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this is so bad i- 💌:overlay credits to owners

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No caption just tag ari thxxxxx

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Album: So Far Gone Artist: Drake Genre: Hip-Hop/Rnb/Alternative Pop Review: After releasing his 2nd mixtape (Comeback season) Drake started making big moves in the music industry, this is the era of drake and lil Wayne making music and when Wayne was about to sing drake to money, during this time drake was hungry and cared about putting effort into his music (unlike today) on this mixtape drake does what he does best which is to mix genres, on this project we get a mix of Rnb and Rap which works for someone like him. The reason I gave this mixtape a 8.7/10 is because of how many good songs there are on here and the motivation for making this project. When drake was making this Kayne was somewhat involved with this and when drake and he work together they bring the best out of each other. It sucks that they don’t have much of relationship now Anyways is this a classic? Yes and No.