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MarchMeetTheMaker | 23 'Top tip or advice': One of the hardest things can be knowing when a piece of work is finished, so I can stop before overworking it. I find when I'm sitting in front of the painting, working away on it, it's sometimes hard to see things clearly, so something I do to help is take a photo of it. When I see how it looks as an image on a screen I can see much clearer whether it still needs work or looks finished. It's like the screen gives the distance needed to see it as someone else might. toptip⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ sharonocallaghan sharonocallaghanart marchmeetthemaker marchmeetthemaker2019 meetthemaker keepcreative emergingartists artistsofinsta instaart studiowork carveouttimeforart colour oiloncanvas contemporaryfigurativeart contemporaryfigurative artprocess process observation momentsintime littlestudy takingphoto arttip artadvice tipsandtricks arttrick artisttip behindthescenes dayinthelife

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DOUBLE TROUBLE Ft. Sofia & Elizabeth 👯‍♀️🔥 Pt. (1/3) It’s so funny how they just met but it seems like they’ve known each other forever Also, fun fact; both their shoe size is five, and they’re both Capricorn ♑️😊 CapturedBySam StudioWork PortraitPhotography

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A little peep into what’s cooking the audio guide for the exhibition ‘Music in Malta: From Pre-History to Vinyl’ organised fondazzjoni.patrimonju.malti is nicely taking shape. Through litres of coffees and herbal teas, sifting through recordings and countless edits, I’m getting there. Don’t miss this exhibition! Opens April 13th and runs for 2 months at the Mdina Cathedral Museum, Malta. • • • • postproduction studiowork audio audioedits sound recordings fieldrecording sounddesign exhibition cutandpaste triggers headphones yamahaproaudio avid

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[Central Park: he was with a bunch of other ballet dancers practicing on top of boulders. I couldn't help myself.], 2010

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[ kenshung was the man], 2010

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[got tired of the seamless], 2011

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[american apparel vibes], 2010

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가희 프로필촬영🌹