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1 hour ago

good morning everyone i hope you all have a great day today. i found out sasha was in calgary and almost nobody took photos MAN 💔

11 hours ago

Love wearing this legendary shirt 😍 I love supporting them everywhere I go and that will NEVER change 😌 • Today was pretty decent since it’s my sisters birthday and we celebrated and I didn’t go to school 🙃 • Anyways, I love them so much. If the world was against them, I would still be here 🥰 I’m OBSESSED with them and have been for a WHILE now and I just love them more than anything. If only people knew how much I love them instead of saying that loving someone that much is impossible 🙄 because I can tell you that it’s really not. They are my idols and they are the best people on earth 🌍 they have so many things about them that makes them perfect no matter what anyone says so Nikki and Brie, if you see this, just know that I love you guys so much and you both motivated and inspired me so much in my life and helped me so much! I hope one day I can thank you in person but for now, I’ll thank you through the screen. I love you both so much. You both mean the absolute world to me and I love you guys more than I can explain ❤️ nikkibella fearlessnikki stayfearless briebella briemode gobriemode thebellatwins nartem bellaarmy bella02 bellalution domorefearless nicoleandbrizee nicoleandbrizeepet werunitweruleit wwe totalbellas belleradici mybirdiebee

15 hours ago

I’m so proud of how far she’s come🥰 forever an inspiration

16 hours ago

sasha banks, the ⭐️ of the women’s division. anyways hi how are my favourite people ever doing today? my stomach hurts sm but thank you for 9.8k it made me smile. maybe. also ios 13 is looking sexy on my phone ngl 🥳

16 hours ago

Still can’t get over her bringing back this gear😍

19 hours ago

Faces of the game 👊🏼

19 hours ago

How is she so damn perfect? 😍🔥

20 hours ago

Sorry for inactivity😍

1 day ago

Yay! Papi me dejo elejir el pastel que yo quisiera 😊🍭🍼

1 day ago

They are so perfect ❤️

1 day ago

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