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Поздравляю всех с всемирным днём театра! 🎭 От всей души желаю , чтобы на вашем пути не встречалось потолков ! Помните, что правда сцены и правда жизни - вещи разные! И пусть больше будет любви, веры,добра, счастья и добрых верных глаза что такое ложь, что такое правда, мы фигляры, комедианты, лицедеи, знаем что такоемы играем, мы в масках, другие же слишком трусливы, чтобы сознаться в этом. Они играют, они переодеваются, но они не сознаются в этом, это они лжецывсе мы служим,все мы слуги своего призвания и ты ошибаешься, если думаешь , что народ это глинаповелевать значит служитьИ вы на зеркало не сердитесь,
За то, что, ваш копируя вид,
Оно отражает только действительность.
А то, что желаете, - не отразит. Не переправит одно на другое.
И не изменит в улыбку оскал.
И, если вы дорожите покоем,
Бойтесь холодных и честных зеркал сднемтеатра деньтеатра деньтеатра2019 годтеатра годтеатра2019 актер актерскоемастерство актерскоепортфолио театр сцена actor actors model director theatre stage искусство любовь moscow 2019

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Un stage à l'étranger, une autre école à la découverte d'autres pratiques techniques. Comme plein d'autres stagiaires avant qui ont choisi JEMAV dans le cadre de leur mobilité, l'IFSI Croix rouge de Nantes offre l'opportunité à ces étudiantes de nous rejoindre au Togo. mobilite stage Togo soinsinfirmiers etudiants

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4lion in Spandau

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The reason that Tonken is no longer in the Xal group. It all started early January, a rivalry so strong that they had both Tonken and Blue was not normal, they had constant arguments for anything and it was very sad. So, Tonken saw Blackrock one day when we were in the plaza talking. At the same time, Amaripop that same day was fixed on us (I already told this story) and that was when there was an exchange of Inklings. And that's where, Tonken prefers to have Blue as a rival rather than a friend 😔🤷🏻‍♂️🦑🦑 . splatoon splatoon2 byefriend inkling inklingboy switch wiiu nintendoswitch nintendo calamar squid vs unfriends rivalry game online story blue white enemies rivals battle tonikensa brush gun stage playing sad

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Thank you for having us! 🌹

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Crianças também podem aprender inglês! Aliás, elas aprendem muito mais rápido! We ❤ TA Vá fundo em tudo que fizer Vá fundo no inglês Estamos aqui pra você . Intelligence with _zuleicasouza_ nice pics on sergio_alhazen.fotografia muscles with beastsupp conversation englishforkids eslforkids inglesparacrianças englishisfun godeep diversidade top altaperformance style conversation development software segurançadotrabalho qualidade company liderança class prime exclusive personalite highstakes experience stage improvement business cotia vargemgrandepaulista granja granjaviana saoroque

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Sipping my Americano on lunch — Assigned a “special” project today in the office so that’s nice 🤷🏻‍♂️ Feels nice to BreakRoutine — Tonight’s my Friday, but I’m doing double OT (again) this week. Stacks on racks! 💰

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“Every time I see you baby I get lost, if I’m dreaming, baby, please don’t wake me up; every night I’m with you I fall more in love.” • I’m still wondering how this happened. We were so close, I could hear your powerful voice going straight to my heart and I guess I didn’t need anything else. Everything just felt right and I gather I’ll never thank you enough for this. You set my soul free, you always do. It’s all because of you, and it always will. Can’t wait to see you again, little hun. “Ti amo”. 🌸💙 shawnmendes shawnmendesthetour shawnmendesthetourturin 24032019 palalpitour torino concert stage singer feelings shawnmendes fallinallinyou thankyou pure specialsoul baby

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•BEATRIZ.—¿Conque soy desdeñosa y extraigo mis mejores agudezas de los “Cien cuentos alegres”? ¡Bah! Eso os lo ha contado el signior Benedicto. •BENEDICTO.—¿Quién es ése? •BEATRIZ.—Estoy segura de que le conocéis demasiado. •BENEDICTO.—No, creedme. •BEATRIZ.—¿Nunca os ha hecho reír? •BENEDICTO.—Os ruego que me digáis quién es. •BEATRIZ.—Pues bien, es el juglar del príncipe: un bufón insípido; su sola cualidad estriba en inventar calumnias inconcebibles; nadie sino los libertinos se deleitan con él; y lo que le recomienda ante éstos no es su gracejo sino su grosería, pues divierte a los hombres a la par que los enoja y acaban por reírse de él y golpear- le. Estoy segura de que se hallará en esta flota. ¡Quisiera que me abordara! •BENEDICTO.—Cuando conozca a ese caballero le referiré lo que me habéis dicho. —Mucho ruido y pocas nueces de William Shakespeare. theater teatro play comedy laugh lol laughing mask ball vintage vintagestyle styled style sarcasm love hate funny night party retro fashion actors actor acting actorslife shakespeare drama stage design

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Our deserve great schools and even better places to call home.

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Rakkas İstanbul festival is proud to present amazing stars ✨ Beautiful Cecilia dancer and teacher cecilia_mazda will be with us. It’s gonna be great again ! Live it to believe it. The biggest and the best Oriental dance festival in Turkey 🧿 Rakkas Istanbul Festival 21 - 24 June 2019 🧿 Please feel free to share this great news 🌹 serkan_tutar serkantutar 2019 oriental dance dans romanhavasi bellydance buikdans ilovebellydance ilovemyjob ベリーダンス восточныетанцы танецживота stage danzadelventre buikdans 肚皮舞 male الرقصالشرقي oriental festival bellydancedreamers bellydancers stage rakkasistanbul2019 rakkasistanbulinternationalorientaldancefestival rakkasistanbulfestival

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Repost wnbfitaly with get_repost ・・・ 🇮🇹INFORMAZIONI GENERALI🇮🇹 ABBIGLIAMENTO DA GARA . Costume da gara di bodybuilding . ROUND DI VALUTAZIONE . Il punteggio sarà basato sui seguenti due round Round 1 - Simmetria . Round 2 – Muscolosità/Condizione . ROUND 1 – SIMMETRIA La simmetria comprende l'equilibrio e la condizione generale dall'alto verso il basso e nelle pose laterali. I concorrenti effettueranno i quarti di giro obbligatori; i giudici confronteranno gli atleti l'uno con l'altro. I giudici guarderanno all'equilibrio e alla proporzione (ad es. tra parte superiore es inferiore del corpo e tra lato destro e sinistro). Gli atleti dovrebbero essere simmetricamente equilibrati; la parte superiore o inferiore del corpo non dovrebbe sovrastare l'altra; nessuna parte del corpo dovrebbe sovrastare il resto del corpo QUARTI DI GIRO (4 POSE SEMI RILASSATE): . Il Capo Giuria dà le indicazioni agli atleti per effettuare i quarti di giro. Si inizia con gli atleti sul palco, allineati in ordine numerico, uno di fianco all’altro, nella prima posa: . SEMIRILASSATA FRONTALE (FRONT POSE) . L’atleta deve stare in una posizione “semi rilassata”, con i piedi Continua a leggere i criteri di giudizio sul nostro sito =》CRITERI DI VALUTAZIONE =》BODYBUILDING WNBF where the elite compete wnbfITALY WNBF wnbffamily motivazione NaturalBodybuilding Bodybuilding ItalyFitness muscles motivation posing abs allenamento allenarsi coach instafit fitlife wnbfBodybuildingPro bench squat WNBF30 palestra fitness stage mensworkout fitnessmotivation fitbody

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Shawn Mendes | 11-03-2019 | Berlın ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ shawnmendes shawnmendesarmy shawnmendesthetour worldtour europe germany berlin mercedesbenzarena lostinjapan stitches treatyoubetter mercy youth handwritten illuminate shawnmendesthealbum albumtour canada toronto livemusic concertphotography concertaddict stage music shawnmendeslive artist perfomance wherewereyouinthemorning

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"I'm always on the spotlight, but I'm shy on the spotlight."

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The Firebird is plummeting south off the mainland headed for Hobart 🚌💨 TONIGHT - Republic Bar 🌈❤️

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❤🎭❤ Kimine göre iki kalas bir heves, Kimine göre delilik, Kimine göre alternatif, Kimine göre deneysel, Kimine göre kahkaha, Kimine göre gözyaşı, Kimine göre var olmak, Kimine göre var olmamak, Kimine göre hatırlatıcı, Kimine göre sorgulayıcı, Kimine göre öğretici, Belki de hepsinin toplamı… 🎭 Benim içinse aşktır ve bitmeyen umuttur tiyatro… Çünkü hayat dayatır, tiyatro yaşatır! 🎭 Değil mi ki deliye her gün bayram, bana da her gün 27 Mart! 🎭 Bugün, yarın ve daima… Yaşa ve yaşat tiyatrom! Tiyatro aşkınaaaa, Tiyatro seni sevmek aşkların en güzeli! 🎭 Bir Tiyatro Delisi'nden Sevgilerle! 🎭 👉 🎭 bendensatırlar 27MartDünyaTiyatroGünü tiyatro tiyatroaşktır tiyatroiyidir hayatakarken aniyakala objektifimden nature severekcekiyoruz theatre theatrephotography instadaily igers stage theater photography bestoftheday picoftheday instamood hope love theatreforever instatheatre mask birtiyatrodelisi