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Испытываю невероятное удовольствие, когда вижу зажившие работы на своих любимых клиентах. Почаще фотографируйтесь, друзья! 😸☝️ whipshading tattooidea flashtattoo tattoowork armtattoo blacktattooart flowerstattoo mandalatattoo tattoosnob hennatattoo tattooworkers tattoosleeve dottworktattoo tattooapprentice tattoogirls tattooedmen tattoodo tattoostyle tattoolovers tattoolover inktattoo tattooedwomen dotworktattoo traditionaltattoos tattoooftheday tattoo2me

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Hang in there buddy • swipe left for finished piece

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Julian Ross A.K.A Él Principe. Mambo F.C. 💔 • Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun,la serie manga más reciente,Ross ha fallecido en el campo.En la nueva trama,y durante un atribulado partido de la selección japonesa de fútbol enmarcado dentro de una competición ficticia basada en los Juegos Olímpicos de Madrid,el combinado nipón se enfrenta a Alemania en un estadio basado en Riazor,el hogar del Deportivo de La Coruña.En un enlace del partido,Karl Heinz Schneider,el kaiser,usa su tiro de fuego para finalizar el parido “Tras un disparo de gran potencia que impacta en su pecho,Ross se desploma y fallece en mitad del encuentro 💔.

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tbthursday post dariushsmith mostly freehanded this neo trad style piece we're loving this colour combo

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Start of this GOT piece, can not wait to get the colour in this, thanks george_spooner for the freedom and cool ideas! Taking bookings for June-September, if you’d like to book just give me an email, my books are always open, thanks! • kodeart kodeart

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Demogorgon I did last month at Frankfurt Tattoo Convention on _existence_is_pain! Thank you so much 🖤🙏 ~For bookings contact: sickrosettt Next travels: •May 24-26: Dortmund Tattoo Convention, Germany (24th FREE) •May 28-29: Wildcat Tattoo Essen, Essen Germany (FULL) •September 7-8: Tox Cit Ink, Liège Belgium •September 18-26: Holy Noir, Toronto Canada •October 4-6: Nantes Tattoo Convention, France •November 8-10: Brussels Tattoo Convention tattoo thebesttattooartists theblackmasters tttism blacktattoo blackink blxckink blackwork blackndark enmanierenoire blackworkers blackworkerssubmission btattooing skinartmag darkartists onlythedarkest blacktattooart blacktattoomag tattoosnob blvckwork stabmegod etching engraving thedarkestwork upsidedown evil dotwork monster strangerthings demogorgon

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Get what ya get for Allana 💪❤️he’s been named Howard btw 😜 100tattoo

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here’s some lettering from recently, i always dig a chance to work on my script. thanks everyone! really enjoying the juxtaposition between keeping a font tough and gritty, but also keeping the femininity, which absolutely describes every female i know! thanks for looking everyone! forearm criminallettering letterstoliveby scripttattoo tattoo tattoos tattoosnob tattoooftheday tattooworld tattooworkers helioscartridgeneedles dynamicblack electrumstencilprimer fkirons venominktattoo nofilter venominktattoo

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Today, bodypositive_healthcoaching and I will celebrate 10 years of marriage. This milestone in our relationship is earned. It’s easy to say you will love someone unconditionally. The last few years have been tough. They have been filled with Anxiety, depression, PTSD, anger, frustration, and self-harm. I am so grateful to have gone through all of that bullshit. It allowed me to truly understand marriage. It showed me how important this woman is to me. It showed me that no matter how dark the world may seem, light and love will always prevail. Marriage isn’t hard until it is. Be prepared to fight. Don’t give up on your person. Love unconditionally. Lindsey! I Love You. tattooed girlswithink girlswithtattoos guyswithtattoos guyswithink color newschooltattoo inkmaster knoxville knoxvilletattoo maryville studio617 drawing inked realistictattoo art studio617 photooftheday traditionaltattoo ornamental portraittattoo tattoo electrumstencilprimer mandala ipadpro tattoosnob blacktattooing

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Few examples of sketches to the final product ❤ - For appointments and enquiries email 💌tanyabuxtontattoo

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Love yourself 💘

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What do you think about this beautiful arm piece? Such an amazing work! 😍👌🏾 By alextreze13

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I love you 3000! ❤️🤖😭 Tony Stark today, adding the final piece to the lovely Jess's marvel sleeve. What a fun project and thankyou so much, for asking me to do it for you. Thanks for looking! ironman electricinkaus orbtattoomachines

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6 سال پای یه دختر موندم به امید ازدواجمون بعد تموم شدن درسش همه داروندارمو دسترنجمو به پاش ریختم که راحت درسشو بخونه ولی وقتی لیسانشو گرفت بهم گفت میخوام با همدانشگاهیم ازدواج کنم منم گفتم برو گلم خوشبخت بشی ولی داغون شدم دیگه روحیه کارو زندگی و ورزش ندارم مثل اون موقعها که بود از غم دلتنگیش یه حس عجیب پیدا کردم دوست دارم یه دختر منو با دیلدوکمربنددار فاک کنه جوراباشو بو کنم این شده همه آرزوم حاظرم همه پولامو حقوق هر ماهمو بدم به دختری که آرزومو برآورده کنه🌹🌹🌹 bislett bride oslotattoo tattoosofnorway tradtattoos ft realtraditional oldlines eurotradtattoo tattoosofinstagram vippel tattoosnob tttism norwegiantattooers inkedmag inked oldschooltattoo boldwillhold brud l frogner blacktraditional solidink minmakeup p makeupartistoslo realtattoos tattooing norway bogstadveien

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📸 camerashy_andsmiles 🔝⚡ Male model 📸 🔜 Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪 ☘️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ✔FOLLOW FOR MORE TATTOO IDEAS 👉 camerashy_andsmiles camerashy_andsmiles camerashy_andsmiles ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ tattoosketch tattoomachine tattooedandemployed tattoolove tattooartists tattoos_alday tattoosnob tattooedmodel tattootuesday tattoolife tattooworld tatoodrawing tattooshop tattooflash tattooersubmission tattoowork tattooes tattoosforwomen tattooidea tattoomagazine

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Toy story alien smoking a fat joint! Keep those weird requests coming! 😉