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When it comes out I'm ghosting

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•Fresh off the block• • Finished these up last week. • (Left) custom 'in house' black dye splatter 😁 using pure Australian 5oz Bovine. Hand dyed and hand built. • (Right) wickettandcraig Plum harness 5oz center, and custom Honey Tan outer. • Ready to ship 🚀 • DM to claim 🙏 • • • • • • • • • custommade 5oz thick leathercraft leather handsewn leatheraccessories style leathergoods leatherwork leatherwallet minimalist handmade dailyessentials craftsman womenswear menswear fashion love design thisisamerica americanmade everydaycarry edc australianedc australianmade wallet cardholder

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Repost 🥂 repost olufemibiz 💯 reform 💰 🤔🕵️👀👂🏾🎓✊🏾🇲🇦🇺🇸🇨🇩💻💰 🥂 NipseyHussle 🥂 *"This shit here is bullshit! wtf?!?" 😱 Government school officials in California think it is “really important” to teach about pedophilia and pederasty in the classroom because it is a “sexual orientation.” That is according to a top official for California's Brea Olinda School District, who admitted to parents that it was being done — and that it would continue, despite the outrage. The implications are mind-blowing! 🤯 WakeUpStandUp BlackOwnedNews BlackOwnedUS melanin melaninpoppin pedophilia thisisamerica merica blackmen blackwomen blackboyjoy blackgirlsrock blackgirlmagic culture fortheculture blacklove lgbt lgbtcommunity buyblack supportblackbusiness photooftheday blacklove olufemibiz

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Still trying to create the perfect balance between relaxing, and workshop time. But being easily distracted • These guys, still need some leather slips made for them. • Motivation is low. But the temp outside is high 🍻 • Its meant to be coming in to winter here, and it's just below 30°c South of Sydney 🤔 • Relaxing is important. But I guess too much is a bad thing So, I had better get back to it. • More sunshine and shiny things, another time 😁 • • • • • • • • custommade sakarmy SAK decustoms JWKnives leathercraft leather leatheraccessories style leathergoods leatherwork leatherwallet minimalist handmade dailyessentials craftsman womenswear menswear fashion love design thisisamerica americanmade everydaycarry edc australianedc canadianmade mokuti G5Bandicoot Bandicoot

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The IncredibleArtist Bo Bartlett People underestimate the power of their work and its ability to impact others. After listening to Amy Sherald, asherald Michelle Obama’s Portrait Painter’s PodCast Interview on Design Matters with the Awesome Debbie Millman debbiemillman I had to find the picture that changed the trajectory of her life and it’s artist. She spoke about how seeing Bo Bartlett’s Painting ‘Object Permanence’ with it’s beautiful sky, people in it portraying every day American Life and especially seeing someone that looked like her at the Museum ignited her desire to be an artist as a . BoBartlett work, which she only recently found out was actually him painting himself as a black man into a scenery with the rest of his family members. He is white. I wonder if it he would he have been able to do this in our present racially charged climate? Would he have been caused an uproar like when white people apply a black face? Would he have been reviled and accused of racism? Bo’s depiction of everyday American life is deceptively simple. It draws you into everyday mundane existence, while still capturing the essence of American life over time. He had a setback after an extremely toxic review of his work ‘Gods’ in 1991 and considered abandoning painting. His reviewer when told the words used over 25 years later, said that the words were very mean. BeKind In trying to sound smart sometimes, we become overly critical of others works not realising the impact of our words and actions Thank you Bo Bartlett for inspiring the next generation of painters of all ethnicities including a little black girl who has now risen to the top of her profession. ThisIsAmerica too. All Images Belong To The Artist and were sourced from his website SocialMedia and artsy US AmericanLife America Portrait Painting Art ArtCanChangeTheWorld Art4Happiness ArtUnites Artists Create ThankfulThursday ArtistsOnInstagram Race AmericanArt USA whitneymuseum themuseumofmodernart tate serpentineuk britishcouncil bobartlettcenter philamuseum artnet michelleobama

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Happy easter 🐣🐇🐰 ”he is risen” thisisamerica

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Circa 14'.

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L.A is always a test of patience, what a complex place!🤨 This entire week was much needed though a refresher a chill and reconnect with homebase next trip will be the Mama Turn-up BET! 😜 - Like my accessories- these jumbo tortoise Summer new new avail at COCOACENTRIC.COM MAY 1st - jewelrydesigner cocoacentric art jewelry bayarea design thisisamerica sfjewelrydesigner sf pono womencreatives womeninbusiness smallbusness shopsmall popup makedo accessories earrings tasslejewelry Sanfrancisco accessories jewels women entrepreneur wearableart maker style funfashion

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Day 91: “People > Things” What a great Nation this would be if America was able to place people before things. We have lost sight, nay, maybe we never had it in the first place, to truly see the human dignity in faces of color. Since the inception of this country, people of color have been objectified and reduced to categories such as chattel, slave, savage and ultimately pronounced as sub-human. Martin constantly confronted America’s shameful values and his legacy still invites us to a radical revolution where women and men, regardless of their race, are treated with kindness, respect, and the dignity we all deserve. “I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights, are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.” Quote taken from, “The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.” akingandme mlk letfreedomring inthenameoflove myhero martinlutherkingjr exemplar armyoflove bridgesnotwalls civilrightsmovement peoplearegreaterthanthings humandignity iamaman radicalrevolution endracism endmaterialism endmilitarism loveheals wecandothis makehisdreamcometrue thisisamerica notalllivesmatter shame injusticeanywhereisathreattojusticeeverywhere weareallhuman

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The sad thing about all this is that it’s so accepted in society and the cops are unhesitatingly pulling out their guns like its normal and just another day. What happened to the days where talking out a gun was for the rarest occasions? • Follow to see real events and the reality of the people we pay to protect us. Please share with your friends and family • blackhair badcops notmypresident viralpictures nipseyhussle nipsey dontignore black blacklivesmatter blacklivesmatter✊🏾 love peace spreadawareness viral viralvideos viralvideo viralphotos viralpost obama thisisamerica explorepage explore badcop cops nypd share friends family

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Somehow someway a year after finishing art/grad school saicpics I’ll be starting a full time permanent position with the nationalparkservice. Definitely not where I thought I would be after quitting construction 10 years ago to pursue my long lost high school drop out dream of going to college. All along the way I had dedicated mentors guiding the way from civicorps to professors at merrittcollegeofficial who helped me transfer to my dream school ucberkeley. The plan was to teach at community college and help students who look like me and come from neighborhoods like where I come from achieve what has historically been denied to them. Now i’m thinking about how can I apply this goal to my new career whose mission is to conserve natural and cultural resources for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. I’m thinking about who staffs and who visits national parks and why? How and why are these issues important to climate change? What contributions/contradictions can I bring to the national narrative the NPS espouses? How can diversity expand and include what we value as natural and cultural resources and what different approaches to conservation can we learn? Thanks also to efta_birdday , lhip_interns and latinooutdoors for already thinking and doing something about these issues and for helping me find my park. findyourpark nuestronationalparks encuentratuparque parksforall diversityoutdoors optoutside weouthere weoutheredoe nationalparkservice ranger canistillmakearttho selfie nofilter oakland latinx xicanx chicano mexicanamerican thisisamerica california flathat uniform beardgang npsnexttopmodel ishouldbepainting 30hashtaglimit takeyourtime firstgeneration firstgenerationgraduate nationalparksweek

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HEY I’M DOING A GIVEAWAY! 1 . Repost this post 2 . Follow zeb_love 3 . Tag a friend ▫️ Here is a short video that annabordonada created for that childishgambino poster. You can see a little longer version on my website. ▫️ Wednesday April 24, I’ll pick a winner at random and you will get one of these posters for FREE . Many thanks to sambronson for his assistance with printing! ▫️ process childishgambino printmaking spraypaint silkscreen gigposter art thisisamerica coachella

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childishgambino badgalriri guavaislandofficial . The music, the acting, everything is just perfect for a short film. It filled me with happiness and want to further my interest in every art that I can do. Whether its dance, rap sing, act, model. And I wanna share it with the world. I LOVE WHAT I DO. I AM AN ENTERTAINER music musician singer saturday childishgambino thisisamerica shortfilm guavaisland rihanna beauty musical cuba afrocuban guava storytelling centralperk friends jar jeremeyadamrey drumming bongo

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Just a random ass edit I made 1:00 am 🤷🏾‍♀️💅🏾

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Police claim the vehicle match the description of an armed robbery but before making first contact they immediately start shooting at the vehicle citing “erratic movement”. Repost hiphopuniteddailytwo with get_repost ・・・ 😳😰🙏🏽 This is so crazy‼️ Thankfully she is alive and fighting 🙏🏽. READ STORY BELOW 👇. STORY: Protestors took to the streets in Connecticut Friday to voice their outrage over the shooting of an unarmed couple inside their car earlier this week. The Tuesday morning shooting left 22-year-old Stephanie Washington hospitalized after two officers opened fire on the car she was sitting in with her boyfriend, Paul Witherspoon. Surveillance video showed a Hamden Police Department officer arrive on the scene, jump out of his car and unload a barrage of bullets on a red Honda that police said fit the description of a car involved in an armed robbery. A Yale University officer shot from the other side before sprinting away from the scene. Washington was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. Witherspoon was not injured. "I've heard gunshots before but it's a different feeling when somebody's shooting at youwhen the police are shooting at you," Witherspoon said. Authorities claimed the officers fired because the driver of the car made an abrupt movement and ignored commands from officers. No weapons were found in the car. "This incident betrays police activity gone horribly wrong along the Hamden-New Haven line and now Stephanie, as well as many residents, her family, her friends, must live with the consequences and resulting uncertainty of what was by every definition an unacceptable response," New Haven Mayor Toni Harp said. The officers involved have been identified as Devin Eaton, a member of the Hamden Police Department, and Terrance Pollock of the Yale University Police Department. Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner James Rovella said Friday night he's asking for "a little patience" but plans to release police body camera video and other information. via abc news politics thisisamerica basketball mainstreammedia vogpodcast pcpodcast podcaster 2019 international globalist worldwide

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More than 200 people, including as many as 30 foreigners, were killed in a series of coordinated explosions in Sri Lanka churches and hotels on Easter Sunday.⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Officials say there are as many as 450 injured in the country's worst violence since the civil war ended in 2009.⁣ news politics thisisamerica basketball mainstreammedia vogpodcast pcpodcast podcaster 2019 international globalist worldwide people headlines music television government globalaffairs tidal rocnation spotify soundcloud vicenews viceland VICENewsTonight nba srilanka

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Our Lightweight Barack Obama Bill Hoodie’s are available now at ✨ ✨ Hit the link in our bio lavishtingz to find more of our Spring Classics🔥 issaswipe spring explore

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Wanna catch a super dope podcast I was recently on?My guy nick_major & myself got into some really great topics you don’t wanna miss! So check it out on the Idobi radio app or Apple podcast 😬.