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Sterling Ruby. Part Of Desert X exhibition.

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Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter. Oscar Wilde Don’t forget to follow orphiliebe and and turn on post notifications🔔🔔🔔 American artist Sterling Ruby. Born in Germany 1972 sterlingruby americanpainter painter artoftheday exhibition artwork collection collector artcollector instaart instaartist kunstwerk kunstler artiste fineart gallery abstractpainting abstractart abstractartist abstractpainters contemporaryart arte artist artgallery artistoninstagram arte artlover artlife artistic artsy

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SPECTER BY STERLING RUBY A 20 feet bright orange monolith piece, that gives the feel of a strangely lying alienish object, in the middle of nowhere. I tried my best but with the wind, sand and the mountain in the background you cannot justify the true color of Specter by a lens. In all trueness, it feels like an illusion of an image, which challenges you to try to capture it. I kept thinking, did the artist create this piece in their studio and dropped it? Or was the blue sky and sand of Coachella his challenge? desertx desert sterlingRuby Coachella palmspring traveldiaries la lagirl travel art ca california lalife orange sand travellife photography nextstop pickupyourtravellingbag travellingkaur discoverla artist whateveryourheartsaysjustdoit

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Specter part 2 . Discomfort and avoidance. I’ve been thinking lately about how many things I’ve avoided because I had such a low tolerance for feeling even a bit of uncomfortable. Workouts. Conversations. Finishing projects. You name it Now I’m seeing that the FEELING of discomfort is more uncomfortable than DOING the actual thing I’m avoiding (Side note: This must be one of Anxiety’s favorite places to lives. Any type of physical movement is one of the things that really helps my anxiety. And I avoided working out for 25 years of my life!) . There’s so many things I waisted energy avoiding but when I finally did them the act was easy. So many things we avoid that are actually the very things that will help us What amazing is on the other side of going through a bit of discomfort? 📷 zoomtheory matchymatchypowerclashy desertx2019 sterlingruby desertx specter whenpeoplematchplaces dgbrandstyle personalbrand personalbranding brandambassador ootd palmsprings palmspringsstyle vintageclothing vintagefashion vintagestyle personalbrandphotography vintage aesthetic tikidress teethkisstheclass raisingmysoulfrequency

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SP41, 2008 96 x 84 x 2" / 243.8 x 213.4 x 5.1cm SterlingRuby

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Little Experimental video from this weekend. Rest of the video is on my YouTube channel! ⭕️LINK IS ON BIO⭕️ Drop a like and subscribe pls 🙏🏽ALSO FOLLOW MY PHOTOGRAPHY PAGE blvck_sheep6

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SP27, 2008 100 x 144 x 2" / 254 x 365.8 x 5.1cm SterlingRuby

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SP21, 2008 100 x 144 x 2" / 254 x 365.8 x 5.1cm SterlingRuby

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Feeling peace after experiencing some dust storm in the desert, my car got stuck in the sand and had to call roadside assistance to get it out of it. Despite what happened, got to see this beautiful work called Sterling Ruby: Desert X. RoadtripDiaries

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Art Brussels Mattering Time / paint matters - sculpt matters - all matters / brambogart 2007 rodolphejanssen gallery / sterlingruby 2018 at xavierhufkens gallery / markmanders 2016 at zenoxgallery gallery / patrickcoutu 2018 at choiandlager gallery / brambogart 1996 at sorrywereclosed gallery / anishkapoor 1985 at muliermuliergallery / florianandmichaelquistrebert 2016 at upstreamgallery / peterbugenhout 2018 at axelvervoordtgallery / rosemarietrockel 2008 at repettogallery / rongorchov 2018 at thomasbrambillagallery / artbrussels artbrussels2019

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Shadows are a constant reminder that there’s light all around you 📸: akinography

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[EM_Recommendation] 코첼라 밸리의 사막에서 열리는 컨템포러리 아트 전시인 _desertx 🌵 이곳에서 스털링 루비가 Specter 라는 제목의 작품을 선보였어요. 형광 오렌지색의 돌기둥은 마치 자연을 촬영한 사진 위에 포토샵으로 꼴라주 작업을 한 것 같은 효과를 내죠. 이 프로젝트는 4월 21일까지 선보이고 막을 내렸지만 가까운 미래에 서울 땅에도 날아오기를 기대해 봅니다. 🏜🔶🧡 em_recommendation elizabethmoments desertx coachella coachella2019 coachellavalley palmsprings sterlingruby specter art artexhibition contemporaryart abstractart modernart sculpture installation 엘리모 엘리자베스모먼트 데저트x 코첼라 코첼라2019 코첼라밸리 팜스프링스 스털링루비 스펙터 아트 아트전시 컨템포러리아트 설치미술 전시추천

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One more from Desert X 📷: shemeikka

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Lunar landing 🌙 Outtakes with our new “Luna” ball gown ”Luna” features the most gorgeous silver metallic striped organza and decadent crystal detailing. She’s available both strapless and with off the shoulder sleeves! Full release coming soon, and “Luna” is now available for fittings at our LA flagship salon and all upcoming trunk shows- book an appt online or call/text 310.595.1101) _ _ _ _ laurenelaine laurenelainebridal trunkshow desertx sterlingruby spectre trunkshow bridal bridalfashion syttd wedding weddingstyle lunagown ballgown weddinginspiration weddinginspo dreamdress organza crystal bridal bridalinspiration bridalfashion dreamdress weddinginspo weddingown weddingdress lifeisastorymakeyoursafairytale