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We couldn’t have said it betterRepost from loveinsmallspaces_ goodmorning starts with skinnyt.love these days. Being a mom of a sass hole is a hard job so I need all the help I can get. I love the natural ingredients like green tea, lemongrass, and spearmint leaves. My energy level has increased and I’m feeling less bloated. Win win in my book teaenthusiast teaforlife wellnesstea teamaster te organictea fitfam flattummytea slimmingtea ayuverdalifestyle calendula ginger healthylifestyle wellness yogaandtea tealicious jasminetea tea teaparty teafriends homeisacupoftea teadate spearmintlove cupfortea saturdaymorningtea

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“Your mind is a garden and your thoughts are the seeds, you can either grow flowers or you can grow weeds” -Unknown Spring cleaning is not just for the home but also for the mind and body. The uplifting change of nature spurs us all to also make a change within ourselves Do you also get this strong urge every season? I know I’m ready to detox and become lighter in every way We have a few detox teas that really help to kickstart the process. Our “Beauty Detox” tea works to rid toxins all over and will help you glow on the outside Our “Emergency Release” & “Get It Moving” tea will help to cleanse the colon, and help to drop weight You can find our teas by searching “Modest Earth Detox Tea” on Amazon it simply click link in bio. Happy Spring cleaning to you 🌸🌱 springcleaning detoxwater detoxtea detoxdrink detoxify detoxsmoothie detoxing detoxyourbody weightlossideas weightlossideas waterfasting intermittentfastingresults teaforlife teaforone plantfoodpower fuelyourbodyfeedyoursoul deliciouslyhealthy healthinspiration alkalinefood herbalmedicine yourherbalhour healthylifestylemovement wholefoodsdiet cleaneatingideas bekind youmatter kindnessalways kindnessiseverything kindnessmatters positivevibes

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We now have red clover in our arsenal. Once we get things settled in the shop it'll be the next ingredient we work with on a new blend.

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I did some experimental drawing on this teapot. I had to re-fire it and the color and texture of the glaze change so much! never a dull moment in pottery

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Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage. Some have tried to capture its essence, some have almost succeeded. For each individual the ceremony of tea is personal and cannot be duplicated.

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Для истинных ценителей чая, желающих вникнуть во все тонкости этой культуры, мы публикуем список из 5 книг, в которых раскрыты все секреты нашего с вами любимого напитка! ⠀ 📙 «Большая книга чая». Эта энциклопедия о «чайных истоках» и плантациях в Китае, Японии, Индии и Шри-Ланке. Все самое важное собрано в одном месте. ⠀ 📗 «Чай». Вильям Похлебкин. Известная книга о чайных церемониях и влиянии напитка на здоровье человека недавно была переиздана — теперь с иллюстрациями. ⠀ 📕 «Чай — искусство, доступное всем». Владимир Ходоров. Из этой книги вы узнаете, как правильно заваривать чай, как и с чем его правильно пить. Также здесь рассказано о чайных традициях. ⠀ 📒 «Чай. Рецепты для любого сезона». Николай Даников. В книге врачом-фитотерапевтом описаны целебные свойства разных сортов чая и основные правила приготовления отваров. ⠀ ИмператорскийЧай ImperialTea tea timeTea ilovetea tealovers tealife teafriends teadrinker lovefortea teaforlife teacommunity tealove

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Thé Vert Sencha (Longévité heureuse) ⠀ Les feuilles de thé vert sencha non oxydées gardent tout leur tanin pour offrir une boisson riche en épigallocatéchine. C’est l’actif responsable de la rapide perte de la masse graisseuse du ventre.⠀ _⠀ Pour en savoir plus, visitez notre boutique d’épices et de thé du monde en cliquant sur le lien de ma bio.⠀ _ ⠀ bonnejournee petitdejeuner tealover tealeaves greentea teatime teaforlife goodmorning breakfast diet healthydiet healthyideas thevert boissonchaude tropbon bonnesanté sante antioxydant antiinflammatory curedetox detox antiinflammatorydiet hydratation liverhealth digestion bienetre immunesysteme minciravecplaisir epiceslekanto sahambavy

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I love brewing my loose leaf teas in a glass tea pot so that I can watch the leaves absorb the water 🍵 • • If you are new to loose leaf teas , our Starter Tea Box is perfect for you . Not only do you get a sweet little glass teapot , perfect for brewing two cups of tea, you also get a stainless steel mesh ball infuser to pop in your cup or mug 🍵. looseleafteaisbetter glassteapots tealeaves teaforlife teaforhealth healthyteas tea teaforone ilovetea teatime giftbox teaofinstagram infusers teanerd newtotea startwithtea butfirsttea teaforme mothersdaygiftbox spoilmom girlfriendgifts greentea jasminetea ceylontea justtea

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Après Mealclean organic perfect blend of Lemongrass, Lemon verbena, Liquorice root, Peppemint leaf, Ceylon cinnamon and Rosehip. Lovely!

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❁⃘ .+*:゚+。.✩.+*:゚+。.✩.+*:゚+。.✩.+*:゚.+*:゚+。.✩.+*:゚+。.✩ Lipton TEA STAND☕︎ ❁⃘ OPENしてすぐに行列になってて行ってみたら すごい美味しそうなLiptonがあって即買い! ❁⃘ 好きな紅茶が選べるんだけど、迷いすぎて 店員さんにおすすめされたものを注文したよ︎︎☺︎ ❁⃘ ︎︎︎︎☑︎ Cheer me,Strawberry!(左) ︎︎︎︎☑︎ Rock me,Raspberry!(右) どっちもFruits in Teaだよ☺︎ ❁⃘ タンブラー付きでICEが1000円でHOTが1500円 だった気がする。 カップだと600円とかだったかな? タンブラー付きで買って次回来るときに持ってくと 50円引きになるんだって¨̮♡ ❁⃘ いろんなフルーツが入ってて 新感覚でとっても美味しかった♥ 次は違う紅茶で飲みたいな〜 ❁⃘ 一番人気のタンブラーは HOTとICEともに、右に映ってる タンブラーらしい︎︎︎︎¨̮♡ ❁⃘ .+*:゚+。.✩.+*:゚+。.✩.+*:゚+。.✩.+*:゚.+*:゚+。.✩.+*:゚+。.✩ 名古屋 ラシック liptonteastand lipton 紅茶 fruitintea fruit tea リプトンティースタンド 新感覚 🍓 🍊 🍋 🥭 インスタ映え フォトジェニック photo drinkphoto strawberry mango orange lemon mint raspberry 🌺 teaforlife 紅茶のある生活 選べる紅茶 いいね返し

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🎵 I want to ride my bicycle! I want to ride my bike! 🎵 ⁣ 🚲 ⁣ Spring is here and I have decided to finally buy myself a descent bike. The one I’ve been riding for the past 10 years is too small and starting to fall apart. Now, I just have to figure out how to drink tea whilst riding and I’m set. 😂 ⁣ ⁣ Do you like to go bicycling? ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ cupoftea teamug drinktea tealatte instadrinks teas teapassion teaforlife teablending teaoftheday teastagram teagram tealove teadrinker teamood cuppatea cuppa teaofinstagram teateatea teaparty teaporn morningtea tickledtea yegmaker tealifestyle smallbiz

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🌳There are places where you do not want to leave, but you still have to leave. Time flows slowly if you do not hurry. And if you look closely, you can feel even more smoothly and deeply. 🍃Tea contributes to this, tranquility and respect. I love tea in nature, although it's a rarity, but it's remembered. Photo credit severo_vostok_om • • • • • teaheart teaceremony brew blacktea greentea whitetea oolongtea puert glutenfreevegan wholefoods teatime teaaddict teadrinker teaforlife instatea teaenthusiast tealover lovetea teapot

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It’s Friday morning and I am enjoying a cup of SlimTea. And man does it taste good! www.tealife.ca

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About 1200 years ago in Japan, green tea was highly valued and treasured as precious medicine. With the advent of new harvesting and processing techniques, it soon became the country's most popular beverage. Today, Japanese green tea's health benefits are widely known not only in Japan, but around the world handpicked natural greentea healthyfood healthylifestyle healthyliving healthylife greenteatime greenteadetox greenteamatcha organicfood organico organicos naturalfood greentealovers japanfood japan japanesefood teaforlife naturaltea matchapowder matchamilktea matchalove greenteapowder greenteadetox greenteamatcha greentealovers greenteaherbal healthy detox

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Домашняя карамель: простой и вкусный рецепт! ⠀ Сварить карамель в домашних условиях довольно просто. Приготовить леденцы — еще и интересно! Вам понадобится: ⠀ 🍬 сахар — 150 гр; 🍬 вода — 50 мл; 🍬 уксус — 1 ч. ложка; 🍬 растительное масло. ⠀ 🍭 Позаботьтесь о наличии формочек и палочек для леденцов. 🍭 Смажьте формочки растительным маслом. 🍭 Засыпьте сахар в кастрюлю и варите до плавления. 🍭 Нагрейте сироп до 155 градусов (до желтого цвета). 🍭 Разлейте карамель по формочкам, вставьте палочки. ⠀ Дайте конфетам застыть, а после — угостите ими всех членов семьи! 🍪 ⠀ ИмператорскийЧай ImperialTea tea timeTea ilovetea tealovers tealife teafriends teadrinker lovefortea teaforlife teacommunity tealove

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Ginger tea is an easy, delicious, and all-natural way to promote good health. In addition to the many health benefits such as : supports digestive heath, enhances immunity, increases weight loss, etc you can also simply sit back with a warm mug, breathe in, sip slowly, and enjoy ❤️🍵 gingertea gingerbenefits gingerdrink lemongingertea gingerlemontea gingerlove gingerhealthbenefits teabenefits tealover☕️ teaphotography lemongingerhoney gingerhoneytea teaforeveryone teaandme teaintheafternoon teacollection teatime teaobsession teaphotoshoot teapictures teadrinkers herbaltealover herbaltea herbalteablend teacollection teaforlife itsalwaysteatime teatime🍵 teaforlife lovetea

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I understand when you first come to loose leaf tea that it can be daunting, due to the overwhelming choices that are available. I felt the same way. But here’s the thing – tea drinking lasted for centuries in so many countries because of its simplicity.The things you really need to make a good cup of tea are:⁣ Good tea⁣ A cup⁣ Hot water⁣ That’s it, really. Tea doesn’t need any special equipment or ceremony to taste great. ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ thecaffeinetrifecta melbournefoods melbournefoodiehub melbournefoodblog foodmelbourne melbournefoodiefinds melbournefoodandwine melbournefoodies sydneyfoodblog sydneyfoodporn zomatoaustralia sydneyfoodguide sydneyfoodblog brisbanefoodie brisbanefoodblogger brisbanefoodblog teaaddict tealove tealife teagram teaoftheday teaholic ilovetea looseleaftea looseleafteas teas tealeaves teasofinstagram teaislife teaforlife

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“Help! I’m drowning!” • • •but for real, though. The next 3 weeks of this semester are making their best attempts at homicide, and imma need my best ninja skills to survive. This lil’ guy is gonna be my best friend until it’s over • • • student studentlife tea tealover teaforlife semester

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After the full moon. I am enjoying a calming Après meal.

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Take me back to 2016 when I had the absolute pleasure of visiting teadrunk Tea house in NYC! I even wrote about it in my Tea Journal- link is in our bio ⠀ Thank you again for the unforgettable experiences of exceptional Longjing & Oolong cupping night, so much fun!