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Visuomet džiaugiuosi savo nagais, mėgstu mininalizmą jų dizaine. Kiekvieną mėnesį man svarbios yra dvi procedūros: • Manikiūras. Labai mėgstu nagus pamiršti, žinoti, kad neatsilups nagų lakas ir visuomet rankos atrodys tvarkingai. 🙏🏼💅🏽 • Kosmetologė. Savo oda reikia rūpintis, labai svarbu žinoti KAIP, kokias priemones naudoti. Sveika ir švytinti oda atrodo puikiai be makiažo, taip pat, tai yra garantas tobulai atrodančiam makiažui! ☺️🧖🏽‍♀️ plačiau apie tai rytoj Nails by: make_my_nails_great_again nailsofinstagram nailsdesign minimalisticnails nailsart perfectnails minimalism springnails nailsonfleek ignails

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Not a makeup post, but these nails are too stunning not to share! ❤️ If you’re local to me, definitely go check out Nails for You on Ira Needles! Customer service is amazing and they take their time to make sure you get done exactly what you want. 11/10 would recommend this place! 👍🏻❤️ nailsforyou nails springnails orangered flower beauty nailsofinstagram nailstagram

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(follow rueeyze for more) I’ve been loving neon nails! What color should I paint them next? Btw I do my own acrylics soooo I have a section on my highlights where I show yall how if y’all wanna see nailsofinstagram nails nailinspo nailinspiration coffinnails bakersfieldnails acrylics neonnails neon nailsonfleek nails2inspire nailstyle nailsaddict nailsoftheday nailsoftheday nailshop longnails shiningclaws bombnails springnails green mattenails blingnails gelnails nailtech nailpro nailstyle nailshop glitternails

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You can never go wrong with Leopard 🐆 This gorgeous new design is apart of of our BRAND NEW petites line! These designs are perfect for or those with slimmer fingers. Swipe left to see a few more of the new line! Check out my link in profile to snag yours colorstreet colorstreetnails petitenails leopardnails diynails nailart manicure diymanicure momnails momstyle momlife pedicure springnails nailtrends nailpolish colorstreetnailstrips nailstrips nodrynailpolish colorstreettakemeowt

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Mother’s Day Mani I know that in the US it is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. However in Poland and some European countries it is on the 26th of May (fixed date). All the best wishes from me to all the mothers out there! It is the most admirable occupation ever! I admire you! Roses on my nails for you on this special day! When do you celebrate Mother’s Day in your country? . Zdobienie na Dzień Matki! Najlepsze życzenia dla wszystkich mam! Najbardziej podziwiany zawód! Podziwiam Was! Różyczki na moich pazurkach specjalnie dla Was w tym wspaniałym dniu Products used All by dependcosmetic ▪️Base Color: Opus (70043) ▪️Matte Coat: Top Matte (O2) - 8947 ▪️Gel Coat: Top Gel (O2) - 8948 . All by clearjellystamper : ▪️Stamper: CjS - Big Bling XL Stamper - Pink ▪️Scraper: CjS - Big Bling Scraper ▪️Stamping Polish: CjS, 12 Glee Tree Green . All by bornprettyofficial : ▪️Stamping Plate: BP - 73 (item ID 20790) ▪️Brush: BP - Drawing Brush and Dotting Pen from Dual-ended Liner set (item ID 41672) . Additional Color: neess - różany wianek neess_official nailsclip nailitdaily nailartjunkies classynails delicatenails nails4yummies nailfeed rosenails rosenailart rosesnails rosesnailart mothersdaynails mothersdaynailart mothersday2019 dzienmatki2019 springnails springnailart springnail springnails2019

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soso ◡̈⃝︎ . これ! 使って頂いている方 全員にご好評いただいてます (﹡ˆ﹀ˆ﹡)♡ 1ヶ月後お会いした時 ほんとに手がふわふわになってるんです \(^^)/ . 化学防腐剤.合成保存料.石油系界面剤など すべて不使用なので無香料.無着色! 手を洗っても保温効果が逃げない設計になっていますので 1日2回の塗布でOK! 自分自身の手が荒れ始めて探し続け やっとみつけたこのsosoは 究極のオーガニックでほんとにオススメです! シミシワたるみが気になる方 ぜひ1度 使ってみてください (^^) . 手の病院サロン 手の病院サロン導入サロン ハンドエッセンスsoso

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In observance of Memorial Day, we will be closed tomorrow. Thank you all for making your nail appointments early so that our staff can be with their families! We will resume business as usual on Tuesday Great nails don’t happen by accident, Schedule online, Call, or stop by for your next nail appointment theelysianboutique elysiannails elysianboutique elysiannailart houstonnails houstonnailtech houstonnailsalon houstonheights heightsnails heightsnailartists houstonnailartists nailshouston nailsofighouston nailsofinstagram springnails nailsonfleek nailsdesign summernails instagramnails nailsmag nailsoninstagram nailsswag nailslovers nailsidea nailsclip nailsinspo nails_journal nailstyles nailsaddict

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Is it summer yet?? These pineapple nails were the cutest! 💅 nailmagik right there! 🙌

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Found my favorite jumpsuit for the summer! Love the stripes and baby blue! 💙💙💙 Are you into stripes for the summer? . Download the LIKEtoKNOW.it app to shop this pic via screenshot http:liketk.it/2C2Vt liketkit liketoknow.it jumpsuit jumpsuits fashiontrends datenightoutfit summervibes summeroutfit summerfashion summerstyle springnails springcollection springoutfits styleguide styleinfluencer stylewatch bloggerstyle bloggergirl fashionaddict fashiontrends saturdayvibes saturdaystyle saturdayselfie outfitinspiration ootd ootn outfitoftheday outfittoday outfitselfie

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Hi, guys 😁 ✅Спрашиваем вежливо: . 🔹Can I / Could I / May I ask you to … ? - Могу ли я попросить вас сделать что-либо?/ May Iask you to go with me? 🔹Do you mind if … - Вы будете не против, если / Do you mind if I close the window? 🔹Sorry to bother you. Сould I have … - Простите за беспокойство. Могу ли я попросить вас о Sorry to bother you. Сould I have some salt?/ Could I have your attention, please? 🔹Would it be OK, if … - Ничего, если …/ Would itbe OK, if I sit here? - Ничего, если я тут присяду? 🔹Would you mind + V-ing (глагол с окончанием -ing) - Не могли бы вы Вы не против Would you mind calling him? - Не могла бы ты ему позвонить? 🔹Can I ask a favour of you? - Могу ли я вас попросить об одолжении? 🔹How come? - как так получилось ✅Вежливо отвечаем: 🔹It’s very kind of you. - Очень мило с вашей стороны. 🔹Thank you anyway. - Все равно спасибо. 🔹Don’t mention it. - Не стоит благодарности. 🔹Thank you in advance. - Заранее спасибо. ✅Вежливо выражаем непонимание. Все три вопроса передают просьбу повторить сказанное и переводятся как “Простите?”, но имеют свою градацию вежливости. 🔹Sorry? - вполне вежливый вариант мягко переспросить, если вы не расслышали вопрос или не поняли собеседника 🔹Pardon/ Pardon me? - более мягкий и вежливый вариант “Sorry?” 🔹Excuse me? - более смелый и жесткий вариант “Sorry?”, в зависимости от выбранной интонации может иметь вызывающий характер, передающий ваше отношение к сказанному, когда вам что-то не понравилось. ✅Одна из самых сложных категорий - вежливый отказ. 🔹I’m not sure. - Не уверен… / I’m not sure I canlend you some money, sorry. - Не уверен, что смогу одолжить тебе денег, прости. 🔹I’m afraid I can’t. - Боюсь, не получится I’mafraid I can’t do it. - Боюсь, не могу это сделать (не могу это допустить). 🔹That sounds great but… - Звучит здорово, но Это прекрасно, но… 🔹I wish I could. - К сожалению, не могу english england englishbreakfast englishwords springnails springlook springholiday may health healthy nature womens naturelovers naturephotography coffee photo photooftheday учиманглийскиеслова учиманглийскийвместе природа весна2019 май кофе чай кофейня

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lvx Bon Bon is giving me major barbie vibes! Here, I used 2-3 coats (some nails needed more) The formula is on the thicker side, but it dries surprisingly faster than I assumed. I’ve been wearing it for 3 days and so far so good! Thank you, lvx for sending me these beautiful polishes! I’m obsessed 🤩 ptpnails ptpnailart princessandthepolish nails nailart whatsonmynails nailpolish nailartist nailsofinstagram nailartofinstagram notd instamani thenailtrail nag_repost nailsoftheday nailsofig naildesign lvx pr bonbob negativespacenails floralnails flowernails negativespace springnails summernails

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This glitter 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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💅🏻DND 057 White Bunny 💟😍