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• Weigh In • Weighed in this morning as couldn’t weigh in on Thursday. Pretty happy with my maintain as been struggling so bad lately! Couldn’t weigh in last week due to work and missing a week and refocusing is always detrimental to my week! But now I have refocused ready to get my 2.5 stone award next week 🙌🏻 slimmingworld slimmingworlduk slimmingworldjourney foodoptimising sw swuk swplan swmember slimmingworlders swfriends swsupport weight loseweight losingweight swinstagram healthierchoices yummy yum fitter healthier stronger weightloss slimmingworldfood swfooddiary operationweddingdress weighin saturday maintain happy weekend

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~Vilo-dag!~ Idag har det varit vilo-dag fast ändå inte! Vi har planterat blommor, klippt gräs, trimmat, jag var till stan och handlade grundfärg m.m och städade huset när jag kom hem! Så grillad kyckling och ett glas rött kändes välkommet nu på kvällen faktiskt 😍👊🏻 Springer ni eller vilodag idag? 😁🏃🏼‍♀️ löparglädje irun imoveme asicsfrontrunner iloverunning träningsglädje girlswhorun runningmama springandemammor motivation fitspo runday runisfun runmotivation runfam springa löpning löpare stronger strongersweden runday rundayfunday fitfam löpningärlivet springförterese fuckcancer

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PERFECT RUTINE FOR PREGNANT WOMEN🙌🏻❤ 1️⃣walk during 10 minutes🚶🏻‍♀️ 2️⃣lay down on the floor (glute bridge) 3 sets x 12 reps 3️⃣ touch your hands and knees with the floor and lift a leg in 90⁰. 3 sets x 12 reps each leg.👌🏻 4️⃣lift both legs holding the ball between them. 3 sets x 12 reps 5️⃣ raise your arms and do biceps 3 sets x 12 reps pregnant pregnancy pregnantexercise exercises stayfocused focused focusedonyourgoals stayintoit strong stronger beyourself befocused motivation saturdaymotivation lifestyle getit workouts pregnantwomen shapeofyou shapeyourpregnancy

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🔴🔵⚫️ THIS WEEKS CLASSES ⚫️🔵🔴 Tuesday 18th June 2 Circuit Training Classes 6-7pm *followed by 7-8pm Wednesday 19th June Legs Bums & Tums 9:30am Kidz Fit 4:30pm Thursday 20th June 2 Circuit Training Classes 6-7pm *followed by 7-8pm Saturday 22nd June Circuit Training 10-11am £4 Per Session ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS WELCOME If Your Interested or Have Any Questions Please Don’t Hesitate Get In Touch 👍🏻 june paulleespt personaltrainer ashtonunderlyne tameside manchester circuittraining legs bums tums kidzfit getfit stayfit fitter stronger fun friendly atmosphere tuesday wednesday thursday saturday fitfam health fitness nutrition workout hardwork youcandoit moveonkickoncrackon

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💪🏽🦍 SLOW-TEMPO SAFTEY BAR BOX SQUATS (2020) 🍑💪🏽 CoachRube safteybar squats 🦍 By using the progressive overload principle, you can get muscles to grow, increase strength and improve performance. This works by forcing your muscles to adapt through tension or stress. By increasing load, reps, sets, shortening rest and time under tension. Don’t stick to just one method of progression. Implement any of these and start getting STRONG! 💪🏽 progressiveoverload strengthcoach tutelatrainingsystems painfreetraining coaching legs lowerbodyworkout squat boxsquats mets strong stronger getstrong physique bodytransformation bodybuilding strength musclebuilding strengthtraining fitness fitnesscoach healthcoach strengthening

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Lesson 1 - How to go Super Sayian So you want change huh? You want more out of life? More laughter, more memories, more goals accomplished, and possibly a vision you wish to fulfill? It is important to start from the basics. Ask yourself am I eating healthy foods and staying hydrated? Am I getting enough sleep? Is my job draining me or giving me life? Do I feel I am on a path I am content with? Am I able to achieve a feeling of balance and control with my day to day routines? And lastly, how are your daily habits currently serving you and what results are they creating in your life? Feel free to take the time to journal out these questions and let’s begin by simply creating some awareness! 😌

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Il vous guette, il arrive Le premier BootCamp 2k19 se déroulera le Vendredi 5 Juillet à partir de 19h à la salle ! 🔥 Le BootCamp c’est quoi ? 👉🏼 Un entraînement intensif en équipe et en extérieur pour lancer la saison estivale. 👉🏼 Des épreuves toutes plus folles les unes que les autres demandant Force, Vitesse, Agilité mais aussi de la réflexion et une grosse cohésion d’équipe. 👉🏼 Une compétition accessible à tous, débutants ou confirmés. 👉🏼 De la joie, de la bonne humeur, des fous rires et des rencontres : une expérience exceptionnelle à vivre ensemble ! ⚠️🆕 Exceptionnellement cette année, la soirée est ouverte à tous nos adhérents mais également à leurs amis qui voudraient nous découvrir ou à toute personne non membre prête à passer une bonne soirée ! Rejoignez cette folle expérience en vous inscrivant dès maintenant au club, seul ou à plusieurs (Vous n’êtes pas encore membre ? Laissez nous un message 💬) 💪🏼 bootcamp ete ambiance fitness crosstraining teamglobalfitclub fun stronger pasdexcuses experience joinus

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Some notes ☀️ (maybe someone needs it right now) You have to listen to your body, not only hunger cues but also cravings to get in peace with it. I swear that I never felt stronger and happier than at the moment. I never felt more like myself in Years. And yet I'm eating more than years. My mind isn't comsumes by thoughts of food anymore (at least not everyday). I laugh a lot and I have the power to go to the gym, go running, do a lot of things with my family and friends. I don't feel dizzy or hungry and events are not about food anymore. Also I don't avoid going out with friends or do nice things bc of the food that comes with it. So eat the fucking Donut, pizza or whatever you crave and move on in life. Get stronger, recover to be yourself and not your illness. Recover to live your life to the fullest, live, love and laugh 💕 (and to enjoy all this jummy foods in this world 🤤) . recoveryisworthit realrecovery recovery anorexiarecovery anorexianervosa edrecovery foodisfuel fuckana bodypositivity bodyimage donut pizza laugh happy stronger fuel gym growth foodie

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Yeah, baby, you don't know a thing about me You don't know a thing about me Mr. Know-It-All, Well, ya think you know it all But you don't know a thing at all Yeah, baby, you don't know a thing about me You don't know a thing about me NP Mr. Know-It-All by Kelly Clarkson nowplaying KellyClarkson MrKnowItAll Stronger yeahbabyyoudontknowathingaboutme 2011 2010s 10s AmericasIdol instadaily POTD SOTD songoftheday music classic favoritesongs favoriteartists favoritealbums favoritesingers Nostalgia wherehastimegone nowlistening

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Ligths will guide you home and ignite your bones, and i will try to fix you - coldplay. That was one of my fav song, wanted to go home everytime i heard that. To the man of my heart happy fathers day i miss you. The older i get the more i realize how important to have a dad. I still remembered how you stand for our family. | Thanks for acting like a kid when i was a kid. | i still remember my first day of school like it was yesterday time flies so fast very fresh memries in my heart t'was you who teached me to be strong in life despite of your illness you managed to work for us 'till your last breath. Guide us always papasu in our decision. For i know your on the safest place there in heaven regards my prayers to G! Im still on survival mode and i won't give up easily, A fan of yours, dreams on process 💖🌸 Happy fathers day blessed answeredprayers instapic ligthroomcc nigth happiness enjoylife nature ligths loveyourself unknown lifeqoutes happysoul roses wanderer wanderlust home soul creation fathersday livinglife freedom strongwomen lyrics travel baguio philippines message stronger fatherinheaven

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Det är en sorg att inse att jag förmodligen inte kommer nå mitt mål inom den tiden jag först tänkt. Men får fokusera på att bygga upp min kropp, hålla mig vältränad & bygga upp min försvagade vänster sida igen ❤️ Det viktigaste är ändå min hälsa och jag vet att jag kommer stå på scen en dag, det kanske bara tar längre tid än jag först planerat❤️ men samtidigt så får jag isåfall längre tid på mig att komma i en ännu bättre form❤️ För en Valkyria ger aldrig upp👊🏼🥇 lohilo astungt nordicwellness workout💪 healthyfood nevergiveup stronger

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Finally feeling a lot stronger 👌🏼🥰

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A veces está bien ir contra la corriente😎🤟

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You guys have heard me talk and talk about how much I LOVE Arbonne’s 30 days to healthy living program and most of you have seen my results from before I left for training, but I just have to BRAG on this program again I honestly can’t believe I’m sharing this🤦‍♀️ but after the pain of two back to back miscarriages, I simply just let myself go until about 2 weeks ago when I said ENOUGH! This is after about 10 days of eating healthy food and cutting out the junk! There’s so much difference in the pictures, not just physically but emotionally as well! I’m down 6 pounds, and MORE importantly, I’m sleeping sounder, have way more energy, less bloating, feel more confident in my clothes (including this bathing suit for the party today), and irritability is far less 🤣 I’m leading a 10 day group up until the 4th of July for anyone who wants to feel more confident and healthy! Grab a friend—you get a better deal! 💁🏼‍♀️ Are you in? healthyliving 10daytuneup arbonne girlboss phytosport gethealthy miscarriageawareness choosejoy summertime stronger july4thbbq

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. ENTRENAMIENTO PERSONALIZADO Ayudar a las personas a mejorar sus vidas a través del entrenamiento es muy reconfortante Deja las excusas y ponte a entrenar 👊🏾 . SIEMPRE FUERTE, SIEMPRE ADELANTE 🔥 . Sigueme aquí ➡️ coach.lunatic Follow me here ➡️ coach.lunatic . lunatictraining teamlunatic . gab_kun diego_fabian_26 chelsea.yz martin_cardenas landa.fabian math4532 alejomejia1209 edumunoz0207 . trainer calisthecnics crosstraining fitnessbody warrior pull stronger hybridtraining calistenia spartanwarriortraining ocr obstacle ninjawarrior crossfit pegboard ninjatraining ninjawarriortraining ninja battlerope beachtraining spartantraining ocrtrainingcamp espartano streetworkout sw parkour

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For too long this topic had been avoided and ignored, well it's time that changed! Nothing is worse than being trapped inside your own head, feeling useless and seeing no point. Nobody deserves to feel like that, what condition has the right to eliminate your happiness? That's right NONE! It's great to see this is being highlighted more, and people are getting behind it, but there is still a long way to go There is so much pressure on people to do amazing in exams, have a great body image and have the ideal career that it dominates life. While it's great to excell in your exams and do well in work it should never influence your state of mind. You are worth so much more than that. It's vital you take care of and invest in you. Give yourself praise and focus on the things you have done, rather on those you haven't. You're human and can't do everything Understand it's okay to not be okay. Accepting what's going on and talking to somebody about your feelings can be great for your mental health. It's more often than not the first step to getting better, and there are always people willing to listen. You may prefer to talk to a family member or friend or a health professional. Just please please please speak to somebody! It is nothing to be ashamed of and you're never alone. Find what works for you and take hold of it Set yourself small goals, like washing the dishes, going for a walk, cleaning for 20 minutes. It might seem daft but if you set a goal and achieve it, then it can give you that motivation you need. Know that you are bigger and better than this and have the power and potential to be a warrior! Keep your eyes looking forwards not backwards, remember your not going that way. I'm not saying it's easy, and battling with your own emotions is terrible, but you're NEVER alone! So please speak to somebody, set a goal, know your self worth and start that journey back home again mentalhealth itsokaynottobeokay health strength determined warrior survivor live life love believe achieve talk goals youareamazing neveralone speak notachoice bigger better stronger happy instagood instahealth dontsufferalone pleasespeak