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Get your body ready for summer now! Heavenly Plastic Surgery is offering $1500 off of Breast Augmentations, Breast Lifts, Tummy Tucks, and Mommy Makeovers for a limited time only! Start your Heavenly Experience today by calling (657) 900-5055 for a complimentary consultation with Dr. David Nguyen! You only need to book your consultation (not your surgery) by 5/31/2019. plasticsurgery plasticsurgeon breastaugmentation breastlift tummytuck abdominoplasty mommymakeover spring summerbody summerbodygoals orangecounty ranchosantamargarita lakeforest foothillranch alisoviejo missionviejo implant implants breastimplants breast surgery cosmeticsurgery aesthetic heavenly heavenlyplasticsurgery ocplasticsurgery ocplasticsurgeon cosmeticsurgeon

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Amazing results after 2 sessions of CoolSculpting! 😍 summerbody

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All you need to do is google the Hypoxi method to read the fantastic reviews and see the amazing results 💥 Available now at Club CHF the Hypoxi L250 is 3 x more effective at burning stubborn fat than traditional exercise and it significantly reduces cellulite Through advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition, HYPOXI activates your body’s natural system to burn specific areas of fat and cellulite 💫Individual sessions £40 💫Course of 12 £400 . Book in today for your FREE CONSULTATION 👌🏻 . fatburner fatburningworkout targetedweightloss weightloss slimming stubbornfat reducecellulite lookgoodfeelgreat dropadresssize summerbody specialoccasions wedding nutritionplan achieveyourgoals realresults latesttechnology increasecirculation boostmetabolism burnfat hips buttocks tummy legs caversham rdguk henley henleyonthames wokingham berkshire ipreview via

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Swipe & Save Interval Workout 💪🏼 - 20 Seconds Work 10 Seconds Rest - 1️⃣Alternating Battle Ropes 2️⃣Jump Sandball Slams 3️⃣Kettlebell Swings 4️⃣Dive bomber Pushups Repeat 5x - Use this as a finisher at the end of your workout or if you don’t have a ton of time use it as the main set! - Tag someone that you’d do this with 🙏🏼 ———————————————— circuit circuittraining intervals intervaltraining functionaltraining fatloss burnfat metabolictraining swipworkout saveworkout trainhard duespaid maxout fitnesshelp gymhelp summerbody

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Warm weather always motivates us to get moving. If you're feeling inspired by fitness, we've got you covered with in-house Peloton bikes!

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Mirror mirror

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NEWS: ⬇️⬇️ I’ve had SO many people asking, ordering, and wanting more info about our newest product so I figured I’d clear the air: ✖️ Why is 🆃🅷🅴🆁🅼🅾🅵🅸🅶🅷🆃 🆇 a next generation fat burner? 🤗 🆃🅷🅴🆁🅼🅾🅵🅸🅶🅷🆃 🆇 achieves more than just boosting metabolism, that’s why! 🔥🔥🔥 This product boasts cutting-edge ingredients with proven fat burning results - such as nearly 2.5X more weight loss with Greenselect® Phytosome when combined with a reduced-calorie diet, compared to diet alone. ✨ Additionally, 🆃🅷🅴🆁🅼🅾🅵🅸🅶🅷🆃 🆇 helps your body produce ketones more rapidly so you can achieve ketosis faster. ✨ Getting to ketosis means you’re burning even more fat to fuel your body and mind! ✨ As a bonus, 🆃🅷🅴🆁🅼🅾🅵🅸🅶🅷🆃 🆇 also may help to balance your blood sugar and reduce sugar cravings. Now that’s a next gen product! ❌ What are the exciting active ingredients in 🆃🅷🅴🆁🅼🅾🅵🅸🅶🅷🆃 🆇?!?! тнєямσfιgнт χ contains many cutting-edge ingredients to support thermogenesis and more: • Green Tea, including Greenselect® Phytosome – A thermogenic catalyst that burns stored fat • Green Coffee Bean – An antioxidant superfood with chlorogenic acid to help reach ketosis • Caffeine – An energy driver that helps release fatty acids and boosts metabolic rate • Chromium – A blood glucose balancer to help keep sugar cravings under control. Supplies are getting low and the 3rd batch starts shipping out on Monday so if you have big goals for 2019, don’t wait This is so affordable and will sell out soon AGAIN for the 4th time Current waiting time 4 weeks so DONT WAIT ❗️💯💯❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ ordernow fatburn nextgeneration greentee fatlosstips weightloss fit health bymanu🦋 diet summerbody bellyfat thermogenic phytosome fatburning fettverbrennung abnehmen gewichtsverlust diät grünertee thermofightx fatburn nomagic itreallyworks bikinibody sexy

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The CoolSculpting procedure does what diet and exercise can’t. Call the experts here at Cool Body Sculpting Center, Hampton Road’s only exclusive CoolSculpting center to schedule your ✨free consultation✨ today!

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The human body is AMAZING! There's so much we can put our bodies to do, build, sculpt, trim etc All it takes is motivation and the right mind set! The beauty of exercise is that you can do it anywhere using just your body and a few tools like resistance bands There's NoExcuses on not being able to exercise because "I don't have the time." Or I can't go to the gym within my schedule." NO! YOU CAN WORKOUT ANYWHERE & STILL REACH GOALS That's why I love my job and my dedicated clients who don't give up! I'LL take the challenge and meet with you! Can't meet me well, onlinecoaching onlinetraining also provided! 💪🏼👙😁 MabelG MabelGpersonaltraining TeamChrist womenoffaith womenempowerment fitchick instafit getfit squat goals gymlife makeachange summerbody

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El mar se inventó para sentirse bien

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Came back even stronger from this injury laid off going heavy for a while “ felt like a while” and I’m feeling great it can be hard stepping back from the gym and pushing the weight you’re used to but you gotta take the long term into account take care of yourself !

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😎💪 SUMMER BODY PENDING 💪😎 Started my cut this week, it's time to see some definition and what muscle I have built underneath *No Excuses* Whatever your goal is kickstart your motivation by getting a start on it, don't get stuck in loop of telling yourself you don't have time or you will start tomorrow or next week 🙄 noexcuses summerbodypending summerbody thegym lovetraining loveyourself motivation progression progress training girlswhotrain pushyourself timetocut timetotakeaction

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Who’s joining our 21 DAY SUMMER SHRED CHALLENGE?! ☀️🙋🏼‍♂️💪🏼 Personal coaching, exclusive workouts, meal plans, snack list, support, and RESULTS 💥 DM me to get your spot 🔥 Begins April 29th 🙌🏼

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My lunch today was SO good. I needed to wash my car during my lunch break so I figured I would stop somewhere and get something quick to eat and Boston Market NEVER disappoints. Unfortunately, the veggies were rock hard so I ate half of the corn bread instead, oops😂🤷🏻‍♀️ life is all about balance lol. But seriously, if you live near a Boston Market, try it It’s so so good and filling. 😋😋😋 bostonmarket soyummy lunch lunchbreak weightwatchers ww weightwatchersfreestyle turkey gravy corn drivethru eatinggood favoritefoods eatinmycar losingweight weightlossjourney workout weightloss losingpounds myfav sogood tryit insta foodismyfav turkeybreast recommend doit summerbodyinprogress summerbody summerbodhereicome

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I’ve been asked a few times about the type of equipment I use in my home-workouts, so here it is ☝🏽 - This is pretty much it! ✖️Resistance bands ✖️6kg dumbbell ✖️Ankle weights (2kg each) All really affordable too, for those of you who’d rather invest in equipment than commit to a pricey gym membership - I also have a 2kg weight and an Ab roller wheel, but the above stuff is all I use Day to Day - I also have a gym membership, but if you watch my stories, you’ll know I only tend to use the gym in the summer proworksfitness strongwomen strongnotskinny plantbased healthybodyhealthymind balance fitmum brunette brunettesdoitbetter wellbeing mindfulness wellbeingcoach wellbeingwarrior fitnessinspo summerbody fitlife mumlife onlinecoach fitnessmotivation feelgood crueltyfree toxicfree onlinecoach memaintenance healthyhabits homeworkout absworkouts

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BOSU ball workout for the Boss Babe tryna get a banging summer Body👙😉 Grab yourself a BOSU ball, secure a little spot and smash the whole body workout👻 They're under used equipment so most of the time they'll be free for use even during the busy times of the gym🕺🏾 Sweat and Smile✌🏾 fitness health exercise healthy lifestyle weighttraining slimthick bulking abs abstatic weightlifter athletic girrlslifttoo legday glutesworkout summerbody HITT cardio shredding healthybody justdoit booty fitnessinspo workout goals fitwomen blogger gymaddict fitnessfashion gymtraining

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A healthy lifestyle doesn't only change your body it changes your mind your attitude and your mood🎎 So with that in mind )no pun intended😁) Here's a leg workout with minimal equipment. Just find yourself a little corner x20 each exercise, back to back, rest in between the x3 sets👻 Lets get it✌🏾 fitness health exercise healthy lifestyle weighttraining slimthick bulking abs abstatic weightlifter athletic girrlslifttoo legday glutesworkout summerbody HITT cardio shredding healthybody justdoit booty fitnessinspo workout goals fitwomen blogger gymaddict fitnessfashion gymtraining

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Ab Circuit: I never have days dedicated to abs solely does anyone🤔 But I do incorporate ab exercises at the end of my workouts and the ones below👇🏾 are some of my favs as I feel the burn pretty quickly🔥 Give it a go and let me know how you feel😁 🔸Toe crunches 🔸Cross crunches 🔸Heel touches 🔹x20 each exercise 🔹 x4 Sets 🔹Rest after each set ◽️ ✌🏾 fitness health exercise healthy lifestyle weighttraining slimthick bulking abs abstatic weightlifter athletic girrlslifttoo legday glutesworkout summerbody HITT cardio shredding healthybody justdoit booty fitnessinspo workout goals fitwomen blogger gymaddict fitnessfashion gymtraining