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Here is a photo of me yesterday riding a horse around the field of the resort I was staying at. I really enjoyed my ride especially since it's been a while since I've ridden a horse too. Yesterday was the last full day I was in New Mexico. I had great time and I hope to come back someday! newmexico springbreak riogrande horse horseriding springbreak2019

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albuquerque with my best friends?yeah, im good now. springbreak2019

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Just back in 2012 this very same gene bananablackpastelballpython sold for $60-$80k 🤯😳😲 They have of course become much more affordable now for us and we love OUR Jade !🔸⚫️🐍✨🧙‍♂️(T A G H E R‼️) bananablackpastelballpython jade southbeach reptiles prettygirls explore blackqueen melanin springbreak2019 springbreak blackpythonparty blackownedbusiness miami miamibeach ballpython boa snakes snake snakebreeder model photoshoot photography photographer photooftheday instagram bookus

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I’m sad that spring break is coming to an end Yes I have two days left but it’s not enough for me I’m so not ready for these free + long days to go! I love being free and able to do whatever with my babes. Today we went to thevictorycup Hot Air Balloon Festival and these kiddos were amazing at waiting, days like today make homeschooling look like the way for our family more and more. This mommy literally struggles with this decision so much I follow so many homeschooling IGmoms that make me feel so confident that I can do this especially when my heart is full of joy from a week of teamwork, kindness, compassion, and self control. This week has literally been amazing with these . I have commended them soooooo much on their behavior and all the good choices they’ve made. I’m so proud of them all They have been helpful, kind, have shared, and have used their words to problem solve with one another Moms I’ve gotten so much wrong in parenting but one thing I have always done is push teamwork + family togetherness and it is really starting to show. I know my won’t always agree on everything but I just want them to value one another’s decisions and choices, to give one another mutual respect and moments like this pst week when I see it from my oldest I just feel like being at home is where they all are meant to be, like the Holy Spirit is telling me mommy look everything will be okay. They will be fine Do what’s best for your family So all u homeschoolingmoms what was your final straw that made you say okay, this is it, we are homeschooling Were you scared? Or just knew Confidently it was the best for your family?? Really asking for anything?! I want to know it all growingbrave intentionalhomeschooling kylie.helmer bondkids kayleepsantiago I follow you all bc ur so inspiring n I want to know your positives that you saw in your once you started Please share a change forthebetter in your to help me get off this fence. homeschoolquestions homeschoolingjourney roadtohomeschooling buildingmykidsup fitkids4life kids4fitness fitness4kids springbreak2019 ateamadventures ateammommy austinblogger

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Feeling like a baked glazed croissant 🥐 but dammit I should of put some kind of sunblock on because the Miami sun is no jokeeeee! I never ever burn and I burnedddd todaybut not complaining because the sun and the beach is where I belong!

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View from our room. After the amazing week we have had, this is just icing on the cake! springbreak2019

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Successful first day Me and two of my friends (pictured), have ventured into the smoky mountain wilderness. I am super excited to see all of the shots I get from this trip. LiveYourVSNS

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That night went from a stressful drive to a freezing night real quick! But I have to say it was fully worth it and I’d do it again in a heartbeat😁. It was the small moments in between that were so wonderful thank you maidelisweber for convincing me not to turn around and drive right back home 😂

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For spring break we decided to take P to Mt. Rushmore in SD. He just learned about it in kinder a month or so ago. It was a long drive up, but today we got to start seeing things. We stopped at Wall Drug, Reptile Gardens, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Devil's Tower. Sadly, P was asleep when we got to Devil's Tower. But he's is WY, so it counts. 2 more states crossed off his list and 1 more crossed of mine. springbreak2019 50by50 50statesby50yearsold sdfun

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——————-Clique————————— springbreak2019

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Our last night and none of us were ready to go homewe all had such a great trip with lots of fun and laughter! Thankfully, Ethan wasn't overwhelmed by all the girls😉 He wasn't sure how to handle Tori wanting to hold his hand and always being next to him, but he was so sweet with her. It was awesome to see him and Bella finally building a friendship after all these years. Nine years ago Tammy and I were pregnant with them, and they were born only 3 months apart. We always talked about how we hoped they would be friends too. Although, life has taken us both down some rough roads from then to now. Thank God for good friends!❤ daytonabeach daytona springbreak springbreak2019 birthdayweek mybirthdayweek 40 beachvibes beachgetaway lifewellcaptured mylife friendsarefamilyyouchoose godsplan lifeunscripted memories goodfriends mommyandme floridalife singlemomlife instakids momlifeisthebestlife foreveryoung magicofchildhood childhoodunplugged letthemexplore strongbonds