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So, I was trying to do a "how to pincha" vid and ended up losing my balance and falling out. So naturally I was going to redo the whole thing in hopes that I didn't fall again, but really who am I kidding, chances are I'm going to fall plenty more times. So here it is, my pincha, in all its glory lol. Sometimes you catch the hold, sometimes u fall, and that's ok. It's not about the pose anyways, it's HOW we get there 💪🏾 A few tips 👇🏽 🌀Walk your feet in until your hips stack ontop of your head and your feet become light. If you can't yet lift off, hold one leg up for about 5 breaths and switch. 🌀Energetically squeeze the inner thighs together. 🌀Press the forearms/hands into the mat. 🌀Energetically squeeze elbows towards each other. 🌀Push up and out of your shoulder girdle by reaching toes towards the sky Oh, and I like to keep the legs apart, feeling all those shifts helps me figure out what I need to do and where my body is in space. Hope this helps! 🙏🏽 pinchamayurasana inversionjunkie yogaathome yogalifestyle fun yogagirl yogalife yogaeverydamnday yogadaily yogatherapy curlygirl yogacommunity yogatips upsidedown forearmstand pincha pinchaplay yogisofcolor practiceandalliscoming movement thesix yogainspiration yogisofinstagram encourageothers teamnatural yogaaddict torontolife yogabody teacher yogalover

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It won’t happen in a day. It won’t happen in a week or a month. It will take time. Focus on the things that make you happy everyday. I know it seems hard, but you can do it. I believe in you. Read this message as much as you need to and keep going 👌🏽 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Follow 👉🏾 _LukeHamilton_ 
for Thee Best 🔥 Memes for Motivation, Relationship Advice, & Laughs 😂✊🏽❤️💯 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🔑 Tag Me When You Story Repost 📈Dm for Promo Rates!
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🖤❤💜 I've wanted to work this concept for a while. The past few years have been the most challenging for me, but they have also been the most exciting and successful. I've learned very well that life is a blend of color and excitement, and darkness and discomfort. It is up to us to figure out how to experience all aspects of life with joy and gratitude. 💫 I had an awesome time on this shoot with lightboxla, she is a very talented photographer with a great laugh to boot! 📸

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PureTropix The Tropical Facial Kit truly includes everything you need to keep your skin healthy, beautiful, and youthful. Cleanse, tone, and hydrate with the all natural products designed to pamper and rejuvenate your skin. The Tropical Facial Kit makes skin care so simple, you'll never need another skin care product again! Get yours today at ❤️💚💚 🌴Respect 🌴Restore 🌴Replenish 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍 Puretropix🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍 puretropix curls curly curlyhair natural naturalhair beauty health heathy hair style fashion coconutoil skincare organic naturalskincare natural mac sephora tomford clay claymask skincare teamnatural ingrownhair ingrownhairs

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💚 simrinvijayakar Repost My migraine marks the onset of my periods and I'm usually home bound since I can't take or attend my classes for the daya full day of sleep is my only way of recovery. So in order to feel better about this super long day I decided to show some TLC to my hair! ( tanvi_unladylike reminded me that I was due for a dc ) I have 3 deep condtioners which I alternate but today I wanted to get that homely and warm hug feeling from this regime. jessicurl is a brand that does just that for me. There's just something about their products which make you feel really nice. It's my go to brand when I dont really know what to use on my hair ➰wash day line up. bouncecurl clarifying shampoo for a much needed deep clean of the scalp - PROTEIN jessicurl deep treatment. This DC has always given me soft curls and is one of the best products to moisturize the hair in my opinion. I kept this for 30mins under my electric heat cap. (See story for why heat caps are required) - MOISTURE styled with curlyellie detangling spray using it as a primer to lock in all that moisture and goodness from the dc. - PROTEIN cachosbrazilhaircare combing cream as my leave in plus curl cream - MOISTURE and finally inahsinaturals coconut avocado custard for my love for hard hold gels - PROTEIN MOISTURE BALANCED ➰I generally try and balance the protein and moisture of my products in most of my wash days. Why? Your hair primarily needs moisture to make it look alive, healthy and for its elasticity. Protein for strength so that it doesn't break. proteinmoisturebalance . ➰ My hair recently took a toll with the sudden change in weather so my frizz is at its all time high. (Check last picture) Regular deepcondition helps to eventually enahance the health of the hairso if like me you face tons of frizz too, invest in a good Deep Conditioner and do it atleast once a week at home. cachos cachoslove naturalcurlyhair loveyourcurls curlygirlmethod hairgoals rizos curls curl cacheada curlyhairdontcare hairgrowth hair curlyhaircare curlyhairkillas curlybeauties  curlyhairproducts teamnatural

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🌸Tru VANITY'S "MAHoGANY2S" 🌸 These are My " Mahogany2s " I used a beautiful Curl and sturdy Technique to install these beauties! MY Twist are Super Juicy 💦, Shiney, Silky, Light Weight, and EXTREMELY Versatile * * * 🧚🏾‍♀️ CROCHET MAGIC by Your Fairy Crochet God Mother 🏆 VERSATILITY IS KEY 🗝️🗝️🗝️ * * * Get The Look " MAHoGANY2S" (Hair INCLUDED). Can Last 10-12 weeks with Proper maintenance and ReTouch Service. SUPER LOW MAINTENANCE, light weight, perfect for all occasions. Excellent Vacation hair For All Appointments Click the Styleseat LINK in my Bio to Book ☝️🏾☝️🏾☝️🏾 crochetbraids protectivestyles njhairstylist nychairstylist teamnatural naturalgirlsrock naturalstyles crochetstyles miamihairstylist protectivehairstyles miamibraids healthy_hair_journey healthyhair nyhairstylist nycrochetbraids crochethairstyles crochethair brooklynhairstylist weddingnaturals Berrycurly blackgirlmagic bridalnaturals weddingnaturals naturallyshesdope TruVanityGirls Queenshairstylist nyccrochetbraids

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Por um mundo com mais sorrisos que arrancam outros sorrisos❤️❤️❤️ Boa noite🌸

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I visited the Target store in Plantation, FL and kept it together for exactly 2 seconds! 😩😂 My first time seeing them on the shelf with my own 2 eyes 🥺 The moment I spotted my babies I gasped and ran to the shelf. Next I froze and got weirdly quiet cuz it all HIT me! Then it was total euphoria from myself, my friends and family that drew onlookers to the brand, resulting in some purchases 😂😂 It’s real, IT’S ALL REAL. Beloved Dreams do come true! If we believe, if we are willing to listen, serve, step out, put in the time, go and grow through the ups and downs, we can achieve! Let’s go 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️ curlsdynasty dynastydoestarget curlsdynastyceo

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When your client becomes FAMILY family I’m so happy to call you cousin for real now Krys And to have another Queen by my side in this family of wolves 👯‍♀️🙌🏾🙌🏾 👸🏾👸🏾

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Fresh curls for all my girls.

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Original price is $274,now is $159 How adorable this bob wig is ! chanellmeup Wig name:WE006 Hair Type : Indian remy hair Hair Color : Natural Black Hair Length : 10 inches Hair Density : 180% density Cap Construction : Glueless 360 Lace frontal wig cap Baby hair around the perimeter Natural Preplucked Hairline Swiss Lace Material (soft yet durable ) bob frontalinstall bobcut boblife naturalista teamnatural naturalhairjourney alopecia

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Beijinhos ❤️🤩

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New Arrivals _wynnstylesboutique Get 15%off use code WS15 Sizes SML SHOP 💳 SHOP 💳 All Clearance up to 70%off the original price blackgirlmagic blackbypopulardemand slay blackowned entrepreneur boutique shop onlineshopping orlandoboutique melanin teamnatural hair naturalhair curlyhair goals hair bosschick fashion fashionblog lovemycurves plussize travel churchgirl travelnista hbcu love lookoftheday outfitoftheday celebrityfashion style

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Bodies. Not too long ago I opened up about my struggle with self love + loving my body. It’s a constant struggle + I wish more people were open about it. So many people responded, sharing their own stories about how they’ve struggled to love themselves. It was a beautiful conversation that made me feel not alone. It made me think about the ways we judge ourselves, often too harshly + often in comparison to others. It made me think about how we edit our bodies in our photos to make them more palpable to the "instagram aesthetic." I truly just want all of us to have the mindset of "y’all gonna get the body I give you, periodtttt." 🤧 If you missed the conversation on bodies, I’ve shared it on my IG highlights under "wellness" :)

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💖🌸 TRU VANITY GIRLSSSS Sssslayyy 🧚🏾‍♀️ CROCHET MAGIC by Your Fairy Crochet God Mother 🦄🧚🏾‍♀️ Sssssllllaaaayyyeeddd the Livin MESs out of this Crochet 🏆 VERSATILITY IS KEY 🗝️🗝️🗝️ * * * Get the LOOK : Loose Curls outre_hair "Kinky curl" (Hair NOT INCLUDED). Lasts 6-8 weeks with Proper maintenance.  LOW MAINTENANCE, light weight, perfect for all occasions. Excellent hair For All Appointments Click the Styleseat LINK in my Bio to Book ☝️🏾☝️🏾☝️🏾 crochetbraids protectivestyles njhairstylist nychairstylist  teamnatural naturalgirlsrock naturalstyles crochetstyles miamihairstylist protectivehairstyles miamibraids healthy_hair_journey healthyhair nyhairstylist nycrochetbraids crochethairstyles crochethair brooklynhairstylist weddingnaturals Berrycurly blackgirlmagic bridalnaturals weddingnaturals naturallyshesdope TruVanityGirls Queenshairstylist nyccrochetbraids

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Natural Healthy Hair 🤗✨😁 dolledbyde

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Did you miss Episode 5 Sunday???? Don’t trip, love. Kickin It With Ki, Episode 5: Five Lessons I Learned in Year 24 🧡🌼🌸 Every year is about learning more than you knew before. Here’s 24! The upsthe downslessons learned. I hope you like it! Check it out here: KickinItWithKi TheReturn SheIsBack CutTheNoise DMV Arkansas 2019 vlog fashion beauty comedy transparency Blackgirlmagic lupussurvivor natural naturalhair teamnatural blackgirlsrock creative christian educator hu hualumni blacklivesmatter friendsss blackfashion blackstyle

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Auto estima igual ao meu cabelo , PRA CIMA! ✊🏾❤👑

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So one of my students drew a picture of me and I couldn’t stop smiling. It warms my heart when they do these things, plus they know I absolutely love art! The door on the side of me (not pictured), is full of my student drawings! I appreciate them taking the time out to show off their talents perfectlycurly curly curlyhairstyles curlyhair curlyhairfordays education curls curlyhairday curlyhairstyles teamnatural naturalhair naturalhairdaily naturalhairrocks naturals curlbox teacher naturalchick naturalchicks teacherbae protectivestyles luvyourmane curlycommunity curlyfro curlybeauty blonde natural ombre blondehair blackhair sheamoisture

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Meet Verché, my extended top van that I plan on converting to a mini class B. I wanted to make it happen last summer butlife. Whenever I stay in one place for too long, I start getting anxious and I’m ready to go. Having Verché lets me take off whenever the mood hits me. All I need is a signal/WiFi and I can get my work complete from anywhere in the world, even the backseat of my van.

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The sun hits different when your eyes are grey ✨

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Just moved into a new space😴been oso tired just know new vibezzz r currently being produced and will be sent to your beautiful ears whenever you demand 🎶🎼🎵 | 😇

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I did a wash and go today. I used camillerosenaturals lavender whipped cream leave in and curl maker.

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Y’all know I pump all my Little ladies up 🤞🏽😊💁🏾‍♀️ That’s my job Real pretty natural Healthy hair

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Y’all for the past two weeks I’ve been doing a puff with the products and oil be been using my hair has kept moisturize.

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I’ve been upload 3x a week on YT. But it so annoying how I have to keep editing my video because YouTube loves to © me. 🥺 So if a video goes up late that’s why 🤞🏼

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If your hair naturally produces a lot of oil, you may only need to oil your ends about once a week. If you have lower sebum production, like myself, you may need to oil your roots and ends every couple of days. Applying oil in your hair and rushing for a head wash immediately after makes this beauty treatment quite pointless. Let the hair soak in the oil for about an hour or overnight and if you can, wrap some plastic or a hot, damp towel around your hair so that your pores open up and really absorb all the goodness of the oil. Ive used this oil 3times every other day and went to work with the oil in for the first and third treatment application, the second time, I left it over night. Visit for some amazing 100% organic oils depending on your hair type • • • • • • • • hair ig_curls curlyhair cosmetics teamnatural curlyhaired myhaircrush deepconditioning curlsforthegirls curlsfordays transitioninghair makeupartist curlbox respectmyhair nails naturalhairdaily healthy_hair_journey protectivestyles healthcare healthyhair curlyhairkillas naturalhaircommunity tranformationtuesday curlyperfectly curlyhairmag makeup realhairarmy howtonaturalhair beauty melanin