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So I’m done with this weather Though apparently tomorrow for the next 4 days it’s supposed to be nice! I’m off tomorrow then working all over the weekend so ho hum I’m just wishing I was sat on this beach again, so beautiful from my fantastic cruise, not looking out onto heavy rain while I’m on the train hoping it’s not raining when I get off! Good old British weather and we all complain about it too 🤣🤣 marvelous_shots world_bestnature through_the_travel_lens explore_destinations takemeback pocket_world raw_world worldcaptures top_world_shot tw_hotshots

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Comme une envie d’Italie après avoir fait des paninis pendant 6 heures à l’usine takemeback sicilia 🇮🇹

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I didn't come this far to only come this far. I will keep working hard until I reach my goal. But if you reach your goal, set a bigger goal! Because the journey is what makes life great. I came this far so that I would be strong enough to go further. This is only the beginning. I am proud of my achievements, but that doesn't mean I will settle for them. ~ Fearless Motivation

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Find any new countries in the cupboard lately? - Edmund Pevensie

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Coffee.Vacation.Coffee.Vacation ☕️✈️ Photo by the talented saifkhlaifat

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We had such a soft mellow opening that when fever333 came out after it was like doing a line of coke. Holy shit did they bring the energy onto that stage on Day 2. As you can see from the different photos the band evolved as they went along slowly losing more and more clothing. Always in constant motion, high energy, no fear and huge hearts - Fever 333 was a performance that truly stuck with me. Kudos to not only the band for coming out in 84° weather in full prisoner outfits but their entire crew for keeping up with their energy just the same! fever333 sonictemplefestival sonictemple takemeback highenergy rocknroll nojudgement nosexism noracism onepeople greatshow columbusohio eastcoast rockfestival gettingcrazy

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Just me waiting for Fridayyy 😝