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When they tell you to stretch more 😂 Double TAP and TAG a friend that’d love this ♥️ Follow mind_overmuscle for more great content 🙌 🎥 Credit belongs to rightful owners of video!

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Tuesday combos to smash through the start of the week 💪🏼 What’re you doing to get your FIT30+ in today? 🏋️‍♀️

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💪👌❤👍 "Good luck is the result of hard work and preparation" - Unknown.

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What’s the rush? If you want to reap the rewards of the long term success you have set out for yourself, Be present with the tasks that are at your feet not the ones that are out in the distant future. Trust in the process and enjoy where you are at right now. botanyfitness trainlikenoother functionalfitness fitness functionaltraining workout strength fitnessmotivation training health exercise motivation strengthtraining mobility wod weightlifting strengthandconditioning personaltrainer functionalmovement gymnastics hiit functionalstrength cardio conditioning nutrition personaltraining beyourbestself

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Keeping your back muscles strong improves your posture, reduces back and neck pain and improves your performance. If you’d like to ask us anything just DM us and we’ll be happy to discuss your questions for free. 👌 goldcoast surfersparadise centralphysiohealth physiotherapy physiotherapist physio physicaltherapy physicaltherapist strength strengthtraining strengthandconditioning mobility mobilitytraining functionaltraining functionalfitness functional podiatry run running crossfit pushups fisioterapia fisio strong

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This happened to me. I didn’t fully appreciate proper strength training until I hurt my back. I herniated a disc in my back (L4-L5), completely compressed another (L5-S1) and had 2 stress reactions in my L5 vertebrae and as a result, missed the entire 2014 basketball season. In order to avoid surgery, I started working with sjwaley at rehabacise and undertook a proper rehabilitation program which in the end, had me in better shape than I was before I hurt myself. Same thing happened with my sister, sarablicavs . She blew out her knee (ACL, meniscus, amongst everything else) and missed an entire year to rehab her knee. It was probably the first time she ever did proper strength training and now she’s back, stronger than ever! (Currently in the basketballaus Asia Cup Squad and pushing for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo) The point is, we both hurt ourselves, and didn’t fully appreciate strength training until we did. My injury lead me to this point in my career. My aim is to help people become stronger, faster and more durable so they don’t need to miss an entire year of their sporting career. Like the saying goes, the prevention is better than the cure. The lucky thing is that in this case, the PREVENTION IS THE CURE. The only difference between a good strength program and a good rehabilitation program is the load we use. Rehab = decreased load/speed. Strength/Performance = increased load/speed. The movements are the same. The exercises (for the most part) are the same. Just the load changes. Simple stuff. Don’t do what Sara and I did and hurt yourself before realising, “Gee whiz, I should probably get a little stronger!” Get strong - stay healthy. Pretty simple 🙂 P.S. Do your research. Make sure you get a coach that knows what they’re doing. Otherwise you’re asking for trouble. P.P.S. Most of the “Hashtag Influencers” that value booty gainz and gettin’ shredded, have no idea what they’re doing strengthandconditioning strong injuryprevention athleticperformance rehab fitspo influencer givemeaspell 🤦🏻‍♂️

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💥PODCAST💥 - Ep021 - If you know a problems a problem before its a problem it’s not as much of a problem. Today we have a wee chat about amateur athletes and a bunch of other stuff as usual. Make sure you do all the sharing things to get the word out and again, thanks for your support🤙🏼 ============================== Listen here: ============================== find us here: smiths_fitness troyabbottpt ============================== For coaching & gym membership enquiries get in touch via social media or email aj

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It's never too late to change your habits FREE TRIAL session for non member Muaythai, Boxing, Gym, Hiit, Good Members may also avail of FREE TRIAL of JIU JITSU Enjoy Zumba every Tuesday and Friday 9am to 10am Yellow Corner Gym is located at 3/F, The One Oasis Bldg. Lot 3939 B Jackie Lou Ville Avenue corner President's Avenue., BF Homes Phase 1, Paranaque City (02) 719-2217 / 0917-575-4551 cardio fitness health strengthandconditioning weightloss diet fatloss fun friendly nonintimidating gym muaythai boxing hiit zumba brazillianjiujitsu yellowcornergym bfhomes paranaque World Muay Boran Federation Philippines

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Take your to work day: AVP edition. Featuring mother goose aka susanfupt and our uscbknpt USC Sports Resident, fjzumbusch and our pseudo USC Ortho Resident, gboges

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Ya standard “try tying your hair up a couple of times” shot 🏃‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ jessfry_pilates dux_shoots

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“You have the responsibility to shape your life. You are the person who pushes yourself forward or holds yourself back. The power to succeed or fail is yours alone.” ~ Gary Mack, Mind Gym 💙 Warrior 2 is excellent for all athletes, as it strengthens and stabilizes the legs, glutes, core, back, ankles and knees, while opening the hips, groin, chest and shoulders. Held for 1-2 minutes, this pose improves focus, breathing and mental toughness, all essential aspects of your performance, in sports and in life.

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🔥🏊💪 FREEDOM9 Swimming Class 🏊 The Lion's 🦁 On Freedom9 L.i.m.i.t.l.e.s.s.A.v.e We Striving For Greatness one Outwork session at a time 🔥🦁 WeJustWarmingUp🔥🚀 makeothersaroundyougreater👑 TeamNoExcuses🦁 itsamarathonnotasprint🏃 FOLLOW AND JOIN THE MOVEMENT TODAY AND BECOME LIMITLESS ONE OUTWORK SESSION AT A TIME freedom9aa setthebarhigh thegrindneverstops strengthtraining lifestyle swimming pool learninghowtoswim strengthandconditioning fitnesslifestyle hardworkisundefeated youthswimming positivevibesonly makeyourownlane dallaspersonaltrainer inspiration motivation striveforgreatness Freedom9Swimming🏊🏊🏊

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Swim, bike and/or run with greater control, better technique and go faster for longer with regular S&C and mobility sessions. These sessions are a key part of your winter pre-season training. We offer athlete S&C and athlete Yoga for any club or individual in any sport. Drop us a message and find out how we can improve your athletic potential fitness yoga rapidmusclerecovery physio mobility strength athlete hiit circuit movement training sweat intervaltraining spin sport performance strengthandconditioning smallgrouptraining kidsfitness teenfitness fitnesssimplified triathlon ironman adrenalized_fitness_pt nesturin10 andrewgfitnesscoaching vickiryan_fitandwellmelbourne coach_stryker daveyblacktri

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重いモノを挙げるのが正義が。 それとも、力の発揮の方向や動作を重視するのか。 目的を見失わずエクササイズを指導する為にも良い目を持ちたいと思います。 本職の方々のソレとは全くの別物でしたが、下肢の伸展での力発揮はそこそこできてるかなと。 速度やバーの高さもそれなりなのに重くなると取れないのは、技術的な部分と受け止められない身体の弱さか。 自分の事を客観的に見れたし、フィードバックも頂けて良きトライでした。 snatch weightlifting olympiclifting strengthandconditioning strengthtraining sprint running ライバルに見守られながら

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The Soleus muscle is often forgotten. However, this muscle is a primary powerhouse in bent knee activities therefore, super important when running. Make sure you are including soleus strengthening in your running strength and conditioning as it absorbs 6.5-8 times your body weight while running. Happy Training.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ physio runningphysio sportsphysio strengthandconditioning clinicalpilates rehab feelbetter runbetter performbetter ivanhoephysio ivanhoe eaglemont heidelberg rosanna thornbury

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Selamat Pagi, seringkali kita menghadapi situasi dan pertanyaan "apakah boleh latihan/olahraga? Membantu atau malah nambah penderitaan?" ketika kita atau siapapun sedang dalam kondisi tidak sehat, lesu, lunglai, lemah dan kerabat dekatnya, jawaban saya adalah BOLEH dan agar memperhatikan secara seksama sesakit apakah kita saat itu, jika anda dalam kurang enak badan, seperti agak demam, agak flu, agak pusing dan agak2 lainnya, mungkin saat nya memperhatikan manajemen istirahat/stress/asupan gizi kita sehari hari, perihal latihan itu sendiri, saya menyarankan beberapa gerakan mobilitas dengan bodyweight serta dengan intensitas dari rendah ke sedang lalu menjaga hidrasi selama proses itu berlangsung, kenapa? Karena beberapa gerakan gerakan seperti yang saya tampilkan diatas, selain mudah dikerjakan (kalau gak malas), terbukti dapat meredakan keletihan otot dan sendi, meningkatkan asupan oksigen didalam pembuluh darah (tentunya jika dilakukan dengan pernafasan yang tepat), meredakan stress fisik dan psikis semoga bermanfaat dan berkah coachariefch umoveifix personaltraining sportscience strengthandconditioning rehabtraining correctiveexercise mobilityexercises fitnesseducation healthylifestyle olahragaindonesia

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Love leg day. Getting some good numbers going down on squats and dead’s followed by a nice little amrap

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We’re excited to announce the launch of Sealey Strength Gym – A private strength and conditioning facility that offers a system of life changing fitness solutions. Sealey Strength has been servicing the SGV area for over 5 years and now with our own Sealey Strength gym we can focus on the greater needs of our community. exploreyourstrength – Fitness is a journey and everyone’s reason for pursuing their fitness goals is different. At Sealey Strength, we understand this, and our mission is to listen, recognize your goals, and then provide the path for you to be successful. Our professional coaches will be guiding you along the way! Level Method™ – One of our most powerful fitness solutions that we implement is the Level Method™. The thelevelmethod is the world’s most accurate fitness-based level system, designed to systematically progress group fitness enthusiast safely and effectively – delivering tangible, achievable and incremental goals in the process. Get Started! – Direct message me or cynthia.i.rodriguez to book your free consultation today! If you are not ready to start your fitness journey join our Facebook group called Explore Your Strength, for more information on our services and offerings. fitness womensfitness strengthandconditioning personaltrainer groupfitness monrovia arcadia

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Possible reasons to exercise * Physical activity can help increase levels of endorphins and serotonin that make you feel good. * Physical activity can help you get your mind off those anxious thoughts. * Physical activity can help you improve your quality of sleep therefore improving mood, productivity and increased levels of energy throughout your day. With those reasons why wouldn’t you do some form of exercise? - To find out how you can start an exercise program email info - 📸 alanchau.foto - keepmoving keepmovingperth keepmovingmthawthorn

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In 2020 I will show my newest masterpiece. And I ain’t stopping until officialflexwheeler crowns me the New Sultan of Symmetry. The are no more height/weight classes where I am going. Just only conditioned symmetrical muscle. ——————————————————————————— kaizohealth bodymasscompositiontesting gymbullyapparel dwih_magazine therealtechnician thecharlesglass clay_slay_all_day Thanks officiallwp for keeping me healthy and strong. LWP Pharma often imitated, never duplicated. 🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳 royevans360 teamevans teamaceto thecharlesglass lwpteam aesthetics athlete bodybuilder bodybuilding cardio instafit ifbb npc classicphysique crossfit fitness fitfam lift mensphysique muscles powerlifting strength strengthandconditioning

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RUNNING CONTROL!⚡️Follow athleticfitworld alexnroberto alexrobertomusic for daily athletic and fitness content!💪🏼SAVE THIS TO REVIEW LATER!🔰Tag a friend who needs to see this!🙋🏻‍♂️ 🎥: parisispeedvb Trust the path Some bended runs with our Total Performance athlete. Too often in training we focus on a straight line. Whether that is linear or lateral we must be aware that sports are not always played this way. When athletes are asked how they would like to get faster they rarely answer with the 10 or the 40 yard dash. They want speed for the field. Challenging them to maintain linear mechanics during a run such as this could help putting the missing pieces of their game together. Train them for the situations they will see in competition and let them take it to another level sportspecific sportsperformance sportsperformancetraining sportsspecifictraining athletictraining athletictrainer athletictherapy athleticstandard athleticperformance athleticfit athleticfitworld plyometricstraining hurdler explosivetraining powertraining athleticfitworld burlingtonfitness hockeytraining strengthcoach mobilitywod training trainingday trainingcamp trainingmotivation exos strengthandconditioning hockeycamp plyo hurdle

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TRAINING AGE . Do you know your training age? . It’s important to know your training age for a few reasons: . First off, knowing your training age will allow you to roughly estimate how much progress you can make per day, week, month or year. As a beginner, it is very possible to see increases in training volume and weights lifted in the gym from session to session. As you get more advanced, this will eventually get to the stage, where these changes are only seen month to month or even year to year as you get very advanced Secondly, as a beginner it is important to focus first on building a solid foundation through compound movements. Over time, you can begin to shift some focus on to more lagging areas of your body and be a tad more specific in your training regimine Lastly, your goal as a beginner should be to just get into a consistent routine of going to the gym. Aim to go 3-6 times per week for at least 6 months and you should be set. As an advanced lifter, your goal should be to reach your full potential and push yourself as hard as possible in every training session If you know somebody who doesn’t know their training age, send them here Follow chiselnutrition Follow chiselnutrition fatloss caloriecounting liftingheavy gymmemes musclefood wheyprotein strengthandconditioning fitness cleaneating nutrition ifitfitsyourmacros bulkingseason bulkseason bulklife gainmuscle musclegain doyouevenlift bodybuildingnation buildmuscle

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Everybody at FKP MMA wishes Sensei erikademers01 safe travels and an awesome trip! She’s off to Japan for a year of secret ninja training, she’ll be back in no time stealthier than ever. We’re gonna miss you kiddo but we know you’re going to have a blast.

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Ya know it's a fantastic thing when you get excited to see these faces after a vacation. ❤️ LOVE YOU MONDAY NIGHT BEASTS figures247

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Since I started really focusing on better programming for accessory lifts, I've noticed not only my lower back pain has lessened but I've been alot smoother on my deadlift and squat. Also back to jumping. 40 inch box for the 1st time back. Not too shabby. havoktrainingsystems coach strength strengthandconditioning strengthcoach performancecoach personaltrainer striking mma boxing muaythai fitness traintodominate weaknessendshere evolveordie cardio energysystems fitness power squat deadlift jump

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Clip3 🔥🔥🦁 FREEDOM9 Boxing 🥊 Chef Boogie heavy bag Outwork Session 💪 🦁 🔥 WeJustWarmingUp🔥🔥🚀 TeamNoExcuses ItsAMarathonNotASprint🏃 FOLLOW AND JOIN THE MOVEMENT TODAY AND BECOME LIMITLESS ONE OUTWORK SESSION AT A TIME freedom9aa setthebarhigh strengthandconditioning training lifestyle fitfam workout challenge fitness fitnesslifestyle boxing beastmode makeyourownlane mittwork padwork friscopersonaltrainer planopersonaltrainer inspiration motivation justtrain showtimeboxing fitnessmotivation striveforgreatness boxinggloves tmt goldenboy wbc Freedom9Boxing🥊🥊🥊 mayweatherpromotions pbcboxing floydmayweather hustlehart chefboogie9

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TECHNIQUE TUESDAY My go to “ab” or core exercise is the Plank The Plank trains the abs for one of their key purposes which is anti-extension - or if I take my wanky PT hat off is stopping the spine from over arching (extension) So when we plank, we’re not trying to pop our chest out and create a reverse harbour bridge in our spine as our lower back erector muscles will take over Instead think zip your ribs or belly button down to your hips - you should instantly feel your abs engage more. Other key cues are to drive your elbows down to your toes mlanept abs

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🔥Run into the each week with a goal and crush everything one by one! 🔥 “REMEMBER, YOU ARE AMAZING!” “Strengthen Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, Strengthen Your Life” -LittlejohnFit Weight Loss & Strength Programs Now Available. Link in Bio ➡️ jdlittlejohn_fit littlejohnfit equinox equinoxsouthbay sprints cardio equinoxtrainers hermosabeach manhattanbeach californiafitness californiapersonaltrainer transforminglives strengthandconditioning fatburningworkout weightloss grinddaily properplanning setgoals nolimits

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aandh.elite sports recovery specialist acehendricks has been such a great addition to the OTG facility over the last 18 months and are excited to have this muscle mechanic on board for our next venture 🍀 New members to OTG get a free session under her miracle hands to welcome them to the OTG family ✌🏼 Stay tuned to our socials if you want to hear WHATS NEXT for OTG 🙏🏻

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McGregor FAST Combat Conditioning Savage Work 👊 Spaces available in these classes. Wanna come join is? Follow the link in bio. Complete beginners always welcome 😁

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💥 Chest Training by nikgfitness 💥⁣ ⁣ Here are some tips, that will help you to get your chest training to the next level.⁣ ⁣ ☑️ SHOULDER BLADES BACK AND DOWN: Retracting your scapula, helps to get less activation of the front shoulder and also protects it. Furthermore it leads to more chest activation.⁣ ⁣ 📏 PLACE BAR AT ANGLE IN THE GROOVE: That’s how you ensure that your wrist and elbow are in one line, which leads to a better leverage - thus you will be able to move slightly more weight. Also your wrist is in a safer position.⁣ ⁣ 📈 FOCUS ON PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD: For gaining muscle, you have to get stronger over time. This could be achieved by increasing weights, reps or sets over time. ⁣ ⁣ ⏱ INCLUDE PAUSED REPS: A 1 second pause at the bottom of the movement will prevent bouncing the weight up and also gives you more concentric and eccentric control.⁣ ⁣ The mentioned tips are for all chest pressing exercises. ⁣ ⁣ ➕ For chest flys it is also helpful to think more about bringing your elbows together instead of your hands.⁣ ⁣ Stay fit - Niklas 💪🏼♥️ chestworkout chestday upperbody pecs chesttraining workouttips bench strengthtraining strengthandconditioning strengthening gainmuscle gains weightlifting bodybuilding gym workout fitness fitnesstips exercise

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⁣ Low back injuries can be annoying and tedious to recover from. Performing isometric or anti-movement exercises will protect the lumbar spine from injuries by providing stability at the spine. ⁣ ⁣ Start adding anti-rotation, flexion and extension exercises into your program and your low back will thank you.

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rotational clean, rotational lunge, snatch, goblet squat.

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Limited appointments available beginning in September. I’m putting my toe in the water. Prenatal and postpartum sessions.

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BULGARIAN BAG CORE STRENGTHENING & EXPLOSIVE MOVEMENT EXERCISES. The Bulgarian Bag strengthens and increases the muscular endurance of the grip, wrists, arms, shoulders, back, legs, and rotational muscles. It also aids in building core musculature, coordination, and improving overall shoulder and joint mobility.

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Member Testimony!⁠ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠ "I’ve been training at FITA-U Performance Centre since December 18 and recommend it because I have improved both my physical and mental health in a safe and fun environment. The coaches are very knowledgeable and supportive. Ash is an excellent coach but also a very hard working and passionate businessman. All in all, a great community that delivers top results - give it a try!" ⁠ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠ - Ed Stephen -⁠ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁠ 📸 graceelizabethimages

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What does it mean to "Level Up?" _ "The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways." -Robert Greene _ Anytime to you want to accomplish something beyond your "status quo" you will undoubtedly have to do more. Your ability to aquire new skills and knowledge, and then apply them to your goals is what drives change. Whether that's a promotion at work to moving onto to the next level of competition (High School to College). _ You will be in "uncharted waters" and it will feel uncomfortable. You need to embrace this feeling, acknowledge it, and then move past it. Fear is often the most detrimental aspect to reaching new LEVELS in life. But what in reality are you scared of? Looking dumb? Failing? Actually succeeding? _ We can all go through life "playing it safe" or we can strive to be better and LEVEL UP _ Boxing Strengthandconditioning Athlete LevelUp Mindset Growth Preparation ElBoxeo BuiltByTitan ExpectMore

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Adding the smallest details to your Kettlebell lifts will not only help you enhance your performance but they will also help to keep you safe. The simplest things such as the set up and start/finish are often overlooked and neglected. people who train with me know I am meticulous when it comes to proper form with a kettlebell, especially in the setup, start and finish of a movement, I do it one way and one way only. These little details are what separate you from looking like a seasoned kettlebeller to looking like a huge cluster fuck. Fix those small details people; trust me, they will go a long way. Credit to theswordofficial for the killer tunes.🤘 kettlebell kettlebells kettlebelltraining RKC training strengthandconditioning strengthtraining strength workout igfit instafit fitness fit gym conditioning strong muscle health power unconventionaltraining KindaFitKindaChubby