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My middle when he was little. He’s 10 now & always on the go. He runs, jumps & somersaults through my house, never walks. He does his homework- unprompted most days, loves music, is obsessed with cars & is a great little athlete. What I find hard with him is balancing how I parent him. He’s not a toddler like his sister, nor is he bordering on like his brother. He’s still a kid, just not a little kid I guess. I have to remind myself of this. He’s capable of so much, but sometimes it’s nice to spoil him a bit & do things for him. Now will I be getting him a Lamborghini when he gets his license like he plans? NO. Will I make him a milkshake on a random Tuesday afternoon. YES. Balance, right? Where are you in the sibling lineup first, middle, baby, only ? pursueyourpassion bloggerlifestyle curatedcontent beautifullife californialiving ABMlifeissweet middlechild middlechildproblems momlife momsohard motherhood motherandson sunsetportrait mommyandme familyphoto navyandwhite blondemom parenting raising3kids raisingkids Livethelittlethings creativityfound instagood instabloggers coffeeandcreamroses pursuepretty thehappynow californiawinter californiamom

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Bathroom goals.

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Scenes from a really special day of jam making. Lots of lovely chatter as we chopped figs, juiced lemons, and stirred our bubbling pot of jam. Scones and endless cups of teas too. Tomorrow, I’ll have my ’dumpling hat’ on tramsheds. All March and April dates are sold out, but there are still a few spots left for May 9th. I would love to think I might see some of you there! Bookings via fishandco1. figjam marmellatadifichi workshops jam theartofslowliving preserve seasonaleating

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Giving off some Sabyasachi vibes in Simple net saree and bold red lip ❤️😋 sarinotsari 😄

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Thank you! 💕

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- BRUNCH DATE - I’m so excited my colourpopcosmetics x zoella Brunch Date Palette and “Little one” ultra matte lip arrived in the mail yesterday! I can’t wait to get into these 😍😍

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The LearnPlay app is an initiative to provide a digitally safe environment to your . Download it today for its rich features that help you monitor and control your 's online activities, thus always protecting them against the dangers of the online world. LearnPlay comes with worksheets in a variety of subjects to keep happily engaged. Download and subscribe now: Visit us: Mail us: support Call us: +91 96030 90009 | 040 4854 0162 InternationDayofHappiness happiness2019 guide control ParentalControlapp learnplay learnplayapp parentalcontrol appblocker screentime congnitivelearning elearning digitallearning smartparenting timemanagement rewards parents childsafety trackchild instantalert motherhoodrising uniteinmotherhood honestmotherhood dailyparenting thehappynow kidsunplugged mobilephone onlinegames videogame

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(joy joy joy) someone once told me that the difference between joy and happiness is that joy is a choice (one of the first things I noticed about jamieeastonn was her choice for joy — she is such a beautiful reflection of what choosing joy genuinely looks like) I don’t know you all that well Jamie but the day we shot these photos I was inspired by your honesty, willingness to do hard things, & pure heart (I can’t wait to see more of who you are & learn from all you have to give)

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ootd 😘🤗

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So true. Thanks to Piccabeen Bookshop on Tamborine Mountain for these wise words.

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In life, only when you learn to detach yourself that you’ll start to feel real joy. - Anwaar AlAsousi Place: Nara, Kyōto motivation behappy

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have a fancactus day 🌵

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"Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen." - Leonardo da Vinci ❤🐞🍀💪 available ✌❤🐞🍀🦄 acolorstory colorhunters colorcrush abmlifeiscolorful abmhappylife livecolorfully pastel_lover pasteloftheday colorlove dscolor artlover artcurator artcollector thehappynow creativelifehappylife gallerywork contemporaryart zeitgenössische abmcrafty abmathome pursuitwithpurpose mybeautifulmess girlboss mycreativebiz

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A very easy and delicious date loaf, one of my favourite treats to enjoy with a piping hot cup of tea. Sadly the impulse to cook has resulted in my falling off the diet wagon, as I had to taste test, didn’t I? But it was worth it!

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another day in the concrete jungle 🗽

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ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ғɪʀsᴛ ᴅᴀʏ ᴏғ sᴘʀɪɴɢ 🌸🐣🌸 So happy this day is finally here! I'm ready for sunshine, longer days and the city coming to life again with trees and flowers blooming everywhere. Happy Spring Everyone *pictured here are the beautiful Jacarandas that are blooming all over México City right now. So beautiful you can see them from the plane as you're landing. Just gorgeous 💜 ¡¡Feliz primer dia de primavera 🌸🐣🌸 ¡Qué feliz que este día finalmente esté aquí! Estoy lista para el sol, los días más largos y la ciudad volviendo a la vida con árboles y flores en todas partes. Feliz primavera a todos * Aquí se muestran las hermosas Jacarandas que están floreciendo en toda la Ciudad de México en este momento. Tan hermoso que puedes verlos desde el avión mientras aterrizas. Simplemente hermosas 💜

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↠ After a period of recess, I am reopening schedules for photo shoots. California has wonderful places for this season. If you have interest or would like to prepare something for your brand, please send me DM for more information. It will be amazing to go back to shooting ↠ Após um período de recesso, estou voltando a abrir vagas para sessão de fotos. California está com lugares maravilhosos para essa estação. Se você tem interesse ou gostaria de preparar algo para sua marca, me mandem DM, para mais informações. Vai ser incrivel voltar a fotografar! 35mm

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Middle of the week thought Everything is a process of developing and growing. Enjoy the ride ❤️

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It’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of the world 🎶

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Umm ok, it was 63 degrees today, spring IS coming! Please tell me I’m not the only one who is thriiiiiilled 🌿🌸🌷

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Tavi Gevinson is my Social Media Guru and she has confirmed the "algorithm" favors faces. This is my face. I now hope to ever be in the favor of the holy algorithm. 🙏❣ tavitulle myalgorithmjourney is my favorite piece of art this week. ♡ I edited my previous caption. That's an algorithm no-no. I had to edit the previous caption, because I am not trying to insert myself into Tavi's journey, so I broke the hashtag she has been using.

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Loved getting out of the city skyscrapers and getting lost in the nature of Dragon’s Back, one of the best urban and scenic hiking trails of HongKong

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i took these pics myself 😂 (the lighting tho 🤦🏻‍♀️)

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“OMG, it’s only Tuesday?” - me. Feeling a little deflated trying to get ready for next week SOmuchtodo Don’t worry, I’ll be SMILING tomorrow after a good nights sleep! 🙂 Super cute photo from thefestivecollective

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Brunch for lunch whenever possible 🍳

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Taddaaa My first Spring salad 🍃💚 I must admitas much as I'm excited to eat hearty (not just leaf!) salads again, I'm going to miss the comfort food eating that comes with the cooler months 🙈🙊Let's just find a happy balance shall we!? P.s ➡ How does everyone feel about tuna in their salad? I go in & out of tuna phasestoday I'm loving, tomorrow I'll probably despise it! Have a tastytuesday X • • • • hungrybeargrazing spring salad salads springtime food4thought superfood forkyeah eattherainbow fruit foodporn foodstyle foodgasm foodie wholefoods healthyfood realfood healthandwellness lifestyle yummy fitfood organic plantbased igdaily wellness thehappynow tuesday vancouver canada

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same shit different car

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It's officially 🌼🌱 SPRING 🌻🌺 this week, here in the northern hemisphere Can't even begin to tell you how pumped I amthis Aussie needs some warm sunshine already 🙊 What do you love about Spring!? For me it's about day trips + hiking + seasonal food markets + cider in the sun + picnics + swimming in the ocean (finally!) oh and rolling vinyards 👆 plus so much morebut you get the idea. Monday love & sunshine to you all 💓 • • • • hungrybeargrazing spring springtime sunshine vineyard wine winetime winelover wineoclock winery winecountry vino instawine lifestyle yummy tasty adventure thehappynow bloggerstyle explore travel foodblogger huffpostgram travelgram roamtheplanet wonderfulplaces nature wellness canada

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📍DO NOT Repost scottlivia2 Photos/ Video Without My Permission 📍DO NOT Repost scottlivia2 Photos/ Video Without My Permission More Photos & Videos coming soon . Osaka Castle (大坂城 or 大阪城, Ōsaka-jō) is a Japanese castle in Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan. The castle is one of Japan's most famous landmarks and it played a major role in the unification of Japan during the sixteenth century of the Azuchi-Momoyama period. ( WIKIPEDIA ) osaka osakacastle japan nippon landmark castle adidas hoodie beltbag kidsmodel worldtraveler followme 10k goals followers holiday mytripmyadventure globetrotter travelwithkids winter travelphotography neverstopexploring travelblogger wanderlust welltravelled traveladdict traveller thehappynow iphone8plus