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Looking forward to playing music by Mendelssohn, Brahms, plus some fun surprises with Andreas Ottensamer in a very special private performance at carnegiehall on Tuesday, April 23rd. 💿 Listen to our new dgclassics album ‘Blue Hour’: 🔗link in bio. 💙 • 15th Annual Notable Occasion Made up of music lovers, the Notables celebrate music through intimate discussions, concerts, cocktail parties, and more. Contributions from the Notables directly support the music education and social impact programs of Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute.

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Happy Holidays everybody! here is a small study over Confirmation using a pedal tone.

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A lot of my time is spent attending concerts and masterclasses which is something I enjoy very much. I had the opportunity of listening to two talented seniors at Houston's High School of the Performing Arts perform a beautiful arrangement for two pianos of Carmen Fantasy based on themes by Georges Bizet. What was an even more pleasant surprise was that the arrangement they were performing was written by a Steinway Artist I know and admire very muchMr. Greg Anderson gnanderson from the Anderson & Roe Piano Duo andersonroe! There was so much talent all in one room by an excellent composer and arranger and two incredible pianists who are set to attend riceuniversity and universityofhouston! steinwayartist arranger composer twopianos duelingpianos steinway youngartist highschool talent universityofhouston riceuniversity gocougars goowls andersonandroe greganderson houstontalent pianists htx texastalent youngtexasartists

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Happy Friday On the show today, I speak with renowned pianist Jamie Parker and I need to warn you in advance: this one is filled with wonderful information and really applicable tips, so get ready to take some notes! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Among many of the topics we cover, you’ll hear about his favorite practice tips - from how to mark your part clearly to his special crazy fast technique - why it’s crucial to know yourself and know how to prioritize in instrumental practice, and the importance of listening right here, right now! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ As I said, there’s a ton of wonderful information ahead, and I hope you enjoy this discussion with Jamie Parker! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ steinway steinwayartist piano pianist gryphontrio pianotrio pianolessons pianistlife mindoverfinger mindoverfingerpodcast mindoverfinger classicalmusicpodcast musicconversations music performance concert auditions auditionprep auditionpreparation concertpreparation winningtheaudition

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No matter if you celebrate easter2019 or pessach enjoy this weekend because, for me, the most important thing is that taurus♉️ begins 🌠 FOLLOW ME ON SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, DEEZER, YOUTUBE (Tango Malambo Music /Actriz Latina Internacional) FACEBOOK (Tango Malambo Music / Cecilia Pillado's Art & World) steinwayartist steinwayandsons pianists actrizymusico tangomalambo pianomusic tangomalambomusic followmeonspotify followmeonapplemusic followmeonyoutube ceciliapillado argentinaenberlin mendocinamasfamosadetodoslostiempos mendocinafamosa mendocinaenberlin actressandmusician actress pianistlife pianist actresslife pianistaargentina internationaltalent attriceitaliana actrizargentinainternacional lavidadelpianista berlinmusician germanactress

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Olga Kern sending best wishes to all students of Nadia School of Music! 🎼 music piano steinwayartist kernolga Keep practice! The end of the year concert is June 15th, 2019 at Ewell Hall W&M.

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In 2012, pianist and portrait artist Paul Wyse proposed a STEINWAY based on the masterwork Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky. It was to be the first STEINWAY & SONS art case piano inspired by a musical composition. It depicts a dynamic journey through the artistic imaginations of Mussorgsky and his friend, Viktor Hartmann. The instrument is a majestic nine-foot STEINWAY Model D built to time-honored standards and the most exacting musical specifications. It is an unprecedented artistic triumph blending music, design, history, narrative storytelling, mythology, psychology, and visual art. We were SO privileged to get to experience this beautiful piece of artwork up close and personal. WOW Have you ever seen anything so amazing? steinway steinwayandsons steinwaypiano steinwayartist piano piano🎹 pianoart steinwayofaugusta turnerskeyboards augustaga augustageorgia csra fineart

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The SteinwayBlackDiamond Limited Edition by houseofdakotajackson with its lustrous metallic accents and sweeping lines, is an homage to the world’s rarest and most prized diamond. The unique series is the result of artistic collaboration with virtuoso Steinway Artist langlangpiano, steinwayandsons & myself. - - - - - TheBlackDiamond pianodesign pianos langlang classicalpiano pianist musician rareinstruments design pianovirtuoso steinwayandsons philharmonic philharmoniedeparis steinwayartist

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Thank you to gautiercapucon for a great tour. It has been fun to make music together and I look forward to our European concerts in January 2020. Join us in Paris, Elmau, Bremen, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, London, Munich, Budapest, Vienna, or Baden Baden. • 💿 I am very excited that we will release a recording of the same program on warner_classics soon! Stay tuned! 🎻🎹 • 📷 fadikheirphoto | CarnegieHall

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Merci u jiddereen, dee fir mech a fir eis do war, fir dëse wonnerbare Projet ze realiséieren! De Video ass ab elo exklusiv op rtl.letzebuerg ze gesinn (link in bio). Thanks to everyone who was there for me and for us to realize this wonderful project! The video is now available exclusively on (link in bio). • • • musicvideo firdechdo thereforyou televie muselfénkelcher piano steinway steinwayartist music instamusic instapiano pianist composer fightcancer choir stringquartet director camera filming castle visitluxembourg urspeltcastle hope love magic trifolion cfl merci daviddraad televie_letzebuerg diane_wunsch muselfenkelcher u_christiane anikschwall ryokoyonyon a.chugai violitok bibi.91 steinwayandsons kamellebuttek gindtraphael danielmaclloyd chateaudurspelt lodomezdiana villedechternach trifolionechternach desireenosbuschofficial nilton.martins.2406

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Weltpremière : De Videoclip vum neien Télévie-Song “Fir Dech Do / There For You”. Den Owend kuerz virum Famillenduell (18:25) – exklusiv op RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg! Hei schonn e klengen Extrait just fir Iech! An e puer Fotoe vum Tournage! Musek vum David Ianni  davidianni, Chorale “Muselfénkelcher“ & “Télévie Quartett” : Ryoko Yano, Andrii Chugai, Ilan Schneider & Anik Schwall. Video vum David Draad ( daviddraad) televie_letzebuerg davidianni diane_wunsch ryokoyonyon violitok a.chugai anikschwall daviddraad dianalodomez chateaudurspelt muselfenkelcher videorelease  musicvideo  firdechdo thereforyou  televie piano  steinway  steinwayartist  music instamusic  instapiano  pianist  composer fightcancer  choir  stringquartet  director camera  filming  castle  visitluxembourg hope  love  magic

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Triple Celebration in order! Ahn Trio is now officially a Steinway artist-ensemble Thank you Karen, Vivian and Rosalie at steinwayandsons Two thirds of ahntrio with steinwayandsons director Vivian in NYC and Angella is invited by her university president tobe officially tenure at montanastateuniversity Thank you ahntrio steinwayartist grateful newtracks sistersband it’s worth nevergrowingup Download/stream and enjoy new ahntrio single “Candybox” and “Nuvole Bianche” Now available on iTunes and everywhere 🎶✨Music is the best present 🎁 LudovicoEinaudi NuvoleBianche Candybox chielmeijering sistersband Get ahntrio ‘s newtracks newsingle newrelease

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One week until the record release of „Storyteller“ 🤗 💿 I chose that title trying to express what music does for me and everyone who loves listening to it - it tells the most fantastic and colorful stories 📚 Photo by sinja_hemke_photography pianist classicalmusic recordrelease pianomusic piano musicforeveryone storyteller musicianslife ballades mazurkas barcarolle gasparddelanuit chopin ravel inconcert recordingartist classiclove pianoplayer youngartist steinwayartist artistportrait autumncolors sunset longhair

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Dreamlike evening at Urspelt castle, filming the music video for the Télévie Lëtzebuerg title song “Fir Dech Do / There For You”. Our director David Draad ( daviddraad) has produced another masterpiece. The video is coming soon, and I hope that it will touch many hearts. ❤️ • • • musicvideo firdechdo thereforyou televie muselfénkelcher piano steinway steinwayartist music instamusic instapiano pianist composer fightcancer choir stringquartet director camera filming castle visitluxembourg urspeltcastle hope love magic

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Voglio concludere questo salone 2019 così Dicono che “La strada della creatività passa molto spesso vicino alla strada del manicomio” è vero😅. Voglio ringraziare i miei colleghi del team Baldistudio, che non si sono mai persi d’animo in questi mesi di fatica e risate Ringrazio la precisione di Jacopo, solo tu potevi montare un pianoforte del genere! Ringrazio baldihomejewels e steinwayandsons che hanno creduto in questo progetto che non finisce, ma inizia da qui. Ringrazio i miei genitori che ogni volta si stupiscono e si emozionano delle cose che faccio Ringrazio Antonio, collega e compagno, che non ha mai dubbi sulla mia creatività e ogni volta mi viene a riprendere quando mi perdo nei pensieri e nelle ansie. Senza te non saremmo arrivati fino a qui Grazie a tutti🤟🤟 jacopo.poli1983 ginevrapacini andrewdivise Massimo 👍 mattiaandreozzi somiarian Eufemia😘 Roberto 👍 Antonio 😘

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Rehearsing with ephratasheriedance for “Odeon” spectacle tonight! This is Ernesto’s Nazareth “Tenebroso” original score, from 1913!