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Signs as Musical Instruments Pt. II [Libra - Pisces] /Your Sun sign alone cannot define who you are ^Aquarius was very hard to match with any instrument for me. Libra was easy but the aesthetic was a challenge. Pisces and Cancer were very similar to match with an instrument, but the subtle difference made it possible for me to choose one for Pisces. Cheers♡ astrology astrologysigns libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces music harp bassguitar synthesizer didgeridoo maracas singingbowls

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Meet me and the Modbap squad at Synthplex this week! We’re doing a panel discussion and performances on Saturday. Repost synthplex_burbank with get_repost ・・・ Just 3 more days until Synthplex Are you ready for this? 4 full days of all things synth. See the vintage synth museum, attend the gala event and check out vendors/exhibitors, live music, guests speakers and so many giveaways, product demos & announcements synthplex synthplex2019 . vintagesynth vintagesynthesizer analogsynth analogsynthesizer synth synthesizer electronicmusic studiogear learnfromthebest ableton musicproducer djproducer musicproduction modularsynth eurorack eurorackmodular

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Some more Year Zero experiments, but I really need to get serious about the sound I want on the record soon what do y’all think, you like? Can you guess which NIN sound bite I sampled this time? ( Γ˚Д˚)Γ ╯︵ ノ*:・゚✧ music musicstudio musicworkstation sequencer synthesizer sampler elektron octatrack roland tb03 calgary calgarylife yyc yyctechno techno industrial industrialmusic glitch glitchmusic dailybeats bignoise nineinchnails yearzero handinthesky vessel idomtwannagotowork ijustwanttokeepmakingyouproud

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🔥Not your Parent’s FM Synth Sounds🔥 . Typically when people think FM synth sounds, they tend to think up 80’s bells, plucks etc. Which can sometimes sound cheesy Check out how I use Operator in Ableton to get some unique sounds using FM Synths bt_music producerlifestyle musicproductions studiogear studioporn analogsynth logicpro sequencer ambientmusic producingmusic synthesizer synthesizers drummachine abeltonlive synth dawless vintagesynth eurorack modularsynth synthmusic plugin beatmaking studiosetup recordingstudio recordingengineer sequencer filmscoring AUplugin audioplugin softsynth

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some things are hard to believe! 🙀 as fans of kexp ourselves having diskretmusic‘s DAZED being played on one of the coolest radiostations on this planet is one of those things! 🤩 Thank you KEXP! 💕

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Hit me if you need a Bandana and a ski mask serve2survive

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"DEATH RAY" Behind the Scence ☺ . 🍽Envåk Kitchen Time🍽 You want to brew some "DEATH RAY" style black liquid at home? 😯 Follow these four easy steps. 👨‍🍳 1. Blackberry Jam 2. Soy Sauce 3. Boil 4. Repeat 🧚‍♂️Voila🧚‍♀️ Watch full video - Link in Bio 🔊🎶 death ray envak musicvideo industrialmusic synthpop blackandwhite analogue gothic producer colognemusic sounddesign psycho art videoart newwave darkelectro electronica synthgoth synthesizer idm raw violent alterego music musik nineinchnails skinnypuppy depechemode

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Fingerbirds (Feb. 2019) 🌗🕊

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Repost y_kontrol • • • • • Hey everyone, so we’re about to enter the final day of the kickstarter campaign for alisontavel ‘s resynator documentary. Please go to the Kickstarter page for the Resynator and look at some of the remaining pledge tiers and help make this film happen! Above is a clip from the sonicstateuk special a few weeks back filmed at the amazing tarabusch of ispeakmachine fame’s studio. Breaking down sonic barriers, inspiring, heartfelt, and something that needs to happen. Go check THAT out, AND go check out ispeakmachine ‘s patreon as well. What’s happening on that page is absolutely bonkers! Talk about having awesome love for your fans Want to see the biz being reshaped by an amazing band? Thank me later, when you’ve got your square vinyl collection sorted! resynator vintagerackgear synth synthesizer synthporn vintagesynth gear geartalk gearporn studio studiotalk studioflow recordingstudio musicproduction producerlife guitar guitars guitartalk guitarporn guitarsofinstagram guitarpedals pedalboard pedalporn

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Music made by elevatethesky Music Genre: synthwave Support: BANDCAMP - SPOTIFY - Connect With N&A: Facebook - Soundcloud -

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Repost resynator with get_repost ・・・ Sneak peak of graciepotter in the beginning stages of creating the Resynator soundscape demo that will be on 7” vinyl for the Kickstarter! Today’s the last day of the campaign so come and get ‘em We’ve also got 1 Skype session left and 4 tickets to a workshop in LA that she’ll be hosting! Link in bio! gracepotter synthesizer

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Check out the new REDOX Stereo Reverb unit from kilpatrickaudio . Designed for electronic music and studio use, this portable unit fits into many synth, mixing and performance situations. More info and order online at: Full video on YouTube kilpatrickaudio redox effect springreverb reverb chorus flanger delay analogsynth synthesizer synth modular eurorack modularsynth monosynth sequencer studio studiogear studioporn recordingstudio producerlife analog studiolife production musicproduction homestudio studiovibes musician musicianlife producerlifestyle

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laying down some synth