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Breakfast snacks to start your Sunday morning. 🍌🍓🍯 Photo by: finns_barista_bar

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-sunday vibes 🤙🏽 selfie vibes 👅 lächle und der Tag gehört dir 🙋🏼‍♀️ das Wochenende ist schon fast wieder um🤦🏽‍♀️ habe es aber richtig genossen, die Sonne hat sich zum Glück auch wieder mal blicken lassen. 🌞 Was habt ihr am Wochenende so gemacht? 💁🏼‍♀️ Wünsche euch noch einen schönen Sonntag 🌸 Fashion OOTD Style InstaFashion Vintage FashionBlogger Fashionista StreetStyle Stylish WomensFashion InstaStyle austrianblogger blogger anajohnson springbreak carmushka bloggerde me selfie

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blacchyna and her mother getting along ♥️

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За окнами давка, толпится листва, И палое небо с дорог не подобрано. Все стихло. Но что это было сперва! Теперь разговор уж не тот и по-доброму. Сначала все опрометью, вразноряд Ввалилось в ограду деревья развенчивать, И попранным парком из ливня - под град, Потом от сараев - к террасе бревенчатой. Теперь не надышишься крепью густой. А то, что у тополя жилы полопались,- Так воздух садовый, как соды настой, Шипучкой играет от горечи тополя. Со стекол балконных, как с бедер и спин Озябших купальщиц,- ручьями испарина. Сверкает клубники мороженый клин, И градинки стелются солью поваренной. Вот луч, покатясь с паутины, залег В крапиве, но, кажется, это ненадолго, И миг недалек, как его уголек В кустах разожжется и выдует радугу Б. Пастернак nature_perfection natureza naturelover naturehippys instagramanet instatag nature_shooters natureporn natureaddict pretty nice photooftheday weather day natgeoru beautiful beautifulday springbreak natgeorussia russia russia_global instaspring instagramanet instatag blossom natgeo flower flowers flowerstagram happyday happylife❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ snap_ish

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Os juro que sé planchar 📸 srborja

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REFLECTION SUNDAY . When you look up at the person you see in the mirror. Does it reflect the struggles and hardships you’ve endured in your life. Do you have physical injury’s or emotional scars you can’t see in the mirror. I know for me my weight was always a laughing matter. At 16 years old my doctor told me I wasn’t going to live to see 17. Did I do anything about it? NO. It was all a joke to me living the life being the funny fat kid I embraced my unhealthy lifestyle eating garbage by the pounds and drinking soda by the gallon. I used to keep snack cakes in my room and had a mini fridge stocked with Mountain Dew. Every summer was another summer in my room playing COD or HALO. I never saw my inactivity as a problem It wasn’t until 4/29/17 that I stepped on a pallet scale and saw 480lbs That was my rock bottom! My hardest reflection to face. The person you see in the mirror is your only competition. The person you see in the mirror is the only person who can judge you. Until you decide enough is enough. The person in the mirror will remain the same EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS nodaysoff summer lifestylechange garyvee newme eatright feelgood workout planetfitness lafitness family facetofacefriday fitspo inspire motivationmonday wlsstories transformationtuesday weightlifting goaldigger redcon1 weightlossjourney springbreak motivate weightlifting spring powerlifter obesity wod turbofitness . 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 Follow ➡️ porro92 ➡️ porro92 ➡️ porro92

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Mykonos is another island you need to explore if you happen to visit Greece country for a holiday. No doubt it’s expensive for a night stay at Mykonos nice resort but it’s totally worth for the million dollar scenery from up the high hilly mountain area. Lucky I brought along this lovely scarf to cover my body from being exposed overly sexy & chilly morning swim here, it’s so cold & it’s sold about EUD35 (RM165) to EUD80 (376) at shops. But my similar scarf is better in quality, softer & nicer too. Save my money so I bought the Swarovski Rainbow Earrings Jewellery with the savings. HahaThat’s life, I still shop for Greeks wonderful gifts to commemorate my beautiful vacation in Greece but I will make sure it’s totally worthy of my money spent in Europe! malaysian greece🇬🇷 malaysia mykonos scarf greek giftideas santorini athens rest lifestylephotography swimmingpool exercises hiking springbreak koibito relaxation jacintastorydiary europetravel swarovski euro worldstar travellers shoppingday bornthisway

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Immer füreinander da ❤️ Bruderherz

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Girls 👭❤️

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Liebe ❤️