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Once the mirror called to me Sang a song and buried me Saw the nothing in my eyes Told me that my life was lies Visual Art by atinari74

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WYD when OTT isn’t over-the-top enough? Time for PrOTT. Sure, we all love the OTT setting on ableton’s multiband dynamics module and it’s ability to push sounds into ridiculous dynamic responses, but what if you wanted to get more ridiculous, more Over The Top (or in reality have more control of those dynamics across the spectrum)? Well to answer that question, I decided to take the OTT concept to the next level and give it a professional level of control, pro-grade OTT, PrOTT if you will. OTT is basically just 6 separate dynamics processes happening across 3 independent frequency bands, upward compression below the threshold and high-ratio downwards compression (aka limiting) above the threshold on each band. So I took that concept to the mighty McDSP ML4000 multiband mastering limiter plugin, a sublime 4 band dynamics module and limiter, to see how much farther I could push the sound. The answer was a lot farther. Using just a simple saw wave with a small amount of reverb to give the upwards compression something to push, you can first hear what OTT does, then you can hear the sound go full nuclear pushed through my PrOTT plugin setup to pants-shitting effect. Obviously I have this this set to full-retard mode for dramatic effect but the timbre it gives is amazing for pummeling shit while sound designing, and what was really dope is later when I backed off the settings, I was able to get much more granular and precise control of OTT’s effect by not only having that 4th band but also thanks to the ML4000 also having a 3rd dynamics module per band, a gate, to cut that upwards compression tail short in certain frequencies. This started as a joke but I wound up with something I’ll be using a lot more for mixing. I think I’m gonna start trying to recreate all the overused ableton meme presets in more professional level plugins (looking at you next, Yo Man!) studiotips productiontips studiomemes producermemes drumandbass DnB producertips mixingtips synth synthesizer musicstudio musicproducer neurofunk recordingstudio studio LA bassmusic edm dj dubstep rap music recording mixing trap riddim OTT Ableton PrOTT

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I took this picture of Keith Emerson's massive synthesizer at The Met a while ago, only to discover a sign that said NO PHOTOGRAPHY after I took it. So, um, please don't tell anyone. keithemerson synthesizer analog nophotographs whoops

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«•Modular Jam 001•» 🎧Headphones Highly Recommended🎧

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Graphite on paper.

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A section towards the end of last week's jam "Long Tail". Full thing is on YouTube if you fancy being taken on a space-filled ten minute journey into long, conet-like delay tails, hypnotic percussion and sweepy synthy goodness delay hardwarejams weekendchallenge deeptechno melodictechno technojam filtersweep wearethemusicmakers tapedelay eachtrackisaminiliveset dubtechno synthesizer synthlife beatmakers soundscape youtube downtempo relaxingtechno rolandtr8s tr8s korgmonologue modalskulpt microkorg novationcircuit jamming

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Sometimes the moon just casts a spell on you. soyetermusic (apparently this is my 300th post under this hashtag)

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“Everybody’s got opinions on the way ur livin’, but see they can’t fill ya shoes life is made of half illusion, forty percent confusion, whatever’s left amusin’ to keep ourselves from losin’, yea, u don’t know what I been thru, hell I might go thru u” Classic Kast fueling the workout iFitnessKing 👊🏾 outkast Synthesizer Aquemini bigboi andre3000

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Started learning the node based audio programming in reaktor so I can start building the synthesizer ideas I’ve had. Just got a simple spectral bandpass filter working as a test case. The FFT math involved was my only barrier between me and this crazy synth idea, and turns out there’s an FFT library for reaktor! Shit’s about to get wild. audio softwareengineering sounddesign synthesizer

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The Mojave Desert Modular Experiment is a new series from perfect_circuit that features unique modular synthesizer performances in the Mojave Desert. This performance (VIDEO in BIO) features experimental saxophonist Patrick Shiroishi creating otherworldly sounds!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ modularsynth modular synthesizer eurorack synthesis synthjam perfectcircuit musicproducer musicproducers musicproducerlife musicproducerslife musicproducersbelike musicproducergrind musicproducerlife sounddesignerlife sounddesigner musicproduction musicmaking

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People walking by the studio are starting to see a man made more out of wires than flesh

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METRON FIRMWARE V1.2 IS UP NOW Changes include some bug fixes, timing improvements, and new PPQN settings Download it now at

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We’re still running our maverick deals on korgofficial product! We had our awesome synth event, “Brew Music” last month and we’re still running the same deep discounts on pieces like the Minilogue XD, Minilogue, Volca Mix, and Volca Bass. Check them out at or drop in and get your hands on them! 🤟🎹🎧 kenstantonmusic synthesizer synthesizers keyboard keyboarist keyboards musicians postoftheday jamsession synthporn atlanta atlantamusicians atlantamusicscene marietta mariettasquare newgear craftbeer synthlife itsavibe

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“ I can see your light in the dark, you can run aloneyou know that I’m not far” • This week’s exploration has brought me back to my first synth. It’s been a while since I used this gem. Do you have a piece of gear you have not jammed with in a while? Comment below and I hope you relight the g.a.s you once had for it 🔥 All sounds from Korg official Microkorg Recorded via ableton • • • microkorg korg welcometospacelounge haveyoubeenfound vibeoftheday ambient darkambientmusic synthjam synthesizer factinstabeats polywave soundtracking synths synthwave synthpatcher producercity orbmag

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Really just experimenting today. Not my usual stuff. 🤔

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SUPER DUPER LATE POST Hehehehehe Senang bisa mengenal teman musisi baru dari seluruh indonesia yang berkompetisi di yamahaindonesia & yamahamusikid Kalian semua di mata _pushnplay_ adalah juara. Karena musik bukan untuk di adu. Tp untuk di nikmati Terimakasi kepada pihak yamahaindonesia & yamahamusikid sudah memberi kami kesempatan untuk mengisi jingle di yamaha lexi dan memberikan imbalan YAMAHA MIO S & YAMAHA SYNTHESIZER DX untuk membuat _pushnplay_ lebih semangat lagi bermusik Semoga kita bisa berjumpa di lain event. Tetaplah berkarya kawan kawanku. Karena ingatlah musik bukan untuk di adu. Tapi untuk di nikmati. Salam The best musisi indonesia band lexijinglecompetition pushandplay coldplay jinglelagu composer songwriter metal pop reward punk rockandroll progressivemetal guitar guitarist guitaris gearporn yamahamio yamahadtx synthesizer bandindustri bandindie bandindustrisurabaya bandindustriindonesia bandindiesurabaya bandindieindonesia

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Freestyle jam with TR8S and Arturia Drumbrute Impact on percussion duties, TB3 and Bass Station 2 on bass, and Tonestar 2600 through SEM Filter/Roboto/Echo/Helix Phaser on other synth sounds. I used the Scatter feature on the TB3 to play those glitchy sounds (with my left hand to hold the camera with my right hand so quite a challenge! 😂) synth synthesizer synthspace analogsynth modularsynth electronicmusic freestyle music livemusic live sunday homestudio gearporn musicvideo roland rolandspotlight novation studioelectronics