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4 weeks ago

I finally managed to find the time to put together my latest rakit_kits device. The Baby8 sequencer. I had a little hiccup but the team at Rakit helped me get it sorted. I can’t recommend them enough! Here is the baby8 paired with the APK and my vermonagear Retroverb spring reverb/VCF/VCA librarymusic productionmusic musiccomposer musiclicensing musicsupervision composer recordingstudio musicproduction thegardenlaboratory filmmusic homemadeinstruments electronicmusic analog lofi

1 month ago

Natural light, plants and candle-light. A pocket of calm amidst the melodic, morning bird chatter. Researchers at King’s College London assessed the relationship between nature in cities and momentary mental wellbeing in real time via a smartphone app and volunteers. They found that being outdoors, seeing trees, hearing birdsong, seeing the sky and feeling in contact with nature were associated with higher levels of mental wellbeing and that the beneficial effects of nature were especially evident in those individuals at greater risk of mental health issues. Personally, I always feel happy hearing bird song, I often wonder what conversations are going on 🌿

1 month ago

Another one of my old projects, an omnidirectional condenser mic. Again using schematics found online and a Panasonic capsule, housed in an empty tin of olives! For many years it rarely came out but, since setting up my studio, it has gone through a renaissance and now it is permanently up against a corner of the room picking up some nice room reflections! As you can see in the internal shot blu tack was used again to secure the pcb! librarymusic productionmusic musiccomposer musiclicensing musicsupervision composer recordingstudio musicproduction thegardenlaboratory filmmusic homemadeinstruments electronicmusic microphone analog lofi homemademicrophone

2 months ago

“Anger and Pain” and “The Final Push”. I built these two pedals about ten years ago using some schematics I found online. The Final Push is a clone of an EHX signal booster (I think? Can’t quite remember) and Anger and Pain is a clone of the Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. Check the interior with the blu tack holding the battery and pcb! I still use them all the time and they bring me lots of joy! librarymusic productionmusic musiccomposer musiclicensing musicsupervision composer recordingstudio musicproduction thegardenlaboratory filmmusic homemadeinstruments electronicmusic analog lofi guitarpedals diyguitarpedals

4 months ago

So to further my experiments with cassette tape loops I have tried something today. I have loaded one of my home made cassette loops onto my tascam 8 track and recorded different notes on different tracks, then “performed” those notes using the faders on the 8 track. Essentially like an 8 note Mellotron! Thanks to amuletsmusic for the inspiration! librarymusic productionmusic recordingstudio musicproduction thegardenlaboratory filmmusic creepymusic homemadeinstruments electronicmusic tapedelay cassette tapeloop analog cassettetapes lofi

1 year ago

Last weekend I did lots of jobs in the lab to tidy up and get organised - peg board + packing station, refurbished an old table top to use as a workbench and also repurposed this old wooden trolley into a plant stand. It's great having lots of plants in one place. So much easier for watering and misting and I can also wheel it in front of the doors to give them a sun bath. Perfect! ☀️🌿 thegardenlaboratory

1 year ago

Time well spent yesterday up-cycling this metal cabinet for the garden lab. Every day is earth day here at E+A HQ. Always thinking about the environment. Never have used plastic in packaging, always try to reuse cardboard shipping boxes wherever possible (it may not look as pretty as new but it ends up in the recycling bin eventually). Never brand shipping boxes either so other people can reuse them easily. E+A beakers are super reusable and if you saw my post a few days ago you will know that candle refills are available for them and if you'd like to see more ideas on how to reuse your E+A Candle Beaker, there's a link in my bio to an amazing video made by the brilliantly talented hannahgabriellemore 👆🏻In 'About' E+A Candle Beaker .

1 year ago

Tidier and sunnier times in the garden lab. Still haven't plumbed in the sink (the space in the far right corner) mainly because winter came and came again and it snowed and kept on snowing then raining. We need to find the outside water pipe and dig down so we can connect up. Waiting for warmer weekends to do that and we are also going to lay crazy paving outside with sandstone that we dug up last year when digging the electrical cable channels. Love a bit of crazy paving essenceandalchemy candlemaker inthestudio thegardenlaboratory

1 year ago

Say whaat? Are you here to stay Spring? I hope so. Daffodils from the garden and birds singing, a welcome start to the day! thelabwindow thegardenlaboratory

1 year ago

New moon, new sky. The E+A garden lab looking fine in yesterday's pretty pink sky. Happy Friday lovely people, I think Spring is finally on its way! mycabin thegardenlaboratory

1 year ago

Things are starting to take shape in the garden lab. As I'm working around the space I'm finding what works best. All the furniture and shelving I had already, the only new thing was the worktop so very pleased with the reuse, up-cycling and reclaimed wood used for the fit out. Even managed to squeeze in my E+A candle station from The Herbology Room. It's a handy postal packing station cabinlife cabinlove tinshed thegardenlaboratory

1 year ago

We'd usually take this opportunity to remind folks not to sit or stand on a CentipedeSupport unit, but all I can come up with is "Who's a good boy?" Nearly 1,000 pounds loaded on 2 CentipedeSawhorse units in this repost via bearandfoxuk: Plasterboard-er Collie 😆 all 17 sheets carried into Lesley’s thegardenlaboratory with no help from Jack! 2 x centipedetool stands supporting 425kg plasterboard plus 20kg pup bordercollie bordercolliesofinstagram plasterboard drywall construction weekend weekendwork centipedetool shadows ・・・ ( get_repost) BoraTool portable jobsite workspace temporary woodshop workbench workshop worktable stand sawhorse contractor trades contractorsofinsta dogsofinstagram renovation remodel tools

1 year ago

The dark nights are arriving far too quickly for my likingfinally got essenceandalchemy 's doors on tonight after a series of errorsfirst off master & slave were the wrong way round, so they made a new setlock & latch didn't match so a new latch was sentstill wrong so they went back to the factory again and came back Friday they seem to be as right as they're going to benot that I can really tell in the dark 😂glazing tomorrow it's time for dinner doors 50shadesofgrey thegardenlaboratory darknight