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Happy Memorial Day weekend, babes! ❤️Just a reminder to drink TONS of water if you’re out in the sun this weekend! It’s easy to get heat stroke or heat exhaustion if you’re in the sun or outside for a long time! If you’re drinking alcohol or soda, it dehydrates you more than normal. Standing still for long periods of time in the heat can also cause fainting since your blood doesn’t return to the brain as easily. If anyone does faint, help them get down to the ground to lay down, bend their knees, and help them cool down. SO, just make sure to drink plenty of water, find shade to rest in, and also make sure to eat plenty of food- eat a few hotdogs for me! 🥰 What’s your favorite barbecued food? We’re grilling chicken, portabella mushrooms, and beef hotdogs! Plus corn on the cob, asparagus, and roasted cherry tomatoes! Recipes coming to the blog so soon!

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So very thankful for this unforgettable amazing trip to Hawaii. The time spent with family and memories made were invaluable. During my time there, I decided to start filming in hopes to put together a short film. It is entirely contrary to my typical style, but I wanted to step out and try something new! I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I did making it! • • • • • • • • • • • visualscollective pixel_ig freedomthinkers photography stilllifephotography exploretocreate shootandshare dearphotographer artofvisuals expofilm3k destinationphotographer profile_vision designisinthedetails travelphotography travellife shotzdelight wanderlust theglobewanderer travelbug travelpic collectivelycreate aroundtheworldpix 777luckyfish findyourbeach saltescape wanderfolk oceanvibes beach beachy hawaii

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Mixing my makeup routine up at the moment with a lot of cream productsbut im still trying to find a way to get it to last all day, she slips off! My fave products so far are the meccacosmetica lit from within highlighting balm (so freaking gorgeous, total must have), and the josiemarancosmetics cream blush. Such a beautiful, subtle and natural pink for the cheeks. I really love it on my 'makeup free' days where I just wear sunscreen, highlighter and now this cream blush. Currently wearing my $5 Ben Sherman shirt found at Vinnies and 3kg of dry shampoo

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- 2019.05.25 - Awaiting a walk

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This is a 12 inch tall vase I hollowed and turned on my Vicmarc lathe. It was turned from a cherry log and I decorated the white sap wood with a pyrography pen and India inks. It is the last of a series I made from two cherry threes I felled. pentax litchfieldcounty color stilllife stilllifephotography stilllife_perfection naturamorta naturemorte mood moody photography photograph photographer litchfieldcounty gallery galleries fineart fineartphotography artistoninstagram pickoftheday mostre photooftheday color photographyart arte artistsoninstagram flora_addict dark_macro_art artistry_flair still_life_gallery still_life_mood woodturning

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Melbourne CBD - May 2019

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family 💗💗💗

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Back story: So this was the original mail drop for the Pastor of the church I grew up in (Templo Bethesda) cuz the pastor's house was actually built inside the church building back in the day • • • • • fineart stilllife elpaso contemporaryart still_life_gallery itsallgoodep stilllifephotos stilllifegallery elpasotx eptx liveforthemoment 915 todays_simplicity oilpainting onthetableproject tv_stilllife stilllifephotography artgallery igerselpaso modernart tv_colors instaeptx tablesituation elpasotexas loves_vscolifestyle painting fineartphotography seekthesimplicity abstractart tv_retro

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➲ 🆂till 🅻ife of the 🅳ay: • Photo 🅰rtist: nata_bochkareva • 🆂elected by: wiwiet_canthingayu , • 🅵ollow: jj_still_life 🆃ag: jj_still_life 🅼embership by invitation Take some time to visit our featured photographer's gallery to show your jj love and remember your 1,2,3's: ➲ For every 1 photo you tag, ➲ Comment on 2, ➲ Like 3 others! Keep scrolling JJ Nation! jjcommunity jj_community jj_projectanarchy jj_projectanarchy ➲ A hubdirectory member jj_stilllife jj_coffeetime jj_storytelling jjcommunity jj_editors jj_anarchyfiles jj_anarchy myjjfeature stilllife stillife still_life stilllifephotography stilllifephoto stillphotography photostyling fineartphotography artisticphotography naturmorte jj_still_lifefeature gf_stilllife retroluxaholics super_details_channel stilllife_perfection naughtyteas jj_stl_nata_bochkareva

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couldn’t have said it better myself 😌

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Putting this beautiful Japanese lady on the literal pedestal she deserves. Shot by matthew_jensen_photography and styled by me.

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➔ Day’s End ©️Anna Condo

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Made memories we knew would never fade.

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The studio closes at 3PM on Saturdays, a call came in at 2:28PM today, wanting to send sympathy flowers to a friend. Decided to take the order, with a happy heart to help. About to deliver in this rain! 초심을 잃지 말자. 😂 꽃을 하게 되면서 좋은점 하나는 이 세상에 참 좋은 사람들이 많다는걸 느낍니다. 꽃을 줄 일도 받을 일도 많은 이곳 사람들은 돈이 없어도 없는데로 꽃선물을 주고 싶어합니다. 그 성의가 마음에 와 닿아서 감히 그런 일에 계산기를 두드리지 않습니다. 어렸을때 부터 한번도 산수를 잘해 본적도 없구요. 많은 돈을 벌자고 이 일을 시작하지 않았습니다. 그래서 기쁜 마음으로 주문을 받고 친절하게 대화하고 정성을 들여서 꽃을 꽂고 빗길을 운전해서 마음을 전해줬습니다. 돌아오는길에 뿌듯했습니다. 그리고 집에 오니 부엌에서 남편이 만드는 따뜻한 돈가스 냄새가 나서 인생이 행복하다고 느꼈습니다. 😄 꽃쟁이일상

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k i t c h e n | pantry organisation . My tiny kitchen in this humble home needs all the organisation it can get. Storage is limited here and sometimes I wish I had a butlers pantry! Though my mumma taught me to be thankful for all you have and use that. Keeping that in mind I've been working on utilising spaces in my home and my pantry is one space slowly transforming My thought process was to think of all those ingredients that I truly will use to store them in containers and glass jars and label. Thank you labelledwithvinyl for this beautiful selections of fonts! Yah it's more functional and aesethically more pleasing now kitchengoals pantry sunday organised currenthomeview keepitsimple

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A mother wanted her entire family to wear boutonnières for her daughter’s 50th birthday dinner party! What a lovely idea! Made a special one for the birthday girl and another special one for the mother who gave birth to the birthday girl! (This was a surprise for her, she loved it!) And a cute sized one for the little boy in the family! Of course, didn’t have enough time to take pictures as they were swooshed out the door. But here is a left over cymbidium orchid blossom. Hope they have a wonderful celebration tonight!

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Aspen trees in Utah Got a lil memorial day weekend sale until monday at midnight! —> buy $10 worth of prints and get a free glitch commission! Check out my story for more info 👀 35mm film Available as print DM to purchase

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Melbourne CBD - May 2019

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More from my booze shoot last week I created this shot by setting up the stuff on a piece of wood witch I wet for a reflection I then dropped a piece of fake ice into the cup to create the splash. For the lighting I created a softbox by putting my Speedlite behind a shoe box with parchment paper covering the front Gear Camera: Canon EOS rebel t6 Lens:18/55 kit lenses Speedlite Transmitter for Speedlite What I used: Glass cup Black poster board Fack ice Old empty booze bottle Fake booze (I did a terriblejob ; ) photography photoshoot commercialphotography amazon productphotography diy budget black booze splash nophotoshop glass wood productdesign art luxury luxurylifestyle design liquid liquidphotography productphoto ad advertising bourbon contrast stilllife studio visualart stilllifephotography ice

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Grounding and protection in the key of D 📷 xindigosoulx

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persian_love_cake کیک_عشق_ایرانی the secret ingredient is, love ماده اولیه ی اسرارآمیز ، عشق است پ ن۱: خیلی وقت بود می خواستم این کیک رو امتحان کنم و البته خیلی وقت هم بود که کیک درست نکرده بودم. خانواده درخواست دادن. دایی جان هم از باغچه شون برام گل محمدی تازه فرستاده بود. این شد که ما هم دست بکار شدیم هرچند یکی از لذت های مجرمانه ی خودم علاقه به درست کردن و خوردن کیک و شیرینی هست 😅 البته بیشتر درست کردنش پ ن۲: و حالا نام و تاریخچه ی افسانه ای جالب این کیک: اسم این کیک ، کیک عشق پارسی یا فارسی یا ایرانی هست. اروپایی ها میگن که بک گراند و ریشه ی این کیک برمیگرده به افسانه ای در ایران . حالا این افسانه چیه؟ میگن زمان های قدیم دختری ایرانی عاشق شاهزاده ی ایران میشه و برای اینکه علاقه و عشق متقابل شاهزاده رو به دست بیاره، براش این کیک رو درست می کنه. این کیک بیسش مثل همه ی کیک های دیگه ست منتها اونچه اون رو ایرانی می کنه آروماتیک‌ بودنش یا همون عطرآلود بودنش با اسانس های ایرانیه. وقتی این کیک تو محیط باشه عطر گلاب و هل و بهار نارنج و زعفرانش همه جا رو برمی داره. وحشتناک خوشبو و دلبره😍😘 برگردیم به افسانه: خلاصه اینکه اون دختر خانم با این کیک دل شاهزاده رو به دست میاره و بعد they lived happily ever after 😄 اما ، میگن ایرانی ها اصلا در پخت کیک بک گراندی ندارن و بیشتر در زمینه ی شیرینی متخصص بودن. بنابراین این افسانه جور دیگه ای هم بیان شده و احتمال زیاد ممکنه اینطور باشه که: زمان قدیم یه دختر فرانسوی عاشق شاهزاده ی ایران میشه و این کیک رو با عشق و کلی عطر و اسانس ایرانی درست می کنه و براش می‌بره که بتونه علاقه ی شاهزاده رو به دست بیاره. اما از اونجا که شاهزاده به زعفران حساسیت داشته بعد از یکی دو گاز خوردن، جان به جان افرین تسلیم می کنه و این عشق نافرجام باقی می مونه. بیچاره دختر فرانسویه ?😔😏⁩ حالا چرا فرانسوی؟ من حدس می زنم چون فرانسوی ها ریشه و بک گراند عمیقی تو پخت و پز شیرینی و کیک دارند پس این داستان به حقیقت نزدیکتره هرچند هر دو ظاهراً افسانه هستن و اگر بخواهیم از این دید نگاه کنیم پس اون دختر می تونسته ایتالیایی هم باشه چون ایتالیا هم تو کیک و پخت و پز استاده و ریشه دار 😄 خلاصه اینکه این کیک الان برند شده و توی مجالس عروسی اروپایی ها بخاطر عطر و نامش استفاده میشه. پ ن۳: به بالیدن به نژاد معتقد نیستم فقط خواستم داستانش رو به اشتراک بگذارم photobyme stilllifephotos stilllifephotography tv_stilllife vsco flower cakedecorating vzcomade