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I love this book and love it when the most scientifically sound and spirituality averse hotshots from our academic world get experiences that has them stop in their tracks: “My life would never be the same again. A hand had reached down and irreversibly altered the course of my life Catherine’s memories and messages were true. My intuitions about the accuracy of her experiences had been correct. I had facts. I had the proof. Yet, even in that very instant of joy and understanding, even in that moment of mystical experience, the old and familiar logical doubting part of my mind lodged objections yet this time I knew better. At first, I was not aware of why I was changing so much. I knew I was more calm and patient and other were telling me how peaceful I looked, how I seemed more rested and happier. I felt more hope, more joy, more purpose and more satisfaction in my life. It dawned on me that I was losing the fear of death. I wasn’t afraid of my own death or of nonexistance. I was less afraid of losing others, even though I would certainly miss them. How powerful the fear of death is. People go through such great lengths to avoud the fear; mid-life crises, affairs with younger people, cosmetic surgeries, exercise obsessions, accumulating material posessions, procreating to carry on a name, striving to be more and more youthful, and so on. We are frightfully concerned with our own deaths, sometimes so much that we forget the purpose of our lives. I was also less obsessive. I did not need to be in control all the time I had much to learn” spirituality lifeafterdeath themasters2019

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This week’s challenging whopper was an attempt at copying the 12th hole at Augusta golf course for a real golf enthusiast, professional green keeper and turf specialist! So, no pressure 😅 I will remember the challenge of ‘the tall pines’ for quite some time but it’s always good to have a new challenge, stretch your skill set and learn new techniques. I also found it a real challenge to condense such a large subject into a size that would translate as a cake but thankfully it was recognisable and I think it hit the spot for the birthday boy. Biggest cake I’ve done to date and was also a cake that travelled on a 20” by 20” board. Apologies for the poor photograph but too big to lift on my own and fit on my backdrop! vandershnoodlecakes localbusiness staugusta golflovers golfcake golfcakes bigcakes birthdaycake cake cakes cakesofinstagram golflovers mastersgolf 12thhole goldenbellaugusta beautifulcakesofinstagram extremecakedecorating golflovers golf golfstargram greenkeepers greenkeeperslife staugusta amencorner golfcoursecake themasters2019 bespokecake cakedecorationideas cakegram noveltycake noveltycakes

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Apparently I’m an okay caddie whatever that is 🥳🤷🏼‍♀️

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Masters themed snap wallet ⛳️ green and yellow

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เมื่อมีเพื่อนไปเดินดู The Masters เราได้แค่ฝากซื้อของ ก็ต้องจัดซักหน่อย themasters2019 ิจฉาแกมากบอกเลย ได้ดู thegoatwins tigerwoods BIG THX to kob_cnthan อยากไปออกรอบ และดื่มกาแฟ ตอนนี้เลย

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On his Worst Behavior Tiger, some of us knew you’d be back my dude. Only some of us. TigerWoods champagnepapi

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I’ve always had this deep desire to go out and do something great, something I love and am passionate about, something that allows me to make a greater impact and provide value to other people’s lives Over two years ago I decided that my place in the photography world had become stagnant. I researched every area and shot in almost all markets imaginable. It just didn’t have that spark I was hoping it did. Then finally I purchased my first drone and fell in love! I knew that I wanted to find a way to make a career out of flying drones, and to become the best drone pilot I could be Last week I was fortunate enough to fly out to bethpagegolfcourse and do just that! Flying drones has not only led me to this once in a lifetime opportunity but it’s helped me start and grow a business, create opportunities for others, and build in areas of my life I never knew possible. I’m so grateful to have met both tigerwoods and philmickelson on this day. To be in the presence of such greatness truly gives you a shift in your perspective on life. The laser focus of these two gentleman was uncanny and their welcoming nature was just the right touch, making their introduction one worth remembering forever I want to have this impact on those in my life, to make my efforts feel known on this planet and to encourage everyone out there to follow your dreams and never give up. Keep pushing and finding ways to stand out above the rest. There’s no excuse for not putting in the work, choose your path and stick to it. Follow your curiosity and your passions with desire, you never know who you will have the pleasure of meeting in the future For anyone interested in learning more about flying drones, the markets available to work in, obtaining your drone pilots license, or even just to chat about some of the experiences I’ve been lucky enough to come by, please let me know! I’m Working on getting a meetup started and would love to hear who is interested Stay tuned for some more amazing updates on this unforgettable drone journey and be sure to follow elitedronesvc for more Untethered Aerial Stories!

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SOUND ⬆️⬆️ So sweet to see how stoked and passionate golfers have been about the new P7TWs🙌🏻 Video is absolute 🔥🔥 avidgolffore theofficialtxg fficial