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Trek Leader singla008 writes - To be a star you must Shine your own light Follow your own path And dont worry about The darkness for that Is when the stars Shine brightest The night at Tapovan gets really cold. There is no electricity so after sunset it gets pitch dark. That’s when the stars shine and you can actually catch their reflection in the river. My advice is to be brave and take a walk out in the open, keep a flash light handy; it’s a chill worth experiencing. At night I was wrapped under many layers of clothing and had a blanket provided by the Moni Baba and could still feel the cold seeping in And this was my life's best shot of the night sky.

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Tapovan (Sanskrit) comes from the two root words tapas - meaning penance and by extension religious mortification and austerity, and more generally spiritual practise, and vana, meaning forest Tapovan is primary source of the Ganges🏞️ and is one of the best high altitude medow in India😍😍 bkt_india bucketlist india ganges tapovan heaven trekking backpacking gopro sun clouds explore mothernature greenery uttarakhand delhi mumbai kolkata photooftheday instamood summer f4f l4l ❤️

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"The Ganga." Coming back here every single time, exploring my connect with this mystic beauty of mother nature. Not so overly religious, but taking a dip in Ganga feels like a mighty cure. Everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganga- astronomy, astrology, metempsychosis etc. For those unexperienced, must experience the Ganga. ‘नमामि गंगे’ 🙏 . rishikesh ganga namamigange saveganga rallyforriver soul ghat laxmanjhula yoga soulrejuvenation maharishi sanatandharma hinduism royalenfield wrangler gypsy nature soulpurpose tapovan ganga wanderlust escape wanderer

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|| PEACE OF MIND || "When you finally got to know what's the exact method to keep your body in the right Alignment, you can feel how it's actually working🧘🏽‍♂️" Yoga yogi posture gangayogsala tapovan rishikesh

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Cheese lady in Rishikesh 🧀 Photo by: sailing_rider

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On the right is Lakshman Jhula, one of the two famous bridges in Rishikesh. For those coming to Rishikesh by train or buses, this bridge is further away at the Tapovan area It can easily access by shared cab plying on the main street which cost not more than 20 rupees from the junction near the bus station. On the right of the picture is the German Bakery which serve excellent food and you should not miss india uttarakhand lakshmanjhula lovetravellim travelphoto natgeotravelphoto bridge wanderlust backpacker traveler travel solotraveler budgettravel travelblog traveltips landscape nomad travelpassion

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ादान😅 इंसान ही जिंदगी का आनंद लेते हैं , ज्यादा ोशियार तो हमेशा उलझे ही रहते हैं .😊👍✌ जय शेडकुडीया महासू Adventure trekking mountaineering mountain himalayan photography travel traveling Rupin waterfalls Chanshal Pass Dhoula Trek winterSnowfall RiverRupin JaymaaGanGes tapovan Rishikesh uttarakhand OfficialUttarakhandtourist we_Love_TonsRiver mori stylepahadi pahadiBoy Hill Lovers Naturebeauty

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What is Life Life is an Adventure … Dare it Life is a Beauty … Praise it Life is a Challenge … Meet it Life is a Duty … Perform it Life is a Love … Enjoy it Life is a Tragedy … Face it Life is a Struggle … Fight it Life is a Promise … Fulfill it Life is a Game … Play it Life is a Gift … Accept it Life is a Journey … Complete it Life is a Mystery … Unfold it Life is a Goal … Achieve it Life is an Opportunity … Take it Life is a Puzzle … Solve it Life is a Song … Sing it Life is a Sorrow … Overcome it Life is a Spirit … Realize it. — Shri Bhagavad Gita🙏 . ridetodetox rishikesh yoga soulrejuvenation parmarth lordkrishna bhagavadgita royalenfield wrangler gypsy nature soulpurpose tapovan ganga wanderlust escape wanderer travelgram instatravel travel food life culture hinduism spiritualty sanatandharma travelphotography travelholic

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Panpatia Col is 5260m altitude pass between Badrinath & Kedarnath. One of the most spectacular trek in Uttarakhand on glaciers and snowfields.panpatai col . ➖➖➖ Wanna experience the real thrill of trekking the high Himalayas? Mail us at garhwaltrekguide gmail.com or contact us on +91 9411380818 To share your travel stories TREKS IN INDIA or Tag on your memories. ➖➖➖ What next Trek harkidun Kedarkantha Trek Bali pass baraadsar Lake Trek RupinPass pass supin paas Ruinsara lake TREK dhumdarkandi pass barasupass Trek Nalgan pass dayara bugyal Trek dodital Trek gaumukh tapovan Trek Vasukital Trek Kalindikhal pass

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"Mount Shivling" Shivling Peak is situated at Tapovan in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The peak has been named after the holy symbol of the 'Lord Shiva'. Residing just 4 km away from the Hindu sacred site of Gaumukh Location💧Gangotri National Park, Uttarkashi, India Photo Courtesy kaushal_photography Follow Us ☑️ beauty_of_himalaya himalayas uttarakhand uttarkashi gangotri gaumukh tapovan mountain shivling uttarakhandtraveller uttarakhandheaven love photography life heavenonearth fun travelling vacation beautyofhimalaya beautiful destination keephimalayasclean holy ganges himalayandiaries uttarakhandtourism instagood igers