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1 day ago

Dont even wanna see my mean ass no mo thefuckery

1 day ago

🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂 thefuckery

2 days ago

legit just threw some bullshit together, the siblings one actually makes me cackle tho cause it was really like that😭😭😂😂, you be tryna clean and stay quiet so you don't become a target but she just calls all of you to the room and says, "Imma whoop all yall so I know i got the right one"🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧 Painful memories but funny asf • • • • burninbutt memories daaamn menbelike scarymovies siblings childhood unwantedboyfriend michealjacksonmemes heehee mybooty thefuckery explore explorepage originalcontent original originalpost

2 days ago

Im at a loss for words I let her borrow my rainbow colored legging straps- NEVR Returned Like Wtf NOW she ROCKS Them Smh noplur fakebitches thefuckery beware

3 days ago

thefuckery 💩🤦🤷 When you trying to keep your "REAL" business business separate from personal/ pleasure 😉 But your past past past (way back/ jump-off) is confused & got life fucked up still🤦🤦. I laugh now🤣 but I was highly pissed and virtually embarrassed . On some real 💩 tho Please don't ever do some dumb ass shit like that. My response ain't going to be cute or funny I don't play games like that and YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER THAN THAT 🤭 Swipe⬅️ to SEE the picture You talking about food or what?? damndamndamn 🤭 1st pic 🤔 Second pic 🆗 Third pic aintthatabitch wtf delete blockedX3 nocommonsense businessoverpleasure dumbaf crazysigns redflags wheretheydothatat nofilter nobrains