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2 hours ago

Testing out the fortinamps NTS Suite Sounds BRUTAL on a 2005 Ibanez SA with the stock pickups 😧😧 drop D tuning

4 hours ago

Keeping it simple today (except for the constant time signature switches; like usual). Going for a Doug Smith vibe, since he is one of my biggest influences and one of the most underrated guitarists ever!

6 hours ago

Man what an amazing weekend for guitar here on Long Island by the legatofoundation I had the great opportunity of playing in some masterclasses with reizdi and diego.campagna and learning so much from these 2 incredible virtuosos And the incredible privilege and honor of performing with The Long Island guitar Orchestra behind Bill Kanegiser playing an amazing piece by Sergio Assad. "The Walls" I Havent been this pumped about guitar ever classicalmusician guitarras classicalmusic masterclass acousticguitar classicalguitar guitarist guitar fingerstyle musica wonderfulmusicians guitars performance talentedplayerz guitarplayer theguitarnetwork classicalguitarvirtuoso sundayfunday guitarstagram classicalguitarist classical pickariff musician instaguitar guitarissta theguitarnetwork guitarsarebetter guitarsdaily lickwars riffwars instaguitarist pickariff riffwars lickwars guitarsdaily guitarsdailyfingerstyle classicalguitarvirtuoso

7 hours ago

RiffwarsMusic.com Play a little everyday or play a lot everyday just play everyday. hwksnest hwksnest Good for your soul Riffwars Sunday Groove Please Tag ALL of you videos and pictures Riffwars Thank you for your support. guitarsdaily Universityofrock gitarisina republikgitar talentedmusicians riffs4u indomusicgram tcelectronic wowmusicians talentedplayerz indomusikgram songwriting guitarsarebetter guitarshow guitarstagram earthquakerdevices ibanezgtrjunkie fendergtrjunkie gibsongtrjunkie 6stringsdaily guitarspotter guitarsecret rockstarguitar, ambientnotes pickariff solosection

9 hours ago

Charlie Puth - Attention instagram live version. Got myself a kick drum! Watch the full video on my Youtube channel! Recording engineer :  apadmanabh Camera operators :  joshuahaydn and  farzine_fn Recorded at the Centre for Performing Arts UWE Bristol 💘 Follow Piano_instalove for more 😉 * Comment below if You like this 💕 * 😝 Credit rahul.97 * 💘 Tag your friends 👇 musical pianoplaying instamusic ilovemusic talentedplayerz instadaily bestmusicshots pianoman pianovideo pianist amazing

9 hours ago

Created this new beat today feat. the London Bear & an empty cup of water 🐻🥤

9 hours ago

Chillin wbu? 🎸 Backing track by ytjamtracks 🤘🏻

11 hours ago

❇️ I've had this tune stuck in my head for days so I felt the need to record a cover of this beautiful solo by officialscottgorham This has to be one of the most underrated guitar solo's ever. It's so beautifully melodic. It serves the song and then some P.S. There are two songs called Dancing In The Moonlight and this is the greater of the two.

11 hours ago

Two years ago today my bud Eric and I had a little fun and recorded this tune. We never got around to cleaning it up, we’ll have to re-record it and make sure his guitar isn’t damaged this time around so it’s not out of tune 😂 erichelder ————— ludwigdrumshq vaterdrumsticks remopercussion paistecymbals yamahacanmusic ludwigdrumshq ludwigdrums vaterdrumsticks vaterpercussion switchtovater remopercussion teamremo remodrumheads paistenation paistecymbals paistefamily yamahacanmusic yamahacanada hardrock

12 hours ago

My friend rubbabandshan dropped some heat this weekend and it's a blast to play over, love the feel and vibe of ComeWithMe, perfect for the Sunday chill 👊💥

13 hours ago

My quirky “Video Killed The Radio Star” -the clapping cracks me up now 🤣 This was my audition vid for AGT in 2017. I played it somewhat worse at the actual in-person audition, due to their crappy keyboard and the mic stand kept moving. 😖 Still, there are 2 things fundamentally wrong with this performance, can you spot them? * * 🌟Killarney Star- 🎹 songs of love, loss, wanderlust, & livin’ this nomad life 🚍🛣 —> Follow killarney_star * * * americasgottalent2017 agtauditions americasgottalentauditions videokilledtheradiostar videokilledtheradiostarcover bestcovers instamusiccover thebuggles thebugglescover 80scoversongs 80sgirl generationx genx genxmusic musictalenthub talentedmusicians musiciansdaily talentedplayerz newmusicalertud83dudea8 talentedvoices talentedvocalist justmusicalcontent talentflow singersde bestnewvoices talentofficial blessedtalents killarneystar

14 hours ago

Which is your favorite band & do you also listen to other genres after metal? Should I cover something else? 🤔🕷🥰

14 hours ago

Can you count how many times my wrist moves in this video? 😂 Man my hands are gonna be so bad when I get old laying down some groove on ‘Yuri’ by francmoody - check em out , unreal disco n funk vibes with some extra tasty clarinet at points too 🌈 4 gigs this week and I’m exhausted! And another 4 next week! Feeling a bit rested after chilling today still practicing though 🎸🙏🏼

14 hours ago

Anyone who tells you 9’s don’t sound good is lying to you.

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15 hours ago

\\✨FUNK SWAY✨ is elated to announce that we are going to be doing an ENTIRELY FREE show at STATE SOCIAL HOUSE! Thank you to all the groovy patrons & fans who consistently supported us thus far. This is our gift to you. Hope you can make it! We’ll FUNK up your night! Details on the poster Huge thanks & s/o to stateweho & kelly_mcgarry_presents for this hook-up! See y’all there. ✨ GROOVE IS OUR GUARANTEE✨

15 hours ago

🚨THE JAZZMEN INVASION🚨 click the link in my bio to check out my new EP! It’s because of your support that I can keep going & bring you more music! This song is slowly finding it’s way to the top my list. ✨ How about you guys what’s your favorite track off of thejazzmeninvasion ? As a token of gratitude to all my fans & supporters, I invite you all to an ENTIRELY FREE funkswayla show at stateweho on June 6th 👉👉👉 swipe for deets!

16 hours ago

Putting fresh strings on the Tele. Still trying out the Darco strings. They are doing fine on the Hondo II I've been working on. Now I'm going to try them on a guitar I play a lot. This will really determine if I like them or not guitar guitars tele telecaster squierguitars fenderguitars guitarstrings darcostrings bluesguitar blues classicrock hardrock instagood universityofrock riffwars lickwars talentedplayerz talentedmusicians amazingmusicians brilliantmusicians wonderfulmusicians guitarsdaily guitarstagram guitarsofinstagram guitarists_unite musiciansdaily guitarist musician

16 hours ago

Night 2 Lima Peru 🇵🇪 que gran experiencia adorar con ustedes chicos grupobarak gracias a mi bro josuecapel y la banda por confiar en mi para esto 🙏🏻🙌🏻 next stop Jaén 🇵🇪 📸 agnermarte 🔥

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16 hours ago

沒啥影片po 放以前的影片 4覺得剖好聽的啦~

17 hours ago

Este lunes 20 de mayo Mal Paso abre sus puertas para recibirnos con lo que será parte del disco Fainü.🌧️ El jueves 23 tendremos la dicha de tocar por primera vez juntos con el maestro Edgardo Campos, y con un joven viejo amigo en la batería. 🔥🌪️ ¡¡¡Los esperamos Afiche por Javiera Díaz 💕 no.alfuturo Estaré sólo esta semana disponible en Coronel para algunas clases malpasomalpaso malpaso jazztrio guitarristas musicalatinoamericana musico musica regionmetropolitana drums doublebassist jazz talented talentedplayerz improvisación improvization musicachilena electricguitar guitarra guitar JAMSESSION instaconce instachile instasantiago jazzlatinoamericano fernandoraín

1 week ago

SEKKTOR17 presents "Woke" - Audio now available on all streaming platforms. (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube, etc.) . Beat/Producer/Lyrics: sekktor17 . Mixing Mastering: H. Neilsen . Cover Art: david_w.m : : : : : nowplaying np playlist deezer amazonmusicmk newmusicalert newmusiciscoming itunes applemusic youtubemusic newmusicfridays newmusicsoon creativemind musiceveryday musiccommunity musicindustry tagadopeartist songwriters musiciansofig amazingmusicians dailymusicians talentedplayerz musicianship dopemusicians