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Hardwork is always greater than talent. Talent may take you to some height it's like beginner's luck, but to be remain at that position or to reach further height you need to hustle. Keep hustle, push yourself hard. It is difficult but necessary to reach to achieve your dream raool27 enrichmentbeginswithin communicationmastery communication happiness motivation motivationquotes motivationalspeaker motivationforlife motivational motivationalvideos lifegoals motivationalposts hustle hustlersquare hardwork talent talented luck goals😍 goal livelife lifegoals💯

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Я и пальмы 🌴🌴🌴 ⠀ Настроение фантастическое ✨ ⠀ Почему так важно правильно отдыхать? ✨ ⠀ ☝🏽Важно, чтобы не только маленький кусочек – отпуск, но все лето было ярким и радостным! Лето может стать перезагрузкой,  благодаря которой мы избежим многих трудностей ⠀ У нас обязано быть желание быть в мире с собой, наслаждаться тем, что мы видим вокруг будь то Сочи, Италия или Филиппинские острова ⠀ ☝🏽Это слово - желание. Это отношение и дух сотрудничества, которые должны пронизывать наши разговоры. Это как Пальма у океана, которая переносит самые большие ветры, потому что она знает, как изящно сгибаться. ⠀ ⠀ I am with palm trees 🌴🌴🌴 ⠀ The mood is fantastic ✨ ⠀ Why is it so important to relax properly? ✨ ⠀ ☝🏽It is important that not only a small piece - a vacation, but all summer have to be bright and joyful! Summer can be a reboot, which we will avoid many difficulties. ⠀ We should have the desire to be at peace with ourselves, to enjoy what we see around, whether it be Sochi, Italy or the Philippine Islands ⠀ ☝🏽This word “desire”. It is an attitude and a spirit of cooperation that should permeate our conversations. It's like a palm tree by the ocean, which carries the greatest winds, because it knows how to flex gracefully. ⠀ . ⠀ model modelkids portfolio moda look shooting kidsmidel talent magazine chelyabinskmodel photokids красивыедевочки stylekids minitopmodel kidsstyle fashionkids chelyabinskmodels arinamokinaportfolio

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We’re missing last weekend 🥺 It was a delightful time! We’re gearing up for a stellar class this Wednesday 😄 Stay out of the heat watch some some inspiring performances this weekend! storytelling performance film tv stage weekend saturday

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🚨 LosAngelesAngels 🚨 • We’ve got ourselves a HAPPY CUSTOMER 💥 Endless Talents received a customized order from an AngelsFan 😇‼️Our customer was excited in receiving this piece that was custom made just for him! He requested the Angels logo alongside the state of California with details on a specific color scheme. 🚨💥‼️😆🙌🏽😇 • WebsiteComingSoonHandmade Quilling Patience Perfection QuilledArtwork HandmadeGifts GiftsForDad Angels Sports GiftForHim Baseball GiftShop Gifts Presents Present PaperArt WallDecor Talent Handcrafted Love Repost Instagram instadaily instagood FollowForFollow CustomGifts customizedgiftsforhim

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Aumenta TUS VENTAS y POSICIONA tu marca . Hacemos crecer tu negocio & Carrera artística con Vídeo Marketing Plus, Vídeoclip Fotografia y más . Te ofrecemos: Pre- producción, Post-producción - Efectos Visuales - Diseños, e Impulso Publicitario, todo en un solo lugar . Somos Ideas, Creatividad y más. Contáctanos: 0424- 9537145 / 0424- 3751587 . wufranji alexis.flores13 . impulso marketing creative videos foto  post style edicion artistas like4follow IPIdeasProducciones Publicidad maracay marca talent amazing

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Timeless beauty❤️ Model: poirshearenae MORE TO COME😍😍 It brings ultimate joy to be able to create a scene and look to capture photos that are both stunning and timeless 🤗 Especially with beautiful inspirational people inside and out like poirshearenae We’ve been a wonderful little duo❤️📸🙏 DM me, let’s get creative timeless beauty beautiful beautifulgirls elegant elegantdresses elegante photo photoshoot photography photographer blackdress vintage vintageclothing photooftheday art artist women womenempowerment talent fancy gown velvet landscapephotography fahsion fashionista mom mother model

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Sweet nothing

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🎬 Flashback to a fun cover story we did with Star Magazine. Christina, Kim and Jessica

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2 Warrants picks up where The Warrant (Part 1) left off. Find out what happens next when Summer Davis, Darnell Stevens and the rest of the crew take the cops on a dangerous thrill ride you don't want to miss. Link is in the bio. act actors actorslife acting series movie film drama tv talent setlife filmfestival imdb filmmaker filmlife filmmaking screenwriting filmproduction netflix hbo focus showtime filmposter movieposter movietrailer entertainment publicity chicago chitown insta