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7 minutes ago

I wasn’t going to open the door and let Midnight 🕛 chase after these trespassers until that squirrel 🐿 on the railing gave me the evil eye. That stare really burned 😤me up.🤣 Midnight ran in the wrong direction though. Next time! havaneseoftheday havanese havanesedog havaneseofinstagram havanesegirl blackhavanese angrydog angryman squirrel squirrels meanlook angrystare fastrunner runningfast speedy wrongway untilnexttime nexttime critters fastdog wrongdirection littlecritter trespasser evileye midnightmemories midnight

13 minutes ago

Я забыла выложить белку😐 squirrel

14 minutes ago

🐿 Lola . Ich muss gestehen, ich komme noch etwas durcheinander mit meinen süßen. Izzy war die/der erste und ist recht draufgängerisch. TamTam habe ich bisher zweimal gesehen und da hat sie/er recht viel Randale gemacht. Ratatouille erkennt man am Schwanz und Nüsschen ist klein und seeeehr Ängstlich. Und jetzt ist da noch Lola. Sieht Izzy recht Ähnlich, hat aber keine Haare um die Ohren. Und sie/er ist sooo hübsch. Und nicht Kamerascheu, hatte das Handy (hinter der Scheibe) ganz nah dran, aber das hat sie nicht gestört. Ich könnte ihnen Stundenlang zugucken ♡♡♡ . eichhörnchen 🐿 squirrel squirrels squirrelsofig squirrelsofinstagram nuts_about_sqirrels balconybuddy

19 minutes ago

Having held a very fun and successful event at castlebromwichhallgardens earlier in the year, we were asked to create some woodland creatures to be installed in the gardens permanently. you can read all about theses adorable animals and see photos with the link in our profile - - - lego lego lcp legocertifiedprofessional kevinhall legoartist legoart legobrick legocreations legobuild legobricks brickgalleria brickgalleriafan legobrickartist brickgalleriastaff castlebromwichhallgardens robin fox dragon squirrel legorobin legofox legodragon legosquirrel legointhegarden

26 minutes ago

If i dont get help soon for my squirrel-problems, i think i will end up like this. Ohh nooo I can almost feel my ears are growing already nature squirrel

31 minutes ago

Yesterday we gave life. Sounds promising, but in fact we planted a lot of flowers and trees. We had something like a subbotnik. We arrived at the site, we were given the task to plant this all. We were very surprised by how many plants there were and we wanted to finish as soon as possible. But throughout the work we were so happy that we plant trees and we can say we give life to flowers. I was responsible for the flowers and helped them to sort and sort into flowerbeds. At the end of the work, we were very tired, but we were surprised when we were offered free rides on the rides in the park nearby. It was a small reward). life saturdaywork squirrel flowers trees plants

58 minutes ago

Good morning and happy Monday! Have a wonderful start to your new week 🤗 FanArt, PayPal and contact: TintinTheSquirrel gmail.com . Leash? Captivity? Questions?  Please Read Tintin's Rescue Story:  www.TintinTheSquirrel.com Or, click the link in the bio. Thank you Keep the comment section kind and respectful. Any rude or disrespectful comments, including advertisements and promotions will get banned, permanently daily smile keepsmiling rescue rescued tintinthesquirrel squirrel redsquirrel squirrellife pets unusualpets petstagram petphotography cute adorable tigerthecat