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😊Devinez où je suis ?!😊 Indice 1: c'est dans une jolie boutique sucrée Indice 2: c'est situé dans une petite ville au centre super dynamique Indice 3: c'est dans 1 pièce en pleine finition de travaux Indice 4: On va plutôt seul(e) dans cet endroit 😉 Indice 5: cet espace s'ouvre dans quelques jours ! Alors, vous avez trouvé ? Belle soirée, 😘 Emily MilyPat milypattournai milypatmons newproject newshop newcupcakeshop finish aliceinwonderland theme workinprogress almostdone alice

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| 🎨🎢 qotd : who's your celebrity crush ? aotd : iamhalsey - if you ever change your tune the world's got the best of you you can always find me where the skies are blue and if you ever need a fool who will give you a love so true you can always find me where the skies are blue and when your fairytale is through and you're looking for someone new you can always find me where the skies are blue - The Lumineers - Where The Skies Are Blue

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This is for the one and only Cheryl bombshell aka reddestserpent so if you’re not this user then you’re more than welcome to keep scrolling 😊 - - Hey Cher bear I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have been doing these last few days for me. I’m not going through the best times at the moment and you have been one of the few people to stick around, so thank you. Thank you for giving me advice and trying to stop me from jumping to conclusions. Even though our friendship mostly consist of jokingly being rude to each other I still love you. You’re one of my best friends and I absolutely adore your presence. Even when you don’t know what to tell me you manage to come up with the sweetest words. You’re someone I can rely on and actually show my true emotions to. And yes I still love you even though you make fun of my grammatical errors, I promise I can spell I don’t think you realize just how special you are to me. You have got to be my favorite Cheryl because there’s no one else like you. Your sense of humor is impeccable, no one could ever be compared to you. You are such a humorous person which is amazing because you always manage to bring a smile to my face by doing even the simplest things. Thank you Cheryl. From the bottom of my heart, I love you ❤️.

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True love

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do u wear makeup?

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hi i’m super stressed skskskks someone help me - Q:favorite drink? A:water

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I post sm I have SO many draftss🤒

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blurred lens

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Tried something new for our favorite five year old. Black Panther button earrings (for mom)and matching ribbon (for son). Should we keep the ribbons going? WakandaForever EclecticSass

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Escapade 360 - Elgin’s premiere escape room venue, is proud to unveil Chicago’s first candy-themed escape room. Players can find a schedule of available times and book tickets at 🍭🏃🏻‍♀️🍬🏃🏻‍♂️ . My first escape room experience and I’ll take the unofficial MVP honor for being the Je-nius that I am :-) 💡 Escapade360 EscapeRoom CandyFactory Theme Escape Room Candy Factory CandyLand EscapeRooms EscapeTheRoom RoomEscape EscapeGame EscapeGames Team TeamBuilding TeamWork Game Games Puzzle Puzzles Riddle Riddles Clue Clues Solve Adventure Experience Fun Escapes