furry fursona furryart anthroart anthro character artistsoninstagram ibispaintx hyena stripedhyena spottedhyena fluff

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Female Hyenas also have a Penis🍆(Pseudo-Penis)! It‘s actually an elongated clitoris but they also give birth through it 🥵! It gets longer than the average human Penis 😅🤷🏼‍♂️ Comment below how long?👇🏼🤔 • Tag someone who could be a Hyena😝🤘🏼

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HyenaOfTheDay: when we can’t see spots, ear notches are super useful for identification! M-391 here has distinctive notches on both ears that make her readily discernible from the other Munge females.

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Behaviour: Rolling. With a similarity between the complex social-structures of hyena and some primate species, it's no wonder that hyena also have many intricate social behaviours and interactions between themselves. In the wild, rolling in a specific odour is a type of behaviour that is thought to influence social interactions. This is documented to be similar in captivity A study of captive hyena shows that when a social interaction is initiated with a presenting animal-based odour, it is received with a more positive response - i.e. increased investigating and grooming from the receiver Interestingly, plant-based odours did not evoke any statistically significant social behavioral responses, however studies and personal-findings conclude that hyena will still display rolling behaviour with some plant-based odours. Still unsure why, but whole pumpkin seems to be a favourite. I never thought pumpkins to be that odour-rich, but then again I dont have the incredible nose of a hyena In this scenario, I had a bag full of chicken feathers and duiker faeces - I had kept it inside an enclosure where 4 juvenile Genets were able to mark their scent on it for a few days before offering it to Usiku lilongwewildlife

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Top 5 Favorite Animals🐾.I have to say we was just laughing around SpottedHyena

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Although spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta) are mostly nocturnal, they can sometimes be spotted around dawn or dusk. These are fascinating and intelligent animals, but are frequently portrayed in a negative and/or cowardly light. In reality, they are highly social and very successful predators. Their reputation as scavengers is largely inaccurate, since the vast majority of their diet is composed of their own kills. Nonetheless, they react quickly to vulture sightings in order to take full advantage of any carcasses. Their ability to completely digest bones makes them the most efficient African carnivore SpottedHyena Hyena Hyaenidae Predator Scavenger

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My close encounter with a Hyena. Did you know their groups are known as clans and led by a female? Now you do 😉 Watch at © Traveling Blondie /, All Rights Reserved travelingblondie4life hyenaroad hyenagohard hyenamuaythai fearlesshyena hyenasofinstagram hyenafursuit hyena stripedhyena hyenagraphic hyenacub hyenagangg hyenamen spottedhyena hyenastoreidshoes hyenafurry hyenascrew hyenaart hyenalove hyenalaugh hyenaonthekeyboard hyenaagenda hyenatattoo hyenaoc hyenaz hyenafursona hyenas hyenait hyenah hyenaman