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6 minutes ago

tropical city vibes 🌴

20 minutes ago

been repairing this badboy today 💫 made me think how much i have been missing art lately and being able to fully express myself through art and creations 👁🎨🌈 ~ it gets tricky these days in such a fast pased world that we forget to make time for ourselves 🌻 from meditating in the beautiful nature to doing things you love like art or going for a run 🌞 is so important for us to keep filling our soul with the things that make us H A P P Y ! 🙃 have a blessed day/night wherever you are on this beautiful earth 🌐🙏🏽🦋 love and light 2 u xx

39 minutes ago

C. Vintage VII: Mi playa de Somo! 😍😍 * * Estoy muy contento de anunciaros que toda esta colección, que ire terminando de colgar estos días, estará expuesta en snap_cafe_y_exposiciones a partir de la semana que viene! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 * * * surf surfing landscapes surfspots surfplaces retroart vintageart cantabria surfers art surfart vintage retro surfillustration illustrationart illustration poster vintagesurf retrosurf longboards oldschool surfbosrds beach gallery waves colours ocean travel alohaart love

57 minutes ago

Bringing back and old girl back to life. Used the old Vans slip ons as inspiration to come up with this retro look to this board. All done & ready to give some sharks an headache 🤙

1 hour ago

Sculpture from the body of work entitled The Reincarnation of a Surfboard aka ithaka_surfboard_reincarnation [*300+ wall-mounted recycled surfboard sculptures since 1989] This piece collection of: Gonçalo Leandro and family surfart surfboard surfboardart surfarte contemporaryart sculpture museum gallery exhibition streetart art artist mustseepic leblon pipeline lacma mocalosangeles ithaka ithakadarinpappas artistsoninstagram artecontemporanea thereincarnationofasurfboard folkart surfing RJ Riodejaneiro Brasil moca lacma

1 hour ago

A new mural is in the making elevationfitnessgc 💚🎨✍🏼 PM me for mural quotes or follow my art journey jnet_art

1 hour ago

딱 이 때로 돌아가고 싶다 활짝

2 hours ago

Kitesurfing a tornado!🤙20 x 30

2 hours ago

Throwback cause there hasn’t been much painting going on lately 🐋 2 weeks till I take off accross the Nullabor, I’m so bloody excited ♥︎

2 hours ago

. 新しくできたカワチ画材 心斎橋店 kawachigazai さまへ個展DMを納めに行ってきました。 SNS用紙が企業秘密(!)のオリジナルの紙にリニューアルされたそう。 確かに にじまなくなって綺麗な発色🐶✨ 好きな色の絵の具も買いました。 ターコイズとコーラルピンク💕 sns用紙 🐚個展 6/15-6/28 ひるねこBOOKS個展 東京 谷中 7/20-7/28 KAWACHI画材 阪急三番街店 梅田 . 🐚shop minne作家検索で「yuripe730」 . illustration art artwork yuripe730 graphicdesign illustgram イラスト イラストレーター ガールズイラスト イラストグラム サーフイラスト サーフィン surfillustration surf surfgirl surfart seaart girlsillustration 横乗り 似顔絵 ウェルカムボード サーフィン好きな人と繋がりたい イラスト好きな人と繋がりたい

2 hours ago

🌏⚓🌏⚓🌏⚓🌏⚓🌏 P I N O S E E D A surfbrand Special designed handprinted t-shirts and Surfart. Made to support a sustsainable lifestyle project in the Philippines. We are looking for surfshop/surfer to buy and sell our t-shirt's. That  will help us with our project. Now available in Byron Bay area. Very sustainable company. Check out the web page : . ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ pinoseed surfing surf surfbrand surfart sweden archipelago peace grateful gratefuldead eco organic permaculture sustainableliving nature adventure sealife yoga sustainablefashion environmentfriendly  psychedelicart Philippines screenprint handprinted tshirt surfer love byronbay instasurf australia

3 hours ago

People search for the “right path”. But searching for a path implies that someone has already done what you do I’ve been finding out a lot lately that what works for others isn’t what works for me. I thought I had found my path But what I’ve found is my direction. I know where I want to go, what I want from my life But the path is up to me to create, and paths take effort and work to make. So it’s head down and working hard and the message to others looking to pursue their own direction. Don’t look for a “path” to follow - grab the tools & start hacking away in the direction you want to go art entrepreneurlife mural skateordie skateboard surfart sketching painting skateboarding lineart studio

3 hours ago

To the place

4 hours ago

surfart. Anyone want a piece or want photo commissioned. Just let me know 🤙

5 hours ago

This experiment didn’t come out as planned, but that’s part of the process🤷🏻‍♀️