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¡Ya puedes escuchar en nuestra RADIOTECA el programa del sábado pasado de NBM! Y atención porque puedes disfrutar en primicia de las grabaciones remasterizadas y revisadas por los propios directores de la Orquestra Simfònica de la Societat Musical "La Primitiva" de Rafelbunyol y de la Orquestra Simfònica Primitiva de Llíria en el III Concurs Bankia d'Orquestres de la Comunitat Valenciana. NBM NBM30Aniversario NuestrasBandasdeMúsica concierto música banda orquesta Estudiodegrabación sellodiscográfico radio productoratv studymusic instrumentalmusic classicalmusic profesordemusica musicteacher orchestra certamen festival

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“I cannot conceive of music that expresses absolutely nothing.” BELA BARTOK (1881-1945) – Hungarian composer and pianist, considered one of the most important composers of the 20th century; TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY. inspiration kauai chorus chorusteacher chorusgeek chorusnerd choruslove choraldirector choralmusic chorusrocks schoolchorus schoolchoir singers singer sing singing musician musiceducation musiced choir music musicians choirdirector studymusic director directors voicelessons humanvoice conductors

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🔥🔥🔥or🚮🚮🚮 ? 💬DM for price

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ノートにちょこっと五線紙やTAB(六線)を書き込みたいときに便利なツールを見つけた!これ、優秀。さすか日本の文房具だわ(╹◡╹)♡ Found a great tool when studying music. This ruler can draw 5 lines for notes and 6 for TAB. Can draw parallels without any stress! Japanese stationary products are just so genius.(╹◡╹)♡ 文房具 優秀 定規 五線譜 タブ譜 簡単にどこにでも書ける 音楽 音楽のノートとりに最適 平行線 クラシックギター music musicsheet ruler stationary japanesestationary easytodraw studymusic tab classicalguitar parallelbars

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Com quanto tempo de estudo você fez sua primeira apresentação? Aqui na start2playmusic os alunos já se apresentam no primeiro semestre de aula. start2playmusic violao

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Dysfunctional family but we all shining in our own individual ways. Lots to look forward to. Lovelovelove 👽🖤 237andbeyond

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2 NEW TRACKS 4 WEEKS 3 & 4 Swipe left for a taste or click the link in my bio for more! Last week I was swamped with more life, but I'm back and better with a dual release "P I N K W A V E" + "S H O R E" Mad respect to hi.a.a.ron for dropping the dope bass riffs on track uno. Couldn't have nailed the vibe without him. FYE - He's a seasoned popper so checkout his page for some funky moves. lofi hiphop music vibes toronto producer new release march dtchalis challenge study studymusic original chill sunday

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look how enthusiastic i sound oof - i’m aware i have a childlike voice, but this is just my natural voice. if you don’t like it then you probably have a mute button somewhere. there, problem solved. also i’m sorry for how bad my voice sounds, and looking back, i’m disgusted of the horrible quality. (i was totally not recording in the closet hh) i’m also really bad at speaking and english, but this was best i could do ಥ_ಥ relevant hashtags: Relaxing StudyGram StudyMusic RelaxDaily Aesthetic Study Voiceovers MedibangDrawings also i suck at drawing so i’m sorry (´・_・`) this video was heavily edit, and yet i still suck at drawing and editing. i was lazy, i’ll try better. i might do a dub version of this, meaning in different language, so yeehaw! ↖(^ω^)↗ bluoliloli

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Vibration four: Love. It's the activity, not a mere mystical thing that 'happens to us', and brings about the most positive effect on the world. By removing ourselves from our own ego, we get happier too. Not a bad deal eh? Link to full mix in the bio. Featuring music from brockhewittstories brambles_asmr wllmstrzzl woolookologie aceruleanstate instaphex overtonefreq soularorder katiahaywoodmusic valotihkuu and more Photo by dangafff ambientologist ambientmusic musicforlove neoclassical pianomusic peacefulpiano instrumental classical beautifulmusic pianos nightmusic classicpiano classicalpiano minimal minimalmusic contemporaryclassical relaxingmusic studymusic soundtrack moviemusic emotionalmusic lovemusic romanticmusic

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De La Soul - Memory of (US) ft. Estelle, Pete Rock

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🌸🌸🌸It’s Sunday again :) Do you already have some flowers by your house! It’s Spring! Lets enjoy it. „Bloom Bap” will take you some beautiful places it’s available on all the streaming platfoms.🌸🌸🌸🌸

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Jaydee 37 whaddup a short story about myself, love and Sangria with friends. Drop a comment if you like what you see 👽🔥 EditsbyCalioto Caliotoscuts

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“Their savage eyes turned to a modest gaze by the sweet power of music.” WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (1564 -1616) – English poet and playwright, often regarded as the greatest writer in the English language. inspiration kauai chorus chorusteacher chorusgeek chorusnerd choruslove choraldirector choralmusic chorusrocks schoolchorus schoolchoir singers singer sing singing musician musiceducation musiced choir music musicians choirdirector studymusic director directors voicelessons humanvoice conductors

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What's your favorite anime OST? 🤗 ~~~•~~~ ❄Follow tsukei_ for more~❄ ~~~•~~~ Pianist: theaveragepianist Song: Yuri: on Ice! OST ~~~•~~~ 🍡Tag your friends and leave a comment🍡 ~~~•~~~

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^Cześć kochani^💿🎧 Jeśli lubicie słuchać muzyki podczas nauki📃, a nie możecie znaleźć odpowiednich piosenek?🎼to oto kilka tytułów, które bardzo pomagają mi się skupić i nie rozpraszają💡 Oczywiście osobiście uważam, że każdy jest inny i jednemu lepiej będzie się uczyć z muzą, drugiemu w ciszy, więc nie narzucam mojego zdania.✨ Myślę nad stworzeniem całej playlisty z taką muzyką działającą na skupienie i wpływającą na naszą produktywność, więc napiszcie, co wy na to. Utwory pochodzą ze Spotify’a🔫, ale myślę, że możecie znaleść je też na yt. studymusic spotify learning studygrampl musicmood P r o d u k t u w n e g o D n i a

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Non c’è nulla di più gratificante che apprendere e poter discutere spesso di musica ed emozioni con vittoriomatteucci , uno dei maggiori esponenti del musical italiano, grazie alla daigomusicofficial ❣️. E pensare che tra un po’ riprenderà il tour del notredamedeparis_italia notredamedeparis_fanpage 🎵🎼🎶🔝🔝🔝 e sicuramente andrò ad ammirarlo. studymotivation studymusic musicproject musical singer artist mentore musicalcoach studiarepercrescere amolamusicaperchenonhaconfiniequestomifasentirelibera liberadifaremusica singersongwriter staytuned

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If anyone was wondering in the last post “hey, that isn’t your logo” yeah you’re right it’s not it was a early version of it with a ‘P’ instead of another ‘V’ 😂 - I had been using it for a month and somehow never noticed, but here is the corrected version 🥰 - I also think this one has a better colour so yeah sorry about that ❤️ - - Perfect imperfections link in bio 🖤

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Did you know that giraffes like to play ukuleles and eat oranges? 🦒🍊😁 📸 katerinafalel

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big news! new track— kiyomizudera (清水寺)— dropping april 12! super excited to share this one with you. ^^

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S U R P R I S E 🥳 New single dropped today just ahead of our exclusive recordstoredayus release, VSQ PERFORMS BJÖRK! Go listen to our rendition of ‘Venus As A Boy’. linkinbio☝️

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What’s on your bucket list? - 🎵 Ravenrapid X 0245 📷 gx1000 - It’s a RRR! - A remix of my friend 0245’s track ‘Storms’, his album drops tomorrow!