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⚠️⚠️MENSAJE FUTURO IMPORTANTE⚠️⚠️ Estamos a 4 días de publicar nuestro primer sencillo ✨ No se separen de nosotros, que estamos muy cerca de iniciar nuestro viaje juntos! Son sorpresas grandes las que vienen, están listos para conocernos? 👩🏻‍🚀👨🏻‍🚀 • • • • • • • ⚡️ synthwave synth synthpop 80s 80sfashion 80sstyle futuredream music newsingle 4days

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Synth Jam 26 This is actually the second jam I recorded today. The first used a midi track that got jacked up somehow so I wrote a new only using the Volcas [who needs computers anyways right?] Be sure to check out my latest single “The Drive” on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes and all other streaming platforms! I’ve switched focus to mixing my lofi-inspired EP so hopefully that will be out within a few months! As always thanks for the love and support! synth  synthesizers  synthstagram synthesizer  livesynth  synthwave livesynthwave  outrun synthfam  music livemusic  bedroomproducer torontomusicscene  torontomusician synthfam  synthjam  synthwaveaesthetic outrunaesthetic korgvolca retrowave chillwave korg visualdon homestudio volca outlandtoronto toronto synthpop synthwavescene

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ya boy got his summer cut to go with his summer song. by the way, have you heard it? i put a lot of myself into that song. there’s a very obvious nod to one of my favorite artists in it. do you hear it? electronicrock electrorock electropop synthrock synthpop darkwave pop rock altrock alternativepop alternativerock newmusic instamusic synthwave nineinchnails nin trentreznor altrock cravedanger rockmusic popmusic darkmusic synthmusic electromusic newreleases spotify applemusic insta instagood instalike

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Currently working on a new song with my friend Cameron in the studio ✌🏻[photo cred: the.olde.headboard]

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nowspinning Black Marble: It's Immaterial (2016) . Though once an aspiring turntablist and drum-n-bass listener, I've been digging around for other types of music to expand my horizons. This album from Black Marble came to me via randomly grabbing vegan donuts in Silver Lake one Sunday morning (true story). The dark, post-punk sound was reminiscent of Joy Division, but still has a freshness that feels current. Definitely want to hear more stuff like this. Any recommendations on similar records?

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В начале декабря минувшего года выдался отличный день - туман был с самого утра, и вечером только усилился. Потому, с особой радостью, прошелся через один из моих любимых районов города, чтобы сделать фото, о которых давно мечтал. Помимо фото (скоро выложу), заснял и немного атмосферных видео. Долго думал, что с ними делать, в итоге - смонтировал (прямо на телефоне), получив идеальное, пусть не по качеству, но по соответствию его содержания некоторым моим эстетическим предпочтениям, видео - "небоскрёбы" ночного города в тумане, блики света, и все это под прохладное звучание немецкого синтпопа 80-х. Музыка/Music: Boytronic - Hold On (1984) краснодар огниночногогорода огникраснодара туман 80е krasnodar nightcitylights nightcity atmosphere synthpop 80s aesthetic aesthetics

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It's going to be a Retrodise to remember deepellumartco tonight when jessiefryemusic performs with iamtimecop1983! The We Are Dreamers tour also brings arcadehigh, korineband, and primoalien performing tonight at 8pm! See you there📷 of Jessie Frye's performance at Ruins from November 14, 2018. jessiefrye singersongwriter timecop1983 arcadehigh korine primothealien synthwave synthpop synth concert livemusic deepellum retrowave newwave retronewwave deepellum dfwentertainment indieelectronic indie chillwave syntheticromance photographer photography gigphotography concertphotography eventphotography supportlocalmusic

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Gig Performer in action with Trey Gunn and David Jameson of Security Project.

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sweet like honey playing shows w them ♥️ we’ll see u this friday at imagine? info in my bio!

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Les dejamos el detrás de cámaras de nuestros videoclips “Nadie más” y “Escarlata” Ambos vídeos fueron realizados por korvofilms 📹 Vídeo por: ginnashernoville 🔥 Maquillaje: marciaattacks 💄

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Catgrimm skyscraper grim5x5

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😈 I'm coming for you I'm so excited to announce my debut single "Demonic" is coming to all platforms Friday 8/2! Written and produced by me, co-produced by john_conlin. Follow the link in my bio to pre-save and pre-order, (or I'm gonna get get demonic 👿) • (📸: john_conlin)

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support our dreams and our bank accounts! stream I'M HERE by john_conlin