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StreetCarTakeover with billetsilver_392 🔥 This was my first car show since I've made so many changes to Yuna including the louvers, vinyl, springs, etc. What I loved most about the show is the compliments and respect that my build got. "Holy shit, that's an EcoBoost?!" 😂 People couldn't believe she was a boosted 4 banger. Yeah, she's not a GT. That doesn't mean she doesn't break necks everywhere she goes though. 💁🏼‍♂️ The show restored my faith in the car scene. It's not what you have that matters, it's what you do with what you have. 💯 _ HeadTurnersCarClub HeadTurners Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium Performance Turbo CarPorn Photography AutoPhotography Omaha Nebraska KansasCity Kansas

6 hours ago

Would ya just look at it • 📸 smartymotofoto Go check him out for any photography needs!

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Got her back up in the air to bleed the brakes, adjust the qa1motorsports coilovers, install the Torque Arm, clamp the mufflers on, and recheck everything underneath Engine- 383 Stroker LS1, built by Bob Simpson Sponsors: Transmission- TKO500- silversporttransmissions Header Coating- jethot sema pri lsfestwest2019 holleylsfest holley streetcartakeover lsfest powertour corvette   dragracing twolaneblacktop roadcourse streetlegal streetcar 383stroker builtnotbought c4 c4corvette exocar cleetusandcars murica america american edelbrock ls383 ls383stroker goDRIVEit DriveOPTIMA carporn

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This tram honked at me as it passed. Still got the photo. 📷

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🇺🇸🦖NEW ARRIVAL🦖🇺🇸 2011 HENNESSEY VELOCIRAPTOR 600 $36,000 - 115,000 - 600HP - D1SC ProCharger System - Air-to-Water Intercooler - High Flow Air Induction - Fuel Injector Upgrade - Professional Installation - HPE Engine Management Calibration - Chassis Dyno Tuning & Road Testing - Serial Numbered Dash & Engine Plaques - Hennessey & VelociRaptor Exterior Badging - Hennessey Embroidered Headrests - Fox 3.0 Front and Rear Shocks - Power Deploying Bed Steps - Power Rolling Retrax Tonneau Cover - BedRug

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These are the tires my Trans-Am will run while it’s on the street. These are the same size as the bias ply dot slicks I posted awhile back but these are radials with real tread. While I can technically run the other tires on the street, these should be much better in the rain. YES we plan to drive this car in the rain! Fun fact: it still has windshield wipers. • • • • tire big bigtire bigtires tread streettire streettires rain water wet wettires street streetstyle streetscene streetscenes drag dragracing dragrace streetcar streetcartakeover streetcars streetcarsmatter 1320video 1320 weld weldwheels hoosier hoosiertire hoosiertiremidwest

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This place is so beautiful This is goals and I’m setting them now and I’m gonna make it happen! I will live down here sooner than later!🌴 motivation ————————————————————————— chevy Silverado nitto motometal chevylife 20x12 22x14 stanced trucks liftedtrucks trucklife blackwheelsmatter locallyhated silveradonation nitto420s widetrucks 4x4 sendit 1500 truckporn sorryboutyaneck silveradoloyalty streetcartakeover TISWheels 544BM stretchlife pavementprincess worldstar

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Someone give me some ideas on the next mod for the coyote! 🧐 ——————————————————————————— air_lift_performance texasspeed americanmusclecom latemodelresto jltperformance lund_racing sveperformance mustang_freakzz mustangmagazine ——————————————————————————— airliftperformance texasspeed s550only s550mustang latemodelresto americanmusclecom mustang_freakzz mustang_fans mustang6g mustangfanclub mustang_fame_page lifeonair baggedmustang slammedenuff s550life 1320video tx2k jltperformance E85 2018mustang eurotails sveperformance streetcartakeover

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I’ve literally been through hell and back with this car and almost every aspect of life since I’ve owned it. I’ve made a lot of friends with this car. I’ve built a lot of good friendships and lost some as well. Shout out to all the friends I’ve made along the way with the car and fuck you to all the haters I’ve gained along the way because without y’all this wouldn’t be possible. made600headscamonly corvette c6 z06 lsx lsxnation ls7 hightechcorvette weldwheels weldracing 1320 1320videos z06owners z06nation gm e85 nitrous nitrousoutlet raceprovenmotorsports boosted streetcartakeover s550 racingfx mexico streetrunners streetrunnersgroup mexicoracingleague rpm b3 racingfx

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🇩🇪NEW ARRIVAL🇩🇪 2014 BMW M235i $21,500 - 62,487 miles Red interior Custom Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust done at AWT Motorsports Forge Motorsport Blow-Off Valve ECS Tuning Aluminum Charge Pipe Burger Tuning Titanium Exhaust Tips Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Spoiler from Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires

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So tranquil until you start it up 😎🔥 . REDLINEITSON

2 days ago

IMPALA 😎🤙🏾 | April 2019

2 days ago

Freshly waxed. Shout out to chemicalguys 🙌🏻

2 days ago

Well. It happened. Was going to KC and a big pipe or part off of a truck flew off and went under my car. Broke my transmission mount, crushed my exhaust shut, and dented the cat. Car is undriveable and I won’t see it till July. Insurance is gonna buy me some cool stuff though. Stay positive always. 💙 BIG THANK YOU TO bobsightford for the hospitality and taking the broken girl in Check out the real boi’s! (and girls!) dirtyburg5.0 mustangterritory emperor5.0 empress5.0 TyRuss_C7 392_specter python4.6 fordperformance midwestmustangs mustang v8 rtr roush roushmustang spring cars carsandcoffee americanmuscle americanmusclehd ford missouri musclecars american 5.0 5ohsofinstagram ame aftermarketeverything shelby shelbyamerican missouri spring 5ohnation coyote speed gen2 sct streetcartakeover