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Now my piano YouTube channel has got more than 2 MILLION VIEWS! 2 192 181 right now. 🎉🎶🎹 I'm so grateful and happy about it. Thank you very much, everyone who listens, cares, likes and writes comments or speaks music with me during the days. Music is life!♥️🙏 😍🎹🎶🎉én piano pianolovers pianist pianosolo pianocovers pianolife pianoforte pianocover pianovideo pianomusic pianoteacher steinway steinwayandsons steinwaypiano abbafans abbamusic abbaofficial abba

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Sometimes we keep ourselves busy, trying to ignore an overwhelming feeling called “missing a very special person”, with an empty sad hand which tried to reach theirs but the spaces between our fingers remind us that they are not here anymore. Our hearts keep them safe and sound inside, terrified to see them leave again. They are everywhere except right there with you, and that hurts. I miss you so badly Daddy imissyou father piano music love family memories alwaysthere beautiful melody tbt art girl steinway steinwayandsons yamaha videooftheday instadaily instagram instagram instamusic nofilter life sunset missyou مغرب مغربية مغربية_وافتخر اشتاق_لك اشتاق_اليك

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Salió este temón de la mano de mechisoy y juani.bernall , cover de india_martinez_oficial corazón hambriento. 🎙️🎹🎚️. El resto en los perfiles de Mechi, Juani y lacuerdafilms que hicieron este hermoso video. Imagen maximilianopatriarca Audio marianoxmiguez recording recordingstudio recordingengineer music musica studiolife studiolifestyle steinwayandsons myneumann cover debut duo corazonhambriento indiamartinez cine film filmmaker fotografia dop gonetflix filmstyle art instagoo

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Success! And a huge THANK YOU to the greenwicharts council and Executive Director Tatiana Mori for encouraging, sponsoring, and hosting our 2nd concert in the 2018/19 Music & Literature Series ‘Exploring Schubert: Song + Poetry’. It was a thrill to collaborate with NYC Soprano Molly Davey and share 16 amazing songs by Franz Schubert. shoutout and thankyou to my wonderful colleagues and fellow musicians Sarah Steinhardt, Mina Kim, and Andrew Gordon for all their encouragements and guidance. Looking forward to ‘Exploring Schumann: Stringing it all Together’ this Fall, stay posted! memorialdayweekend musicandart schubert recital greenwich downtown steinwayandsons

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On May 17th Animenz held a small class/performance at the infamous Peking University, followed by a duet of Brave Song and afterwards a performance from 2 students who performed for Animenz. More info can be found animenz_official Bilibili & Weibo if your interested to learn what happened! animenz animenzlive anime pekinguniversity 北京大学 beijing animemusic ost piano animepiano grandpiano sheetmusic pianosheets steinway steinwayandsons classicalmusic bilibili youtube china tour live liveperformance concert

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🌄🌅Buenos dias amigos, It has been a good week for sure.🤜🤜🤜🙌👊👊🙏🙏🙌🙌💪💪 💪💪💪We are gonna finish strong and happy. 😍😍😍 And if you have been planting like I have soon you shall reap. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 Have an amazing morning apianoshop apianoshop apianoshop apianoshop apianoshop apianoshop week fridaymorning fridaymood friday pianotechnician pianorebuilding pianorestoration pianotuner pianista lovewhatyoudo plant harvest pianist concertpianist pianista pianotunernyc grandpiano steinway steinwayandsons apianoshop grandpiano pianogram pianolover instapianist Instapiano pianolove fridaymotivation motivation inspire enriquebunbury

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♫   世界の中心で、愛をさけぶ  もう15年も前のことなんだな。  好きな人のことを 17年も想い続けていたなんて  そして今日はアコースティック ピアノで初めて朔と亜紀を練習。  まだまだヘタだけど、 少しずつ頑張っていこう。 3回目の練習。  ♫  piano pianoday pianocover pianoman pianolovers pianotime pianolessons pianoteacher steinway steinwayandsons steinwaypiano steinwayartist ピアノ ピアノ再開 ピアノ演奏 ピアノ練習 ピアノの先生 ピアノ教室 ピアノ男子 かたちあるもの 世界の中心で愛を叫ぶ 綾瀬はるか かわいい 柴崎コウ 好きな人 届け 17年 会いたいのに会えない 会いたい

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Piano shopping isn't something most people get the pleasure of doing very often. That's why we do our best to make it a memorable experience that you'll appreciate for as long as you have your instrument! ✨🎹✨⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⁣⠀⁣⠀ hopperpiano steinway piano music steinwayandsons grandpiano pianist classicalmusic musician pianoforte pianoman classical musically pianomusic classicfm key pianotuning pianoservice pianoprofessionals localbusiness ourcustomers reviews

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Repost Happy Friday🥳 大家有在Tonight Show看到郎朗精湛的琴藝嗎? 一起來聽聽看Jimmy Fallon怎麼說! steinwayandsons langlang

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I en björkdunge med gullvivor.🌳 Bland ett hav av vackra blommor ackompanjerade av liljekonvaljens doft har ett liv kärleksfullt hyllats i närvaro och till vackert framförda solosånger av en ståtlig sångare. Tack för förtroendet att leda härlig psalmsång, spela instrumentalt och sjunga om gullvivan från detta vackra instrument. Vila i frid. ✨🕯️✨ begravning vilaifrid minnen tacksamhet tårar sorg levandemusik musiktilltröst musikervidpianot steinwayandsons instrumentalt youraisemeup därgullvivanblommar karinwirenborg wirenborgsmusik sångsolist musiker ed dalsland

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Etudes-tableaux op.39 was composed by Rachmaninoff in 1917. It was the last composition written in Russia. Indeed it sounds very special at Villa Senar where he composed another one masterpiece after many years – Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini op.43. Этюды-картины соч.39 (первое видео – фрагмент) – последнее сочинение, написанное Рахманиновым в России в 1917 году. Эти пьесы (первое видео) звучат особенно пронзительно в доме композитора в Швейцарии, где спустя много лет он создаёт ещё один шедевр – Рапсодию на тему Паганини соч.43(второе видео). rachmaninoff senar etudetableaux music classicalmusic piano klavier virtuoso steinwayandsons

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I grazie più importanti alle persone senza le quali molte cose non sarebbero possibili, i nostri super eroi! Giovanni Doria, Silvia Bolamperti, Giulio Passadori, Stefano Colangelo e Francesco Mancusi, la Ptp Peli trasporti, H+, Ponderosa Music&Art e tutti i ragazzi di Piano City Milano, tutte le persone che rendono possibili questa Magia chiamata musica 🎵 * steinway steinwayandsons steinwaypiano steinwaypianogallery steinwaypianogallerybrescia grandpiano instapiano instapianist instamusic pianomusic pianogram picoftheday brescia passadori passadoripianoforti pianolove passion lovemusic musicpassion pianomi2019 pianocitymilano pianocity pianoforte pianosolo thankyou

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⏯️ 6 Ivo_Pogorelich plays: L. van Beethoven's "Fur Elise", WoO. 59, BIA. 515 ~ Beethoven 's Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor is rarely referred to in such grandiose terms; instead, all who know and love it refer to it simply by its nickname, ‘Für Elise’ (German for ‘ for_Elise ’). But it’s a nickname that, frankly, should never have existed. Beethoven did indeed include a dedication on the manuscript, but it was ‘Für Therese’. Poor Therese must have been slightly miffed when, thanks to a rather slapdash copywriter called Ludwig Nohl, the dedication on the published version of the work was changed to someone quite different. It is widely acknowledged that Therese, perhaps the true dedicatee of ‘Für Elise’, was Therese Malfatti, a woman to whom Beethoven proposed in 1810 – the same year he composed ‘Für Elise’. She was also the owner of the manuscript. ~ Pogorelich LVB Bach Lisitsa Pianist Chopin lacampanella classicalmusician classicalpianist grandpiano pianocover classicalpianocover pianist Piano pianosolo pianomusic pianoconcert pianolover Classical_Music concert ピアノ 歌舞伎町 yamahapiano steinway steinwayandsons

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Come and see Maria Ines Aguirre - MIA’s exhibition of works at thestbotophbuilding on show the stunning chromasoul (Steinway model D grand piano) and the fabulous CeramicTypewriters ——————————————————————-Music is a language and means of communication through which we can share emotions, understanding-and perhaps also dreams. Rapid technological advance has led to an increase in the diversity, availability and ways in which we engage with music. Text messages, emoji and social media are also revolutionising the way we interact and write. For mia_arte_ art is the universal language of emotions through which she transforms her ideas into physical objects. ————————————————————————DISTRACTION-COMMUNICATON-TYPING MUSIC an exhibition of sculpture by Maria Ines Aguirre now on show at The St Botolph Building London. Photo mia_arte_ ———————————————————————-For more information about the artworks on show or to view the exhibition please contact eli_martinelli artmoorhouse_projects distraction communication typing music sculpture steinwayandsons piano concertpiano oilonwood abstractart colour londonartscene steinwayandsons ceramic ceramicsculpture typewriter publicsculpture artist artcollectors contemporaryart architecture nofilter Art life

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Steinway D-274 appears in the restaurant "Le Bois"! レストラン「ル・ボワ」にスタインウェイD-274が登場!毎月2回、「音楽と夕べ」開催中、詳細はこちらをご覧ください → noboriojihotel_nara noboriojihotelnara noboriojihotel smalluxuryhotels hotel nara japan french steinway steinwayandsons piano grandpiano 登大路ホテル奈良 登大路ホテル 奈良 スモールラグジュアリーホテル ホテル フランス料理 フレンチ スタインウェイ スタインウェイアンドサンズ ピアノ グランドピアノ わたしは奈良派 うましうるわし奈良 奈良観光 奈良旅行

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이번 일정중에 가장 깜짝 만남은 구본창작가님과 조우🤩😆😜 유명 오디오브랜드와 콜라보로 진행한 작품영상이 나올거라 설명해주셨는데, 잠시후 왕세자비 등장. 영상은 청아한 물방울 낙하소리를 배경으로 유명한 대표작 백자사진들이 슬라이드로 나왔다. 진짜 공명을 담은 사진들 넋을 잃고 보았다.사진은 대사관 공보관님께 존경하는 분이라 했더니 몰래찍어주셨더랬다. 감사드립니다😍😍😜 steinwayandsons steinwaylyngdorf 사진가구본창 오디오룸

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🖐😉Hey guys, if you have been following we’ve been preparing this piano for refinishing. After removing of the paint, wash, repairs and very deep sanding we can start the process of the refinishing. 👌👌👌👌👌 Continue and Follow us to see how we bring this one back to life as this piano is here for a full restoration, new action, new soundboard and refinished on a ebony satin. Stay tuned much more surprises coming very soon. A piano shop Piano restoration and Sales anywhere in USA. Tuning, maintenance, repairs, assessment and appraisals in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Let us know if you need help with your piano. Call us 914 378 1999 Or Email us apianoshop apianoshop apianoshop apianoshop apianoshop apianoshop apianoshop 🎹🎹🎹We bring pianos back to life🎹🎹🎹 pianomusic piano pianos pianocover pianolovers piano🎹 pianopractice pianopiano pianovideo pianotime pianoforte pianoman pianolove pianists pianist pianista classicalpianist classicalpiano pianorebuilding pianorestoration pianotechnician pianotechnology pianotuner pianotuning pianotunernyc steinwaypiano steinwayandsons tristatearea newjersey connecticut

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throwbackthursday Taking it back to December 26, 2018 at the Renaissance Retirement Center performing Friedrich Burgmuller: "L'Hirondelle" (French for The Swallow) from 25 Easy and Progressive Studies Op. 100, No. 24. Check out my cross hands technique 😏! Be sure to attend my recital on June 15th tbt friedrichburgmüller burgmuller classicalpiano classicalmusic classicalpianist blackmusicians blackpianist pianolifestyle pianoplayer pianolife ilovepiano pianist bostonpiano steinwayandsons recital concert pianoman pianocover pianorecital piano music art pianosolo pianokeys takemeback french classical

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🎹The first time I laid my fingers on a Steinway piano, I was astounded. The sound quality is just out of this world. If you listen closely, it sounds like diamonds 💎 dropping on polished marble floor. 🧐Progress updates! 5/22/2019 🤔Self reflection: Playing music isn’t just about hitting the right notes 🎼🎵🎶. I mean, a robot 🤖 can hit all the right notes no problem. The beauty of music is the humanness within each every note. The meter🎚, the dynamic 👊🏼, the emotions🥺 came together in harmony. But first, hit all the right notes🎶🤦🏻‍♂️. Actually, according to Ravel, I am suppose to play this piece in a calmly manner, without any passionate or sentimental expression. But I got carried away before starting the 1er mouvement. NeedMorePractice (Maurice Ravel, Pavane pour une Infante Défunte) NYU Steinway NYUSteinhardt