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Adopt this necrobeesie, or other colors and puffsies at www.psypuff.com ! 🌚✨

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Louise Bourgeois Nationalité américaine (française à la naissance) Né(e) en 1911 à Paris (France) Décédé(e) en 2010 à New York (États-Unis) mon artistecontemporaine favorite, une grande source d'inspiration même si cela ne se voit pas. Son rapport au textile m'a toujours fasciné et émue. Ici ODE À L'OUBLI - moma Fabric illustrated book with 35 compositions: 30 fabric collages and 5 lithographs (including cover) fabricarts womanartist artcontemporain femmeartiste arttextile textileart

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The perfect Mother's Day gift. I have a range of large and small pieces of Lomra at the Byres Road Makers Market on Saturday and Platform Food and Makers Market on Sunday for any last minute shoppers! woollove lomra olann glasgow textileart fibreart abstract scottishcraft irishcailín irishinscotland creativescotland irishcraft woolroving woolart colourblock minimalism crafternoon originalkerry kerrycraft irishdesign buyhandmade buylocal doingmything sidehustle irishinglasgow handmadeisbetter contemporarycraft textileartist

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This is me talking to my students about couture embroidery and beadwork. If you have never heard of Tambour or Luneville embroidery and you enjoy sewing, beading, embroidery and crafting, you will want to learn about this technique! It is a type of embroidery done using a small crochet-like hook to apply beads and sequins onto fabric quickly and efficiently. This technique is rarely taught in North America, which is why I went to Paris to become certified in the age old technique at Chanel's studio. Used in Haute Couture, the gowns you see on the runways of Paris are all embroidered using this technique. If you are interested in learning Luneville embroidery, visit my website www.glimpsebeads.com (link in bio) or send me a DM for more info chanel sewingclass sewcialists embroiderersofinstagram lunevilleembroidery tambourembroidery sewingproject feelingstitchy embroideryart handmadeembroidery beading beadwork beadembroidery crafting ashevillenc textileart hautecouture dressmaker

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The Allal Denim Jacket from our Gnawa Artisanal Collection has all the bling: handsewn beading, antique 19th/20th century Berber jewelry, and Swarovski-covered cowrie shells. Artwork nspired by our Jadba print from the Gnawa II Scarf Collection.

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Day 26 of marchmeetthemaker is ‘self care’. I must say I’m not the best at self care, I’ve never really thought too much about it. What I do try and do though is get outside into the fresh air whenever the opportunity arises! Going out and just being in nature 🍃 handembroidery embroidery artist textileart catportrait petportrait embroideredportrait catsofinstagram silkshading threadpainting needlepainting dmcthread dmcembroidery smallbusiness selfcare lakedistrict wastwater travel outdoors technique craftsmenship skill embroidelicious heytheremaker embroideryinstaguild britishstitchers craftsposure damngoodstitch needleworksociety

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Taking Space - performance, 2016. Transformation - jag bär rummet - rummet bär mig.

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Somewhere between that first croquis drawing and the runway, there are all kinds of feelings one experiences and processes ‘watching’ their designs take form. One recurring feeling for me is how much joy (despite sleepless nights and oh no moments) there is, doing something you (quite literally) wear on your sleeve. It may be the end of another show but the story goes on. I am truly, truly fortunate in many ways that I cannot keep count. I am deeply grateful for being given the opportunity to present, share and learn from talented designers from all around the world. And as always I am awed by the amazing support of family, friends and everyone else who take interest in what I do! Thank you 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 untrammelled abirdseyeview aw2020collection capsulecollection 27thhempelawards chinafashionweek castings fittings marysolkim fashiondesign designer surfacedesign textileart textilemanipulator modern traditional editorial avantgarde avem homini dpark beijing pek

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Four colour screen print on silk chiffon 🌷

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This is the final week to catch the “Wax & Wool” exhibit at Old Main Gallery Photo oldmaingallery

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cut this lil guy off the loom this morning, hung out with my cats in the sunshine, and gave my plants some lovin. ✨ my kinda day!

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Upcycled écru yarn, handwoven in backstrap looms, a proposal by lunadelpinal 〰️ a brilliant designer duo mastering the art of sustainable design, slow fashion, and experimental weaving together with local textile artists in Guatemala. makefashioncircular

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At my last weaving class before we left México I decided to warp my loom in the hopes that I would have down time to start a new project. Yeah right I was so busy seeing all the things and eating all the food before we moved! I’m so glad my loom made it in one piece and now it is ready and waiting for me to be inspired. I would love to get a bigger loom with a stand on it (easel style) but for now this one is perfect and holds some fond memories. I learned to weave in México and my sweet instructor who was so patient, became a friend. Her husband made the looms himself on the side of his diving school business. I miss my weaving class and the people I met there from all over the world-Czech Republic, Australia, expat Americans, Mexicans-it was just a wonderful experience! Maybe my next piece will be inspired by the cultural melting pot that Mérida is. ☺️ . I got word that the new products are en route from the lovely women artisans in Chiapas! I hope to have them listed next week!🤞🏽Who’s excited?! I sure am I will be keeping one of everything for myself from the shipment 😅🤗 . weavingloom weaversofinstagram weaving fiberart textileart blankcanvas inspiration makersgonnamake maker momboss mompreneur handmade smallbiz artisanmade madeinmexico tasselamor madewithamor supporthandmade ontheloom

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Brown 1. 55/100. Brown’s theme is stripes! Inspired by the work of Sean Scully.

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5 min line drawing of flowers I saw outside of Liberty london. Continuous line using 3 different types of pen

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I found this umbrella whilst exploring in the woods this morning. Such a shame to see it lying alone as it is obviously quite loved with a patch that had the smallest stitching I've ever seen! Whoever lost this delightful brolly will surely be missing it dearly. I waited for a time to see if they would return. They can't have gone far as raindrops still sat upon itI can't wait to show you the sweet little beings who keep loosing their brollys 😁❤ workinprogress inthewoods lostinthewoods umbrella brolly miniatureart textileart fibreartist fairytale magical

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sneak sneak peak 🙈🤫🤫 kashmiri on Katie

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March meet the maker day 26 - self care. I chose this image today because for me, self care means getting to work on a project that is very personal to you. This piece was inspired by the image of the Sacred Heart and is very dear to me as I made it as a gift for my aunt, nuala.mckee while she was going through heart surgery. She made a full recovery 😊👏 ~E marchmeetthemaker marchmeetthemaker2019 sacredheart religiousart icon iconography anatomy anatomical heart art textileart

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New samples coming in and couldn’t be happier

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Хорек готов, переноска готова, готово все для транспортировки его в новый дом, теплый и уютный, в Санкт-Петербурге. Благодарю Аню, девушку, которая не побоялась ввязаться в эту авантюру и терпеливо ожидавшую своего малыша Ожидание не закончено, поскрее бы доставить посылку адресату textileart textile taxidermy textiletoys ferret игрушкиподушки хорек игрушкахорек игрушкиручнойработы toypillow

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Experimenting with beading on this new friend ➰ More updates today in my stories, stay tuned! 👏🏼

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🎶🎵 Dress it up with all the trappings of love. I’ll beeeee captivated 🎵🎶 Tag your small apartment roomie who indulged your questionable taste in ballads and your existential angst (and more!) via the insanely gifted salman.toor

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I’ve been listening to podcasts and reading. It’s my mission to stay on top of the rush of information becoming available about CBD. Some new factoids. Did you know that CBD was an appetite suppressant, unlike its fellow cannabinoid THC, which gives you the munchies? What if the CBD oil also has CBN in it? That’s what makes you paranoid - it comes from plants that have oxidized after sitting around for a while. This is part of the reason I have my CBD independently tested. You should know everything that’s in your CBD. Does it have pesticides, what solvent was used, are there toxic levels left in the CBD. My CBD passed ALL its testing, no pesticides, no toxicity - kind of defeats the purpose if you’re trying to calm down and heal. And yes ladies, we need to talk about the following - because 30% of us have pain with sex. It goes up to 50% after menopause Did you know that my CBD lube increases circulation to the vaginal area - good news for any post menopausal women where decreased circulation causes thinning of the vaginal walls - and pain! So in addition to blocking pain from fit issues, pain from inflammation, (endometriosis and period pain when used as a suppository), pain from not being relaxed (guys you can help here too) - it relaxes the vulva and increasing pleasure (yes, that’s true), it helps liven up that area in general so it can heal. Check out my CBD and CBD lube - Yes! Yes! Yes! on my website. www.donnacleary.net or come by my shop at 435 Broadway between Howard and Grand. 10% off this week if you’re following me on instagram and you spend $100 or more. Use code: MARCHOFF. Good through 3/31

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House of Zabadi loves to champion the work of all women. In hopes of raising the visiblity of Nigerian women I endeavour to not only showcase my own work but theirs too. Afterall there is enough room for all of us.⠀ ⠀ Let me introduce you to the wonderful work of a female Nigerian artist. Lagos based ayobola.k mainly works with a technique known as quilling, in which strips of colourful paper are individually shaped to create 3d forms. I Love how she often incorporates Nigerian fabrics into her work, like in the piece above. ⠀