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10 minutes ago

To whoever needs to hear this today: - you are not a failure - you are not a bad friend - you are not rubbish at your job - you are not a bad person - you are not worthless - you are not unloveable Please remember this when your mental illness tells you otherwise. * PositiviTAY* positivitay taylorswift lover swifties positivity

11 minutes ago

Both of em are incredible singers. What a friendship goals!

14 minutes ago

Inspiring! 💛

14 minutes ago

that hair 😍❤️

23 minutes ago

I need to go there💛💛💛💛💛

26 minutes ago

“i’d be a fearless leader, i’d be an alpha type”

29 minutes ago

okay so storytime, i was on ft with my ex (we are still friends) so he knows how much i adore taylor, and he starts going on about how she uses guys for songs and i almost started screaming at him proving him wrong, and he came to the conclusion that she was “hoeing” around and i was honestly ready to slap him straight across the face next time i see him, and then i pulled out tons and tons of facts and he still told me i was wrong and i was pissed off and after a while i just said you know what f you, you’re wrong and i’m right and i don’t need to argue this with you and i hung up storytime taylor taylorswift swifties swiftie hardcorestan ilovetaylor taytay swift

38 minutes ago

Seguimos em constante movimento, buscando sempre trazer o melhor conteúdo para vocês. Aqui você tem um site, para chamar de favorito e pode confiar. Obrigada meus amores, por mais de 54 mil acessos em nosso site oficial e pelo enorme carinho em todas as redes sociais. Estamos aqui para informar vocês. 😊🤗🦋🦋 taylorswift TSNBR TaylorSwiftnbr TS7 Swifties lover

39 minutes ago

First the proposal in ME! then the wedding in yntcd, then wedding vows in lover. TAYLOR PLEASE JUST CONFIRM IT FOR US

41 minutes ago

My fav lyrics of Tays is from you are in love “And you understand now Why they lost their minds and fought the wars And why I've spent my whole life trying to put it into words” because it sums up Taylor’s whole career and explains why most of her songs are about relationships (of all kinds) because love is so powerful and is something that’s almost impossible to explain. taylornation taylorswift swifties swiftie ts7lover loveralbum taylorswift taylornation

42 minutes ago

So uh it's obviously very likely that shes engaged but like what if shes already married???

52 minutes ago

There are 5 days left! Today I'm going to talk about Fearless, Taylor's second studio album. I will post later. 💝

1 hour ago

Preordered the lover box set and deluxe version 1 today. Already told my family to get me the other versions since my birthday is a 4 weeks after lover comes out. 😊 I’m so excited. I feel like this era will be amazing and the vibes for tour will be magical. 5 days lovers 💗💗 lover

1 hour ago

2 years ago today, Taylor blacked out all of her social media accounts, and deleted every single one of her posts! She then posted three cryptic videos of a snake and after posting the third video she announced her sixth studio album, “reputation!”

1 hour ago

Cause shade never made anybody less gay! So ohhhh🌈 "You Need To Calm Down" 😌 ใส่หมวกนี้เอาไว้ จะได้ใจเย็นๆ หัวไม่ร้อนนะ ฮ่าาา หมวกราคา 199฿ ค่าาา สั่งเข้ามาเล้ยยยย YouNeedToCalmDown LoverOutNow Lover LoverAtMidnight TaylorSwift youneedtocalmdown youneedtocalmdownmusicvideo lover swifties taylorswift fashionlover หมวก หมวกวินเทจ หมวกคู่ หมวกบัคเก็ต หมวกเด็ก หมวกบัคเกต หมวกแฟชั่น หมวกดารา หมวกฮิปฮอป หมวกฟักทอง หมวกbucket หมวกสวยๆ หมวกสีดำ หมวกปีกกว้าง

1 hour ago

Four days until I have to memorise 14 new songs and be the happiest person alive

7 hours ago

before lover comes out i want to know what your favourite song off fearless is? mine has to be love story as it’s such a beautiful song and it made me fall in love with taylor’s music at the beginning comment down below 😘👇🏼

1 day ago

ITS OUT THIS IS SO DAMN EXCITING okay so before i saw this i claimed track 9 which is cornelia street what are you all most excited about?? 🥰🤗

1 day ago

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