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Melbourne may not be known for its surfing - but just an hour in either direction are some of the best spots in Australia. Kilcunda, Philip Island, Torquey, Bell’s Beach. Thanks to Riparide for helping us get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and getting us to incredible spots like these.⠀ ⠀ We’re announcing some exciting news this week that we’ve been dying to share with y’all! We’ve dropped a few hints over the last few weeks in our posts and in our stories - any guesses?! || thisisaustralia surfcoast exploreaustralia

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Mais um momento da série INESQUECÍVEIS. Ser levado de barco até as ondas e surfar com os locais sendo chamado de Gente Grande é mágico. Hoje o dia rendeu demais e cada dia aqui no Peru está sendo único, divertido, cheio de aprendizados e absurdamente gratificante. Obrigado a Deus e meus parceiros. guettosguimaro wavestarsurfboards fotosurfboard gabrielnovaesa surfe surf surftrip surfers surfnaveia surfer surfline surfingphotography surfboards surfcompany surfdays instalikes instasurf surfing🏄 surfinglife surfstyle surfcoast surfhouse surfbrasil brazilianstorm minhapg minhacidademeulugar gosurf gosurfing surfmusic estilodevida swell

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Country feels

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SALE is on ladies Our biggest ever sale goes all week, we have 50% off all stock but limited styles and sizes left We’ll be putting up some styles each day but have a stalk through previous posts and comment/message us if you’d like to check sizes PLUS all jeans on sale Happy shopping 💖

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Back on the menu, the Oxtail pho! 👌🏻😍 Open tonight from 5 for dinner

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We’re crushing on this apple and pecan cake today ( chocolate cake is always going to be number 1 for us but , but when you come across cakes like this it’s almost reason to ditch the chocolate hit 😛 ) this ones vegan as well . Thanks cremornestreetbakers

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Rowing can burn up to 800 calories an hour and is extremely effective in working your whole body from head to toe. Quads, hamstrings, back, abdominals, arms, shoulders and calves are all used in the rowing stroke. Take advantage of our three free class trial and come check it out for yourself !

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Una conmovedora historia de un Venezolano sin piernas que se luce en el surf. Llegó a Colombia hace nueve meses debido a la crisis en su país y cambió la silla de ruedas por una patineta. Rapear, surfear y estrenarse como padre a los 25 años se convierten en hazañas cuando, por un mal congénito, no se tiene la mitad del cuerpo. Alfonso Mendoza añadió otro capítulo a su conmovedora historia: el de emigrante en Colombia tras huir de una Venezuela rota. Un día, este joven de rulos y brazos fuertes y tatuados decidió llamarse "Alca", una contracción de las primeras letras de su nombre y las de "camino". A él le entusiasma andar por la vida, ya sea en su patineta o de vez en cuando en hombros solidarios surf surfing surfer surfear surfear Beach surflife waves surfers surfphotography surfgirls ocean surfinglife surface surftrip surfergirl sea surfskate surfcoast skate skateboard xtreme Cuyagua killifornia venezuelalibre Valencia

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Week 7 Challenger of the Week goes to Leanne Dowling Not only is she dedicated, consistent and increasing her sessions every week but she says that she is feeling amazing being on the challenge. "Healthy mind. Healthy body. Healthy life." Keep up the great work Leanne! 👏🏻👏🏻 Enjoy your vouchers to thesaltydogcafetorquay & torquaysmc ! fitness f45 f45torquay hiit cardio wellness sweat workout workhard lifestyle lifestylenotadiet happy healthy janjuc torquay greatoceanroad gym wellness surfcoast thefitlife f45training teamtraining lifechanging f45challenge f458weekchallenge challengeroftheweek

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In addition to the earmoldaustralia products we have on offer we are also offer the PURETONE® range of CENS Digital and EAR Inc electronic shooters protection. Electronic earplugs are designed to enhance the sounds around you like speech and game movements, but contain sharper impulse sounds down to a designated safe level such as gunfire and flash bangs. Used within the shooting sports and law enforcement divisions, these devices are excellent in protection and enhancement qualities. Our range of electronic earplug has set the mark in quality and sound enhancements within the shooting sports and law enforcement aspects. With recognitions coming from several major groups and organizations, we have developed a variety of custom models to aid you in further enjoyment of your target shooting, hunting experience, safety requirements, and radio communications. vicearprotect hearingprotection protect earmold custommolded cens shooting electronicshootingprotection earplugs geelong surfcoast

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Time flys alright Can you believe we are 5 years old this week! Crazy! I bet we have made so many thousand earrings in that time and a few hundred chip and dip boards. Thank you so much to everyone for your continued support We are stocking up in preparation for this Saturday 30th March & Good Friday barwonheadscommunitymarket then you will find us at Lorne For Easter Saturday Keep your eyes peeled for free giveaways to celebrate our birthday week

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May your week be as plentiful as this truck! 😂 Happy Monday everyone 💐

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Selling your home? Need to de-clutter temporarily? We can help!😃 Let us store all those 'extras' you have lying around the house so your home can look its uncluttered best on open and auction days. Whether it's a garage full of stuff or just a few boxes, we have the storage solution for you. Pop in or buzz for a chat to see how Store and More can help you. Loving the organisation here storeandmore storagesolutions organisation selfstorage businessstorage personalstorage warehouse storagespace springcleaning cluttersolutions moving storageunits clutterfree selfstorageunits local torquaysmallbusiness stockstorage sellinghouses publicstorage hoarders sellinghousesaustralia nomorehoarding torquay oceangrove bellarine surfcoast

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Do you have fungal nails? 🍄 🦶 The Surfcoast Podiatry team offer a treatment called Photodynamic Therapy – PACT PACT is a recent advancement in the treatment of fungal toe nails. Our podiatry team will assess the suitability of your affected nails for the treatment. PACT uses a UV-sensitive gel and UV light to target the active fungal spores. This treatment is pain-free and has no reported side effects. If you want us to help you or someone you know with a discoloured or fungal toenail, please visit our clinics or book your appointment online. We look forward to caring for you and your feet! fungalnails podiatry oceangrove surfcoast feet

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Storm's brewing

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Look who visited Anglesea Beach last week! 📷 by Alex Kydd Photo

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Swinging back into the work week but keeping your eye on the weekend 🤙🏼

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if you can't stop the waves 🌊 learn to surf 🏄

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Nosso atleta gabrielpastori vivendo o sonho de qualquer surfista Indo dreams

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We like to set ourselves up at Revive for a great week by reducing inflammation and cleansing the liver with fresh celery juice. Taken on rising celery juice also cleanses and repairs the gut, raises hydrochloric acid to enhance digestive function, and curbs food cravings, just to make a few. Why wouldn’t you?! For personalised health coaching by our qualified nutritionist call ph. 0410352263 for our Melbourne and Armadale locations 🍀🌿🍏🍐🥬🥒🥝🥦