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Mostar, 2017 - A woman selling knock-off shoes sits patiently in the shade waiting for customers. - Straying away from the main tourist streets can take you a bit out of your comfort zone, especially on the east side inhabited mainly by Bosnian Muslims. The difference is obvious and evident in many remnants of war - buildings riddled with bullet holes most of which were never rebuilt, but also in profiles of residents. - mostar muslims streets streetseller travel neretva river oldtown world heritage oldbridge history beautifulbosnia travelling adventure journey croatiaphototour phototour streetphotography lifephotography blackandwhite peopleoftheworld streetphotography streetleaks eyeshotmag streetphotographylife streetclassics street.classics apfmagazine photojournalism milansabic

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Last weekend i sat on the side of a high way for 45min waiting for a bus. ° The bus was not late. My parents were just panicking about being late as usuall and so they dropped me of way too early, regardless of me telling them exactly how long it would take us to drive to that stop. ° Sitting there. Middle of no where. ° Plenty of time to ponder the link between how much i stress about being in a hurry or traveling and the way my parents are always in a panicked hurry mode even when there is plenty of time or not any time table to follow in the first place. ° Stress and anxiety transferred from one generatin to the next. ° Shame that they have had to live with that for so long. Shame that that experiance has been transferred down to me and my sister. Shame that my sister seems to be transferring it to her and shame for the generations past that have carried their own weight to be handed down to the next. ° acros100 fujifilmacros filmstreetphotography filmphotography film filmfeed yashica35cc analogue_people shootitwithfilm fuji fujifilm acros acrosfilm acros35mm fujiacros streetphoto_bnw fujinordic depression mentalhealth lgbtqa depressed anxiety socialanxiety selfhatred therapy masennus mielenterveys panicattack streetphotography yashica

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Tokyo Arrival 🔊 2049

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The colors of Lisbon

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Rome, November 2018.

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Selamat hari raya waisak 2563 BE/2019. The most important Buddhist festival is known as either vesak, wesak or Buddha Day , and it’s celebrated annually on the full moon of the ancient lunar month of vesakha.

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One of the things that signatures me is that I travel with my material. I have what I call, a moving studio. Today in the morning, I woke up late and had to check out in less an hour. That isn't a problem usually but it can be when you've got to gather all your things! Currently, I am in the process of sun soaking a piece of fabric and all those things had to be mounted one top of another in a Decathlon Gym bag that is clearly not sufficient! Do you guys also face situations like this? Piling things in the last minute? view snow winter landscape wanderlust travel photography streetphotography travelphotography explore mountains naturephotography nature breakfast polishgirl

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