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☀️Vítejte na instagramu solárního studia Shark 🦈 v Ostravě - Hrabůvce. ☀️Nacházíme se v obchodním domě Špalíček ve 2. patře. Na výběr u nás mate 8 solarií, z toho 2 vertikální a 6 horizontálních. ostrava hrabuvka solarium solariumshark spalicek tan

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clairesillato looking 🔥 with her Custom Beauty feather brows 🙌🏼

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Need a gift for mum this Mother’s Day? Shop our website for lots of great gift ideas & also enjoy complimentary gift wrapping with every purchase. 🖤 mothersday giftidea

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Loving my skinnytanhq pro-tan moisture mousse 😍 I have the WORST dry skin, especially on my chest, so this stuff is a lifesaver! It’s now available in Superdrug stores 🙌🏼🙌🏼 (gifted)

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✨ S P R A Y T A N ✨ • Ma tymor y tans ‘ma | Tan season is here! Benefits of a spray tan: ⭐️Wear less make up ⭐️No need to sunbathe in harmful UV rays for that glow ⭐️Moisturises the skin ⭐️Showcase a healthy looking complexion *Longevity dependant on Aftercare* • Level 2 qualified Sienna X Technician

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🦊 Фотографирую по всему миру🌎 ✈️ Запись на фотосессии и видео через : Директ, WhatsApp, Telegram +79219841825 1📸 svetfoxy svetfoxy 2🔥 svetfoxyart 3🌴 baliphoto_semanin

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🦊 🦊 🦊

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This rainy Monday has me dreaming about being at the beach with my family July can’t come soon enough 💙🏝

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Had to change foot positions on the deadlift 4 weeks before comp due to injury😐 but didn’t go too badly here’s 370kg I was aiming for a double but

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I miss my little monkey ❤️

23 hours ago

Sunshine in my soul today 🌞 (pre falling in mud 🤪)

1 day ago

“Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that” 💫

1 day ago

*2 weeks until holiday face* 🌻☀️

1 month ago

I don't want to post too many of my summer hiking pics yet until my new blog post is finished up so here's a throwback to me in my happy place! Missing salty hair and sun kissed skin. You see me hanging in the PNW wilderness and mountains all the time because I love being outdoors and adventuring and also because home is so beautiful but if I'm being real this is exactly where I belong. I miss island living so much and we're still determined more than ever to make it a reality soon. Fun fact for those that didn't know but I lived on Okinawa for 3 years and it was one of the best times of my life. Ever since then almost all of my vacations have been to islands or warm climate places with awesome beaches, waterfalls, jungles, and other amazing landscapes to explore. I just can't get enough of the lifestyle and the most friendly locals ever and of course escaping the cold rainy PNW weather is a must for me. Aside from here (which is Greece btw, can you believe it?!) I'm constantly getting mistaken for being a local at most of the tropical places I travel to and I gotta say I don't mind the mix-ups one bit lol. I do need to branch out more though and plan to very soon. There are so many beautiful countries around the world and I know they can't all be warm unfortunately lol. P.s. check out my Crete beaches post on the blog if you want to learn more about this location! Link in bio Preveli Greece Crete greekislands Europe tropical beach islandgirl islandlife island palmtrees travel wanderlust traveler goodvibes beautiful exploretocreate explore adventure paradise roamtheplanet welivetoexplore travelblogger lifestyleblogger squats tan letsgosomewhere cambodian khmer

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Жизнь слишком живая, чтобы ее не жить💖💖💖 И слишком мудра, чтобы ее не замечать🗯Но жить в ней можно только по одному простому принципу: Живешь — чувствуй, что живешь💞💞💞💞💥💥💥💥 beach beachlife beachday beachbum instagramanet beachtime sun tan tanning tanned nature water watercolor ocean lake sea waves wave instatag photooftheday beautiful sky clouds fun sand reflection amazing beauty shore