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What did you do when you visited the DMZ? Oh you know practiced some sirsasana, why not?

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Decided to have a stretch session whilst my nephew napped today and have realised how important it is I have never stretched properly and am now paying the price I feel I have a long way to go but I am ready to commit to stretching everyday! Any tips, advice or exercise recommendations would be appreciated! flexibilitytraining stretch flexibility longwaytogo yogawheel stretcheveryday day1

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Good night 👋🏽 J’ai récemment découvert que je pouvais me servir de mon meuble de salle de bain comme d’une barre (ça s’appelle comment ? Un plan de travail de salle-de-bain ??) et depuis je passe mon temps à m’étirer. J’adore. 🤘🏽 jeannezam lavieestunefete bonnesoiree etirement stretching stretcheveryday selfcare prendssoindetoi unespritsaindansuncorpssain fitmom fitmama mamanfit supermaman blogueusefamille mamanblogueuse instablog microblog mamandanse dancingmom bonnesoiree bathroomselfie autoportrait selflove selfportrait frenchmom momofthree downtime dutempspourmoi danslasalledebain findejournee

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I actually think that the most efficacious way of making a difference is to lead by example, and doing random acts of kindness is setting a very good example of how to behave in the world. -Misha Collins treepose miniyogi yogaforkids

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Sound 🔛🔊🔸Wrist Flexor/Extensor Stretch🔸Improve flexibility, circulation and mobility in your forearms and wrists 🥊Awesome for carpal tunnel, athletes, artists, desk worker, gardeners, driver and many more ✔️

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Straddling into Thursday Have you done your stretching today???

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Day 2 of is and Excited about this challenge because the sponsors will be giving back to Ramana’s Garden home in Rishikesh, India ( 30% of sales during the challenge. In addition of a chance to win a full outfit from , a mala from and a 6 months subscription to channel, you'll also be supporting a good cause. ❤ Postures will be some of the key poses from Primary and Intermediate series. There'll be space for modifications; any expression of the pose is welcome. Join us in this magical collaboration and powerful women's team! HOSTS: SPONSORS: DATES: 7th - 13th May Here's how to participate: 1- Repost the image of the challenge and help spread the word! 2- Follow all hosts and sponsors 3- Hashtag in all your posts 4- Do any suitable variation of the poses Poses: Day 1 - (May 7th ) - Marichyasana D Day 2 - (May 8th) - Kurmasana/Supta Kurmasana Day 3 - (May 9th) - Pasasana Day 4 - (May 10th) - Kapotasana Day 5 - (May 11th) - Bakasana A/B Day 6 - (May 12th) - Eka Pada Sirsasana Day 7 - (May 13th) - Pincha Mayurasana/Karandavasana Follow us: center_for_y0ga Thank you so much !

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g e t s h i t d o n e? Namastay in this stretch 🤭🤭🤭 ° ° ° ° ° Crop top from xxivactive

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It's the last week of winter session classes here at Circus Center and I've been so proud of all of my students who have been working super hard the last 3 months. Check it these beautiful splits in my advanced stretch class! Great job, ladies! circuslife circus circuseverydamnday circuscentersf circusarts sfcircuscenter circusfun sfcircus sfcirque sanfranciscocircus sanfrancisco contortion contortionist contortionlife contortiontraining stretch stretcheveryday flexibility flexibilitytraining advancedstretching advancedstretchclass

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playing with shapesi don’t have much to say other than making it home in time to see the taco truck outside my apartment made me smile 🌮🤗 and having longer days of ☀️ is great too. what made you smile today?

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Week 3 of weeklyYoga is a variation on Parivrtta Janus Sirsasana or Revolved Head of the Knee Pose. There’s a lot going on in this weeklystretch but it targets the sides of your body. It will stretch and also compression massage into your kidney area, stimulating their function. This stretch will also strengthen and stretch a host of side body muscles. Bonus! You will need a yoga strap and something similar to do this stretch. You may also need a folded blanket for this stretch. Please look at last weeks stretch for the placement of the blanket if sitting with your legs straight is difficult to sit upright. If you have difficulty getting up and down from the floor please skip this week. If you have low back, knee, or hip injuries please consult your doctor before preforming. How to: 1. Take a wide legged seat on the floor. Bend your right knee and plant your right foot directly in front of your right sit bone so that your knee points up to the ceiling. Grab a hold of your right angle with your left hand. Place your right hand on top of your right knee. This is shown in photo 1. 2. Lasso a yoga strap around your left foot. Take a hold of the strap with your right hand. Take a deep inhale and as you exhale side bend your body towards your left leg. Your right arm will come up overhead by your ear and you will walk your right hand down the strap towards your left foot. Attempt to turn your gaze up and passed your right arm so that your body turns more towards the ceiling. Keep a hold of your right ankle with your left hand. This is all shown in photo 2. Muscles engagements: powerfully pull your bellybutton back towards your spine. Try to flatten out your left ribs so that you are not hunched over so far to the left. Breathe into the left side of your body to help with this. Your left leg stays extended with toes pointed up to the ceiling and the thigh pressing into the floor. The right foot stamps down into the floor with the right knee pointing directly up to the ceiling. Use the grip on your right ankle with your left hand to pull and gently turn your self even further towards the ceiling click link in bio for the rest of the instructions!

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💭🌊🌤💕 ⠀ “She was the tide, always drifting in and out of the lives of those who loved her, eternally indecisive, unable to discern whether she desired the solidity and safety of land, or the wild freedom of the ocean." ⠀ ~ Beau Taplin Wild O c e a n beautaplin ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Happy first day of Spring my OMies 😎 ⠀Spring means beach season is almost here, so I’m reminiscing on one of my best beach days with my mom! PS she filmed this little flow that went viral a couple summers ago I’ll be spending my birthday with her at the beach again this year~ it’s practically tradition. 😏🥳 ⠀ ⠀ & lets give this little swimsuit a rest easy prayer I lost the matching bottoms that go to it so sad because this was one of my favorites rip mybikini 🤣👙🙏🏼. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

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Stretch from your office chair👩🏽‍💻 7 stretches you can do from your office or cubicle (depending on how shy you are😉) or at home, these ones hit all the usual problem areas if you sit for long periods of time: upper back, shoulders, hip flexors and hamstrings. Try to do each stretch for 60 seconds minimum: 1. Forward Bend Hold 2. Arm circles 30s one way, 30s the other 3. Puppy Dog Stretch Hold 4. Puppy Reach (cute huh?) each side 5. Elevated Runners Stretch 6. Runners Stretch + Torso Rotation 7. Ballet Hamstring Stretch How bold will you be with doing number 4 through 7 in the office?☺️ corpao_workouts corpaofitness stretches yogastretch stretchingout travelfit stretcheveryday workstretch workstressrelief womenbusiness flexibility flexibilitytips flexibilidad flexibilitytraining hipstretch backstretch homestretching homeworkoutvideos travelfitfam functionalstretching girlswhotrain shoulderstretch fitgirls londonfitness

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Первое видео про стопы. 1. В стопе 26 костей, и все они, как 3-D паззл, идеально складываются в прочную структуру. 2. Так же как в архитектуре арки используются, если нужны прочные удерживающие конструкции, так же и кости наших стоп организованы в арочные конструкции: и вдоль и поперёк. 3. Хотя более очевидны и заметны продольные арки стопы, большую роль играет менее видимая поперечная арка, которую образуют клиновидные и кубовидная кость. 4. Именно от их строения зависит красивый подъем стопы у балерин. Но дело не только в красоте, хорошая арочная конструкция необходима для эффективности движения. 5. Главное заблуждение на эту тему заключается в том, что для улучшения визуального подъёма стопы, многие растягивают продольный свод стопы. Поперечный подъем остаётся без внимания. 6. Кроме того, увлечение пассивным растягиванием продольного изгиба стопы может привести к перетянутости соединительных структур, что лишает стопу стабильности и силы. 7. Но с продольным сводом все понятно, как его растянуть - вполне очевидно. А как проработать поперечный свод? 8. Ответ в одном из следующих постов 😉

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"I use to think the whole "falling in love with yourself" thing was BS. So I chased people who I thought would love me enough to make me happy. Once I stopped chasing, put in the work, and allowed myself to feel all the things I was hiding from. I discovered something pretty cool: The people who support you for you will help you fall in love with yourself. We don't need to do this life thing on our own. We should find friends, partners, soulmates, teammates. But they simply add to the love, they don't create it. " yogaforthesoul yoga yogalove yogaeveryday stretcheveryday yogaeverydamnday yogaeverywhere yogi yogainspiration myyogalife yogajourney crazysexyyoga unwrapyoga yogaholic yogisofinstagram inversionjunkie invertyourself namaste yogartistry yogaphotography yogagirl yoga365 happyyogi igyogafam igyogacommunity yogaaddict igyoga

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ALOSPRINGCLEANING ⠀ Day 1 - Skandasana ⠀ ⠀ Good evening my friends, ⠀ Tomorrow starts the first day of our spring yoga challenge We’re kicking it off with Skandasana - one of my faves I always do this little Skandasana dance before my middle splits. And yes I hit the wall behind me in this video No I didn’t record it again because 🤷🏼‍♀️ keepingitreal ⠀ ⠀ Be sure to check in with my cohosts and show them some love! I can’t wait to see your posts 💗. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🌸🌼Hosts: Eileendelatorre erikafischeryoga kelleyapril yogi.bree ⠀ 🌸🌼Sponsors: aloyoga alo.moves ⠀ 🌻Pose Lineup: 1. Skandasana✔️ 2. Warrior 2 3. Malasana 4. Wide-legged forward fold 5. Warrior 3 6.Triangle/Revolved Triangle 7. Downward Dog 8. Dancer 9. Wheel/Bridge 10. Handstand/Headstand

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Still uploading for marchmatness Exercise name: neckpull Whatever you do don’t pull in the neck! I get it, the name is confusing but a “rose by any other name would smell as sweet” Ps that little fumble between the legs is placing the magic circle ⭕️ between the ankles. Creating strong legs gives you the foundation needed for the spinal articulation on the roll back and curl up. pilates teacher pilatesisforeverybody shakespeare literature universityofderby my degree moneywellspent stretcheveryday exhalethebullshit stretching strongerthanyouthink personaltrainerlondon melbournepersonaltrainer mytruelove pilatesalways abs postpartum spine workoutgear 🤣 practicewhatyoupreach progressnotperfection zara berman mazeltov

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Start with 1 leg until you get to 2. You may roll backwards & as long as your not on the edge of a cliff you’re totally fine! Do I love stretching? Nope! Does my body thank me for it when I do? YUP! My son wanted me to use a Pablo Picasso quote today & I found this fitting “I am always doing things that I can’t do. That’s how I get to do them.”🙌

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Tuesday’s beach yoga classes are very special with this one amandapaigee Her energy is so calming every time I take her class and I feel completely in my flow and out of my head. Bring a beach blanket or towel for class. All levels/donation based. This community is genuine and all loving so take the first step in just showing up for yourself💛 Location: Ormond Ct on Mission Beach asanapractice feeltheyogahigh healthyyogi bodyhealthy learnyoga mindbodygram thisisyoga yogaclass yogaforeverybody yogaoutdoors yogavibes highvibes stretchitout bodymotivation rememberwhyyoustarted goaldiggermovement doingitforme yogabasics selftaughtyogi yogaoutside stretcheveryday roottorise

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Twist and shout Tuesday- Smile, breathe and do Childs Pose. Benefits-calm the mind, digestive aid, stretch the low back, open your hips, and reminds us that resting is a good thing to reduce stress and fatigue. I dream of the moment the yoga teacher says”now make your way into ’s pose.” wellness peace stretcheveryday grimsbychiropractor takecareofyourself

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teasertuesday yet another video that I cringe about due to the stiffly sniffles snuffed breathing and the less than perfect form. You can also hear me mutter “hm I’m proud of that” 😊😊 I think I was simply grateful and proud that I had got on with a decent sweaty mat workout, rather than supervise my watching tv and chilling out. It’s all about the small wins! winner dinnertime tv dailyworkout justbreathe pilatesisforeverybody stretcheveryday exhalethebullshit strongerthanyouthink stretching pilatesteacher joseph pilates teaser zara berman workoutclothes 🤣 makethemostofit fitfamily fitover40 moveitorloseit contrology buckinghamshire will always be 🏠 homecounties universityofderby beaconsfield londonpersonaltrainr melbournepersonaltrainer australian

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Little mountain top stretch 🐣🌸☀️

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First morning without yoga and I mean not even a picture or 5min flow nothing! The last weeks were pretty full with yoga, and the maximum point was this weekend with 12hours of strong workouts. And I mean freaking strong! On Sunday evening, my body was in complete pain. Every single muscle and joint hurt. I tried to eat lots of proteins and vegetables, drink minimum 2l of water/day and get at least 7 full hours of sleep to help my body recover faster, and it worked 😍. I feel way better now and super excited for my tomorrow morning class 💙. My babe told me something really smart and, even though I knew this before, I needed to be reminded: "you can easily become an athlete in the future if you continue practicing 2 to 6 hours of sports/day but from now on, the difference will be in all the other things you do to recover faster and safe ❤". He's soooo right, because I can feel this on my progress. Every time I take good care of my eating, sleeping and drinking habits, my body rewards me with some new achievements 😍. If anybody reached this far, I wish you a great day and don't forget Connect with your body&mind 🙏🏻 Xoxo, Anda 🐼

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Time is flying and it's the last day of AsanaAndAction already. Day 5 you can choose any funky pose Thank you all for your participation in the challenge, your creativity in the asanas and your actions off the mat. Big thanks also to our sustainable sponsors who are supporting this challenge 🐒 HOSTS: kaddarina.motus lukegraeber lucie.beyer pigeatsfish . 🌱 SPONSORS: feetup haritea_shotimaa malawelt matiliciousyogamats mayellaorganics skyinofficial ohmmeapparel . 🤸🏾‍♀ And here are the asanas if you like to plan ahead: Day 1 - backbend Day 2 - balance Day 3 - standing Day 4 - seated Day 5 - funky / yogi’s choice . 👉🏽 Rules: 1. Follow the hosts and sponsors 2. Post all 5 days on your public account using the tag AsanaAndAction 3. Tag a couple friends you want invite to join us and repost this flyer 4. Like, comment and support your fellow yogis 5. And most importantly please help to keep our planet clean and consume consciously funkypose backbends backbending heartopeners yogainspiration yogachallenge yogachallengeworld instayoga yogacommunity practiceyogachangeyourworld bendyyogis igyoga heartopener yogapractice backbend practiceandalliscoming openheart stretcheveryday flexiblegirl sidebend twistedpose bridgepose bridgeposevariation upwardbowpose wheelpose wheelposevariation contortion contortiontraining

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Feelin’ like a quality h u m a n today🌱 • • ✅ Made it to the 2nd round of a marketing job that I reeeaalllyy want • • ✅ Mopped my kitchen floor • • ✅ Gave my body some love through the wonderful healing power that is yoga • • ✅ Made a kale smoothie for din din 🥬 * * * * * A l s o peep the newpost on my 🎶 account charlotteglassmusic show me some love if ya dig✌🏻💯 quality human todaywasgood selfgrowth onmypath jobinterview cleaninghouse yogapractice stretcheveryday healingmedicine meditation movementismedicine smoothie healthkick newpost musicaccount follow checkitout musician creator songwriter

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Оставлю здесь любимый разминочный комплекс на баланс с моих групповых занятий, которые возобновятся уже после моего приезда. Может быть есть смысл выложить его на нормальной скорости с озвучкой на IGTV или в YouTube? В общем его хорошо делать в качестве разминки, либо выполнять отдельно, как самостоятельный утренний, активирующий проприоцептивные функции тела - на утро или на обеденный перерыв. Обратите внимание, замок в руках не просто так: он активный, то есть я как будто все время стараюсь руки расцепить. При наклоне в сторону, втягиваем живот и не позволяем пояснице проваливаться. Любую часть комплекса можно замедлить и подержать дольше, любые переходы можно «зациклить», то есть сделать несколько раз. stretchwithme stretchwithyulia stretchworkyoga balancetraining stabilitytraining мышечныйкорсет mywellnessclub южносахалинск stretchroutine разминка студиягибкости yogaflows stretchsequence комплексупражнений упражнениядляспины yogadance студиярастяжки yogaflows упражнениянабаланс растяжкадома йогадома stretcheveryday yogasakhalin студиягибкостисахалин гибкоетело растяжкаюжносахалинск сахалинйога йогасахалин sakhalinyoga mystretchblog растяжкаонлайн

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Monday’s are such a pain in the neck. Bad joke? But seriously tech neck/desk neck is real. And it’s awful. It includes referred shoulder, jaw and back pain too. That’s why I’m obsessed with stretches. Check out these you can do for releasing tension and pain, preventing injury and improving posture. (And also, don’t sit like that! Get up and walk around every hour.) . ➡️Let me know what you think and tag a friend who needs to see this. ✅Follow omg.tmj for more fitness health and wellness goodness. Good food, good mood, good health 🔶THE NECK🔶 * 🔹Forward Head Posture: this happens when the natural lordotic curve in the neck starts to straighten out over time. The deep neck flexors (front) become lengthened. The short neck extensors (back) become shortened. * 🔹Suboccipitals: a set of 4 muscles reside directly under your head. When the neck is forward, these get extremely tight! * 🎥 My favorite way to release them is with 2 tennis balls taped together. But I show it with one lacrosse ball. Followed by my favorite stretch. Think about rotating the head over an axis as you push the chin down & back and back of head up & forward. * 🔹Deep Neck Flexors: there are 4 muscles in the front of the neck that help keep the head in alignment. They go to sleep 😴 when the head falls forward. * 🎥: I love activating them with chin tucks lying on the back first. BUT you can do them sitting anytime, anywhere. To advance them, try lifting the head up less than an inch. How long can you hold that while maintaining a double chin? It should be TOUGH when done correctly 😰 * 🔹Levator Scapulae: this muscle attaches from the high neck into the tip of the shoulder blade. This muscle typically feels the pain because it's constantly working eccentrically to keep that head up at the desk! * 🎥: Hold this stretch for 30 seconds to a minute when feeling that pain creep up. * 🔹Sternocleidomastoid (SCM): this muscle comes from the back of the ear to the from of the collar bone/sternum. With a forward head, it gets real nice and tight 👌 * 🎥: Hold the collar bone/sternum area, tilt the head away as the chin lifts toward the sky . 🎥 and stretch instructions: docjenfit

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Traveling is one of the best things in life. It's also a huge source of pain, stress, and discomfort due to hauling luggage around, sleeping on a different mattress/pillow, and spending hours in a car or airplane seat that is in NO way designed for anyone's comfort. Nevertheless, I always think the adventure is worth the trouble, but I also am much better now about staying hydrated, getting a massage as soon as I get home, and I also recently bought a memory foam lumbar pillow that has been amazing for my lower back, both on long road trips and airplane flights. Never sacrifice the adventure. But never sacrifice your self-care either. 💚🌍✈️💚 ° ° ° ° ° travel travelgram stress stressrelief stressmanagement painmanagement painrelief neckpain backpain lowbackpain muscletension massagetherapy massagetherapist massagetherapylife therapeuticmassage massagemonday wanderlust adventure selfcare selfcareveryday selfcarematters selfcareishealthcare selfloveclub stretches stretcheveryday dailymotivation dailygoals balance lifebalance instamakeoverfam

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Still working on that slippery sucker called SNAKE 🐍 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 I’ve included the messy set up of the exercise because hey, this is my real life not a photo shopped version of it. Spring tension is one spring, which needs pointing out REALLY isn’t a lot of stability to climb upon. Next pull the carriage in with your abdominals so in other words a little exercise before we start the actual exercise (ok yanking is fine at this stage), next control the carriage out without breaking your nose (reminder it’s only on one spring right), and finally pull it back in by pulling with your abdominals. Unsure how to do that? It’s kind of like sucking the carriage in like an octopus 🐙 (or rather it should be slithering up like a snake). If you’d like a real tutorial, you know where to find me. stkilda 😘🥰😘 pilates reformerpilates pilatesisforeverybody stretcheveryday melbournepersonaltrainer melbournemums australiangirl britishgirl jewishgirl stretching snake strongerthanyouthink strongerthanyesterday exhalethebullshit justbreathe inhaleexhale zara berman momlife thisisme

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This is how we tell each other, secrets 😜💚❤

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Have a wonderful new week ☀️ Day 4 of AsanaAndAction is a seated pose and I chose to try a backbending variation of the frogpose 🐒 HOSTS: kaddarina.motus lukegraeber lucie.beyer pigeatsfish . 🌱 SPONSORS: feetup haritea_shotimaa malawelt matiliciousyogamats mayellaorganics skyinofficial ohmmeapparel . 🤸🏾‍♀ And here are the asanas if you like to plan ahead: Day 1 - backbend Day 2 - balance Day 3 - standing Day 4 - seated Day 5 - funky / yogi’s choice . 👉🏽 Rules: 1. Follow the hosts and sponsors 2. Post all 5 days on your public account using the tag AsanaAndAction 3. Tag a couple friends you want invite to join us and repost this flyer 4. Like, comment and support your fellow yogis 5. And most importantly please help to keep our planet clean and consume consciously backbends backbending heartopeners seatedpose yogainspiration yogachallenge yogachallengeworld instayoga yogacommunity practiceyogachangeyourworld bendyyogis igyoga heartopener yogapractice backbend practiceandalliscoming openheart hipopener hipopeners mandukasana frogsplits sidesplit straddle straddlesplit stretcheveryday flexiblegirl

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Holy carbs! I’m in heaven at this Paris baguette and literally want to buy EVERYTHING 🥖🥧🧁🍪

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Best way to start the week Stretch & Conditioning with kris_mac1 at thepolehouse 💚 We went green for St. Patty's Day! 🍀